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guerrilla-marketing-3m-security-glass-money“I get half a million just to show up at parties. My life is, like, really,  really fun.”~ Paris Hilton

There is a bus stop in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada where the maker of this particular kind of security glass has offered anyone who can break the glass is more than welcome to take the money.

3M is so confident that this challenge became a part of their ad campaign for the security glass that they were making.

I just found out about this today. I don’t know how long this has been there in Vancouver.  Nor do I know for sure if it still stands today. If you want to find out for yourself, its at the corner of Broughton and Pender Streets.

Some say that inside the glass case is three million dollars, thus taking the amount from 3M.

Others aren’t so sure, but their eyes sparkle in wonder when they come across this tantalizing deal.

Are you ready for the buzzkill? OR the “fine print” as I call it??

There is a security guard there watching over it. And there are rules to this endeavor should anyone wish to attempt to breaking the glass and walked off with the stash.

Here are some of the rules that I found on the Internet while searching to see if this was or was not a joke.

While there is a security guard standing nearby. If you wish to attempt to break the glass, you can only use your feet. You cannot punch it, you cannot throw anything at it, you cannot ram it. You may only use your feet to try and break the glass.

Security cameras have already caught a few people attempting this. I am sure that you can find them by doing a search online.

All that money, seems like millions.

Not exactly. The pile of papers inside is exactly that: paper. It is lined across the top with $500 in real currency and the rest is fake.

So you’re going to basically risk breaking your feet for only $500 in Canadian currency.

And if what I read from yet another web article is true, if you are able to break the glass….. congratulations. You have proven to 3M that they need to re-think their strategy in making this security glass.

But remember that security  guard that I spoke of? Yep. He’s going to be there to STOP you from reaching inside and removing any of the real money.

All in all, its a lesson in futility. The only thing  that it proves is whether or not 3M was successful in making a security glass that cannot be broken. There’s no real money waiting for you in this adventure whatsoever. Only jail time.


“If you’re going to be crazy, you have to get paid for it or else you’re going to be locked up.”~ Hunter S. Thompson
This is driving me nuts to the point of stupidity!!!
During late night television watching of re-runs of The Big Bang Theory, this commercial starring Kate Upton is literally shown at a minimum of three times.
I know it’s only about 30 seconds long but I swear I’m losing it slowly but surely.
I realize that showing it this late at night works for those who are having the munchies at night and they are trying to gain business. But when you throw that same advertisement in a 24 minute time span that many times, it becomes overkill.
Now I don’t really know who Kate Upton is. Other than a buxom blonde in which her curves are amplified as well as magnified during the commercial. So I can not say anything about her.
The jazz-like tune is also bothersome to me as well. There’s two lines of lyrics to the jingle and that’s it. Who comes up with this stuff??
I used to think that fast food franchise advertisements were regional. That if that specific chain was not in the area, that they did not bother with showing such a commercial.
For example: I don’t hear or see any advertisements or commercials for In-And-Out Burger, there are none around here. I didn’t think there was a Carls Jr.  around here at all. But, I found one about 30 minutes away. So I’m stuck with this “naughty ad”.
But why always during the same time period, and of course- WHY SO MANY TIMES????
Even if the sandwich in which they are promoting sounded good to me, I sure can’t get out there to buy one. So this renders the proposal to go out and eat at this restaurant orthless and senseless. But that’s my opinion.
I never did see the Paris Hilton advertisement, and then the media couldn’t stop talking about it. I actually had been on YouTube before I even knew what they had been gawking about for weeks, months.
Kate Upton doesn’t even bite into the sandwich in this one, and for that matter I don’t recall Paris Hilton biting into her bad boy sandwich either. It’s an assumed action. It would be a lot more concrete of a belief if they showed the bite rolling around as she mastecated.
I know this is kind of petty to complain about, and the people at Carls Jr. are taking advantage of advertising. Whether it is working for them or not, I don’t know.
I haven’t been this annoyed over a silly television advertisement since The Nightmare Factory was showing commercials during the month of October for their haunted house located near here. Of which those stopped because the attraction closed.
And another thing: Carls Jr., why only blondes? Just wondering.
When I was a small child, I used to think that commercials were on the air constantly until you had purchased whatever product was being advertised. I recall a specific breakfast cereal that had a very short lifespan that was similar to Cap’n Crunch. Every morning, that commercial would be on the air, telling parents that it was part of a “nutritional breakfast”. My young mind would believe that they just wouldn’t stop running the commercial until your household personally bought it.
Until one day, I was sick and stayed home from school and I knew that we had this particular breakfast in the house. My mother served it to me on a table tray as I laid in the hideway bed in the couch. I was sitting there watching cartoons, and it came on.
In my boyish attempt to prove that they no longer needed to advertise it, I remember picking up the box and showing it to the television set and shouting, “That’s okay! We got some now, thank you!!”.
My poor young brain didn’t grasp the concept of how in the world would the television know or not know what you had?? So I flashed it the box of cereal. Needless to say, the commerical didn’t go away. But the cereal would disappear altogether. I can’t even remember the name of the cereal any more.
If only it worked that way in real life. I’d go to Carls Jr., just to get a bag from them and flash it at my television screen shouting, “Demon, be gone!!! Take your fever and inflammation, and get out of here!!!!!”.