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“Where words fail, music speaks.”~ Hans Christian Andersen

As a music fan in general, it was a good day. As a personal and close friend of the music behind the man who calls himself INSTALL, it was a long time coming… a day of bliss and of reckoning.

The official release was around the birthday of Garry Franklin aka INSTALL (SLURR, Paperthreat) last October.

But being someone who is so old school, that I don’t do digital downloads, finding a physical copy on a CD was going to feel like a Herculean task of the ages.

But sometimes the blood, sweat, and tears are just worth it when the result comes that blows your mind.

Just when I thought I knew was coming, I was knocked over and blown away with such awesomeness in music history that the moment would best be fitted if it was dipped in gold. Or in this case, fucking platinum. But hey, that’s just one man’s opinion.

But to be honest, I must admit that I had been waiting for this project to come public for at least the past four years. Maybe a little bit longer.

In the spirit of keeping honest with you, INSTALL is also my apartment manager.  A musician to win over much. In his spare time I heard the song “Complicated” and was stuck like glue. So throughout the past few years I would hear this great evolution of a song. I even have the older versions of it and I can tell the progression from then to now. And no matter what happens, the song hits home to the point that I get goosebumps just listening to it. Install PSP

“You were gonna be my forever ” one of the best lyrics written that I have heard in a very long time. And that most likely exists because I am able to relate to it with my whole heart. I start to imagine and ponder just how many other scores of people that it could relate to as well.

So many thousands of people going through the same kind of emotion and heartbreak as the song takes you through as if it was on a journey to and from the heart. Certainly people can understand where INSTALL is coming from. Certainly the music of INSTALL can fit a purpose for those in emotional turmoil to let them know that they are not alone.

Very few musical acts out there today go at it with such passion as INSTALL. Talk about refreshing.

“Complicated” is in fact, complicated. But it also is that kind of song that a person could connect with, shed some tears over it, and feel in some small way better about themselves because the song states what they have been feeling all along.

This is personally how I have felt throughout the years of listening to the different versions as it was being put together.  The EP has given me goosebumps countless times and nearly brought me to tears and back again.

People often listen to music and use it as their personal escape from the toils of life. “Complicated” works in this manner for me. I could start playing that song and then put it on repeat for the next several hours just to escape for a bit, knowing that this song understands my emotion and feeling.

“Today Or Never” gets you on your feet! If you aren’t clapping or tapping your foot or even up and around and dancing to it, check your pulse because you’re most likely dead. You cannot help but wanna yell to the world with lyrics such as “If the fire in you doesn’t burn for me” and even “You’re not the only one with a Plan B.”

I just wanna go and play this song to all those who have done me wrong, or those people that I know who are currently doing me wrong. Its what I call the Middle Finger Anthem. 

Probably the one lyric that just turns me wild is “We could have stayed friends with the same result.” From of course the song “We Could Have Stayed Friends.” 

I thought I was okay with writing poetry and lyrics, but INSTALL just knocks it out of the park. His musical abilities have for years blown my mind to the point where I have never really felt worthy of talking to him one-on-one about music.

“We Could Have Stayed Friends” actually pushes me to the edge of tears. But for whatever reason, those tears never fall. I’ve not decided if whether or not that is a good thing. But the urge always comes. And if music can move me to do that, then I honestly believe that I need to start paying attention to that music because there’s obvious a message that either needs to be said or is being said and I should listen.

My copy of the EP has a hidden SECRET  track. Can anyone say BONUS?????

I’ve seen him play drums with the band SLURR a couple of times now. It is always a good time. But he really pounds the shit out of those drums like there’s no tomorrow. I’ve not seen anything like that in a long time, unless it was a heavy metal band. But it is apparent that INSTALL goes ALL IN, 100% of the time!!! Musicians who are like that are hard to find. Plus with the abilities that he does possess, I mean I don’t even know why he’s still around here. He needs to take his musical career to the upper levels because that’s where he deserves to be. And no, I’m not saying that just to get a break on my rent. The big names of the music industry should have recognized INSTALL a long damned time ago.

Check out INSTALL on SoundCloud:

You can also find his most recent band project, SLURR, on Facebook. Its the best way to keep up with everything. Especially if you wanna be one of the few that will have the opportunity to see his stuff LIVE:

INSTALL, bitch.

So Complicated……. I’m ready for more, more, more!

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“I don’t have a formal home recording studio, but I can record tracks on my computer upstairs in my office.”~Huey Lewis

I am just a few short weeks away from embarking on a brand new journey which will take me to an experience not yet had before.

And I can barely contain myself!!

Words are just not there to describe how excited that I am to know that soon I will again go to Houston and instead of enjoying live music by any of several bands there that I enjoy, I will be in the creative process of making music by the direction of Dr. Froth and his brand new project called “Gathered In Darkness.”

Yes, you read correctly. I shall be inside of the record studio and on the other side of the glass recording whatever it is that needs to be recorded.

You don’t know what I am talking about?

Well read about it herehere, and here.

Did you see? I told you!!! This project is happening and its making waves and getting noticed. And it just blows my mind that I am going to be a part of it, no matter how large or small the part. I still will be able to connect myself to this.  drfroth1

Not since my days of being a part of F.M.R. have I been this thrilled and honored at the same time. And terribly excited to actually get to do something as cool as this.

My endless thanks goes out to Dr. Froth for his request that I partake in this adventure with him. My heart knows no ends to my appreciation that he would decide to include me in this.

More squealing updates as they become available. You should also follow Dr. Froth’s blog as well if you want to know what the down and the low is on the project.

ROCK ON, BROTHERS AND SISTERS!!! I’m about to be a recorded entity soon. And on the same album as big time names in music today.



YEAR: 2008


Chuck Williams-Vocals
Don LaFon-Guitar
Darren Davis-Drums
Michael Millsap-Bass

(current line-up) 



Six Minute Century is a prog/power metal band from Houston, Texas. The band was formed in 2004 playing locally in Houston. My introduction to the band was through MySpace. Their four full-length song demo is was got my attention. One song remains my all time favorite from that list. But since buying the CD, other tracks on the album tend to find their way to my ears repetitively. I do not want to spoil the entire CD for those who have had the greatest opportunity to hear it. So I will concentrate on a few tracks. I understand that this album was released in 2008, but this is the first time I have been able to hear all ten tracks of the CD because I only purchased it as of a few days ago.


UNDER THE MOONLIGHT: A song that almost immediately flows through my circulatory system with what I can only describe as a gothic-style of a pipe organ. The senses begin to relax and its easy to get lost into a beginning stage of meditation, just before lead guitarist Don LaFon comes in with a heavy, powerful sound that smashes your face in like your grandfather’s old 1950s Louisville Slugger. It bites down and doesn’t let go. A nightmare tale of a vampire.


APRIL 19, 1995: A song that deals with the story of the tragic story of the Oklahoma City Bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. Lyrically, a chilling recollection of what happened that day, which was the worst act of terrorism on US soil (until 9/11/2001). I get the sense that lead vocalist, Chuck Williams, wrote this song to express his emotions and sadness and wanted to put it in the face of Timothy McVeigh as he sits in prison, awaiting his execution.


ZERO HOUR: This is my ultimate, all-time favorite track from Six Minute Century. It deals with the war in the Middle East. Again, lyrically, it paints such a vivid picture of realism that you can actually see the visions of war in your head. The phrase, “LET FREEDOM RING!” rings out and it just gets my blood pumping into over seven minutes of headbanging fury, pride, and good ole heavy metal music.


HEAVEN’S GATE: This track is clearly is about the cult in San Diego called “Heaven’s Gate”. Don’s crushing riffs starts it off to an absolute brute force. Including the incredible drumming coming from Darren Davis, pairing up with high velocity vocals. Its definitely becoming another favorite of mine.


Chuck Williams has a vocal range so strong and wide that I cannot even begin to think of who to compare it to. Listening to him gives me chills. I believe that Chuck is in a class of its own. Much like the guitar styles of Don La Fon. It just makes me want to throw the double horns up in the air. I cannot think of anyone who could be in comparison. My personal feeling is that I would not want to compare them to any one at all. But for those who do not know Six Minute Century, its difficult to pinpoint it exactly. I have read other reviews, and they continually mention other bands such as Dream Theater, Symphony X, Dio, Fates Warning, Kamelot, and TNT. And as headlining as these bands may be, I caution the move to push them side by side with Six Minute Century.


I have not seen them live on stage. But I have had the chance to e-mail them personally and talk about upcoming projects and events that the band may have in the works. They are in the recording studio, working on their second album. I have publicly expressed my support since I was introduced to them, which is probably around the time that TIME CAPSULES was released by Nightmare Records. From that point, I have expressed my desire to see them perform in person. From that point on, members of the band and other personal supporters have sent me the beginnings for a perfect collection for the avid Six Minute Century fan. To which I am extremely thankful. They have scratched my back and now I am scratching theirs. But keep in mind that this review would still be written without it. This is far from a professional music review, but it is my review nonetheless. And I do wish to share it with the rest of you.

Let’s hope at some point the day of fulfillment will come and I will be able to make it to one of their shows soon in the very near future.