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Flying to the Angels

Posted: May 6, 2011 in Uncategorized
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I’m just going to have to say that 2011 hasn’t been a year of best things. However, I will say that it has made me stronger.

I woke up from a nap this afternoon to see that I had received a message regarding my lovely friend, Maria. She had unexpectedly passed away Thursday morning. Barely 40 years old, she leaves behind a husband who is totally crushed and two small boys both under the age of 13 and one of them autistic.

Maria loved a lot of things that were similar to my own tastes. Music and the recognizing the beauty of women’s hair.

She was a good colleague and a wonderful penpal. She used to live in the same area as I live today, but I did not get the chance to know her then. I have to laugh that whenever she would tell me that she was having a bad day, or that the weather was horrible where she was, I would always tease her. Trying to convince her to move back to this area at every possible chance I could. I believe Maria knew that I was only playing around.

But today, I am just in total shock. Her best friend of twenty years contacted me to tell me the news of her death. I honestly thought to myself as I read the message that this had better be a joke. But if it was, it wasn’t funny. Yet it was no joke. Maria has left this Earth. She is finished with her journey here.

One of her favorite song was “Fly To The Angels” by the band, Slaughter. I’ve seen it posted countless times on Facebook in her honor. Right now, I cannot even listen to it once without breaking down into tears.

Maria’s bowel some how got twisted, and then it became infected and the doctors were not able to diagnose it as such before she passed away. Maria is suffering no more. I know that she had been complaining of pain in her stomach region prior to this tragic and unexpected event. She hurts no more.

I will miss her. I will mourn.

I know that to many of you who read this, that lately there’s been a lot of “negative” stuff that I write in my posts. Life is what it is. But again, I know that I will be stronger once these difficult times have passed. Death, nightmares, heartache… all of it will soon fade and there will be better days ahead.

I love you, Maria. And will miss you. Rest In Peace, my lovely Angel.

Thank you to my wonderful penpal of nearly 10 years who made this photograph of Maria into what she now has become. I appreciate it.