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“I don’t believe in fate or destiny. I believe in various degrees of hatred, paranoia, and abandonment. However much of that gets heaped upon you doesn’t matter – it’s only a matter of how much you can take and what it does to you.”~ Henry Rollins

I just love how certain people that the average society would not think would come up with a brilliant thought comes out and  says something and knocks society on their ass. Good job, Henry Rollins!!

Five days ago I wrote a post that knocked people on their butts.

I knew that eventually the commentary track of others would come. And it wasn’t the point of the post. I just knew that when I set up to write in the blog, that it was  surely coming. Because I don’t normally make a habit of writing with Hulk-skinned language.

The perks of humanity is that these kind of emotions are there. Anyone who is a human being has them. You the reader, have them. I have them as well… obviously.

I made one reader nervous. Another one asked if I was okay. The rest of the people who responded to me personally in one way or another?? C’mon… REALLY?

The most common question that I received was people’s inquiry of whether or not I was speaking about them.

Part I already states that I do not speak directly about people to avoid humiliation. So how in the world can anyone assume that the post is specifically about them?

I will share the answer: Paranoia.

Paranoia is dark and very evil. It causes the brain to assume more than it should.

In this case I do have a few questions of my own to ask in return to those who were asking me if I was talking about them.

Are you ready for this?

What makes you think that it was about you? What have you said or done lately to make you think that? What wrongs have you committed against me or anyone else in this world to make you think that there was a direct link from my words to your life?

I could go on to any social networking site right now and post “I HATE LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” and there WILL be an outpouring of a percentage of people who will see that and in some way someone is going to start inquiring about my mental state, or wonder who or what had prompted such a thing.

But because of my post five days ago I have people hiding from me. They are assuming that I am thrashing them across the pages of my blog. They understand that I was pissed off. So they hide, waiting for it to blow over. Which it has.

These are the people that I spoke of in Part I,  those who read the blog in private. Those that I do not realize are reading it. And then when I come out spitting fire and venom, they come out of the shadows and assume I am attacking them.


Again, paranoia is very evil and misleading. But paranoia (in this case) is unnecessary. Had these people who were asking me if I was talking about them had only changed their tactic and asked what was wrong, they would have found out the truth and there wouldn’t have been any need for this kind of rubbish.

And by the way, I do not hate life.

Author’s note: As this is my 420th blog post, there were some people who were keeping count. They wondered if I would discuss the subject of marijuana and other drugs. I am sorry. Even though I do have my own choices and opinions on the matter, I refuse to post that kind of thing on this blog.