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This is a new one on me.

Never would I have made the connection to the pun.

For those of you who are like me and never knew, a “breastaurant” is a restaurant that has sexual undertones, most commonly in the form of large-breasted, skimpily dressed waitresses and barmaids.

I think the most famous and well-known example would be Hooters. But now there’s more competition in this market with the establishing of places such as Twin Peaks, Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill, Heart Attack Grill, Mugs and Jugs, and Tilted Kilts. All of them with skimpy dressed female staff members.

Hooters came along in the 1980’s. Just about anyone who has ever gone outside of their home has heard of Hooters. But now there seems to be a new challenge as Hooters is losing their grip on their reign over the category of top breastaurant. The overall sales for Hooters are slipping fast and several dozen restaurant locations have been closed across the United States.

It gives the perfect opportunity for its competition to come in and take the crown, so to speak.

Quite honestly, I thought that Twin Peaks was a gentleman’s club. But they’ve adapted their audience to include women and they even have a children’s menu. I guess I was way off!!

I know that there is a Bikinis less than a mile from my home. But I’ve not braved the journey to go inside. HootersRedhead

These kinds of places on average sell a meal to one customer at $12/person. But consumers are spending much more at an average of about $20 per person. These places can say what they want about their fine service and great food, but everybody knows why these kinds of places exist.

I have been to a Hooters. It was my one and last time going there! I entered the location in Wichita, Kansas as I was traveling through. Sufficed to say that I will never willingly step foot into another Hooters.

Burned food, watered down soft drinks, music so loud you could not hear yourself think, and outrageous prices. And even though every waitress in there was rather busty and large-breasted, they had the worst people skills I had ever seen!!

Most of the waitresses only had the vision of ample bosoms because they twisted their t-shirts so freakin’ tight in a knot in the front by their stomachs that it probably was cutting off circulation.

This location was known that the waitresses were more than happy to take photographs with you….. as long as you brought your own camera. But when a friend asked them for a picture, they all snarled with contempt. They gathered together but there were no smiles. Just a bunch of girls leaning forward to show off what their mothers had given them, that or their plastic surgeon. And just as the flash went off, they scurried away like cockroaches who just been exposed to a light source. Needless to say I tore the photograph of me with the waitresses into shreds.

So yeah, I have no desire to go to any other Hooters any where else in the world.

Yet in the current economy, Hooters seems to be slipping and other breastaurant chains seem to be gaining. So the power struggle to stay on top is definitely in full swing.

Pardon each and every pun in this post. Both intentional and accidental.