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“That duck is NOT a puppet!”~ Dr. Froth

It was time again for another episode of “Dambreaker Goes to See SIX MINUTE CENTURY.” and it just seemed like it had been so friggin’ long since the last time I went. I mean, I was there in Houston in May but not for SIX MINUTE CENTURY but I was there to go into the recording studios for the new project by Dr. Froth and Robert Lowe (of Candlemass and Solitute Aeturnus fame.)

This however, was a SIX MINUTE CENTURY journey. And it would be one of the very best times I’ve had while in Houston in a very long time. There was very little to no disappointment in this journey and I was thankful for that.

However I still will take this opportunity to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Dr. Froth & Mikey Lewis of SIX MINUTE CENTURY. When your birthdays arrive, I hope that they are wonderful times for you. Thank you for allowing me to share in the celebrations with you.

I must say that I will be looking for some kind of change. The fact that I am taking the bus back and forth is something that I cannot avoid and therefore I am going to need to change and do something different in order to keep myself from going insane from boredom for 2-3 hours each way. I still do not know how these bus drivers can be so behind schedule when departing and then end up way ahead of schedule when arriving. I can come up with no other theory than they are going way beyond the posted speed limits on the highways.

Nonetheless, I was supposed to arrive in Houston at 10:45 AM, but got there around 10:30 AM instead. After being up since 5:00 AM and not used to that, I was so tired and all I wanted to do was crash in the hotel room and just veg for the rest of the morning and afternoon until it was time to go to the show. But my arrival at the hotel next door was not prepared. The staff knew who I was but they did not have anything ready and they were going to have to make a special request to housekeeping to get them to clean a specific room so that I could check-in and be done with that and then I could rest and go back to sleep.

Sadly, all of that crap took an hour or more to get completed. The person at the front desk said that she specifically placed me into a room that had a mini-fridge and a microwave because she knew that my reservation was for two nights and if I wanted to go out to eat and bring back left overs that I would have that opportunity to store it and then heat it up when I wanted to eat again. Totally considerate I’d say.

After a few hours of sleep, I woke up with really bad back pain.

The bed was lumpy.

After a suggestion by Mrs. Froth, I went back to the front desk to complain about the bed being uncomfortable and I noted that I’ve been going to their hotel every time I come on my own to Houston, which is 3-4 or even 5 times a year for the past three years. They understood and did change my room. But then again, that was another hour of waiting.

I wasn’t able to sleep after that. My back was just out of whack. So I sat there awaiting word from either Dr. or Mrs. Froth about what time they were stopping by the hotel to pick me up. After that information received, I sat back and relaxed watching HDTV and cable. Something that I do NOT have at home.

After sooooo many times of watching the same commercial ads time and time again, I just was wishing that there was something else to do that was outside of the hotel room. But I’m not going back to the Harris County Smokehouse. That place sucks. I’ve complained about the establishment in previous posts. Its a shame too because it smells good from the outside every time I am there. 4thloud

As I was saying, so many commercials for Shark Week and a new television show called “4th And Loud” which is about an arena football team in Los Angeles that was bought by the rock band, KISS.

As stated before, I don’t have cable, so it appeared to me to be yet another one of those reality programs that will either sink or swim. Who knows what will become of it. I don’t know. The only thing that I really remember was watching some football player in the locker room exclaiming “I piss awesome.”

Ummm, really?!?

You know, if I tried to say that in public I would be an immediate outcast.

How do you PISS awesome actually??

Then finally I was able to find something that I could relate to and enjoy watching until it was time to leave.

I have always been a fan of the show Pawn Stars. Mainly because I think its interesting to see what things have enormous value and what things have little to no value at all. pawn

Some of the customers though are just clueless though.

Yeah, I realize that they are in there because they want money. And they probably have some kind of amount in mind that they want. But if there’s someone appraising your item for big bucks, and you are inside of a pawn shop, you have GOT to realize that whatever that appraiser says the value is… that is NOT the amount you are going to get for it. Ever!

I could go on forever about pawn shop customers. Hell, I’ve been one a time or two or a thousand.

But it was time to go to the show.

The moment that I saw Dr. & Mrs. Froth show up as I met them outside the front lobby of the hotel I was immediately reminded about how much these two individuals meant to me in my life… in all aspects of it. All of that came to mind and I hadn’t even gotten inside of the vehicle yet.

But we arrived and it was time to make with the party and whats nots.

Vicious Cycle was a band that I’ve seen before. Both at home and in Houston. However I had never heard of Masqued.

Strangely enough I realized that I was standing not that far away from Steffany, the lead singer when I looked up. I took some photographs with her and thanked her. masqued

And then the surprise of the evening was when the succubus came straight up to me and greeted me. She hugged me and pressed her cheek against mine. Asked how long I had been in town and what not. Then smiled and walked away saying that it was good to see me again.

I nodded. And I proved that I can still keep my cool with a situation that I honestly let go of a while back mentally. There’s nothing in the rules that state she has to even acknowledge me. But she did.

Then it was on with the show!

Masqued was first up on stage. Without knowing anything about them, I didn’t know what to expect so I was watching with anticipation and a bit of blindness.

They weren’t bad at all. Then I understood that this was their very first show. And I was very confused as to whether they meant the first show at BFE Rock Club or if it was their first show EVER as a band live. I still am confused!

Either way, it wasn’t bad.

SIX MINUTE CENTURY then came up on stage and took a little more than an hour and fifteen minutes of awesomeness. I will say that when they performed “Baptized In Flames” it was the VERY BEST sounding performance of that song since they debuted it back at Acadia Sports Bar & Grill in November 2012. To which I will mention was recorded and posted on YouTube if you want to check it out. The back of my head is visible at points during that video. Good luck and enjoy!!

Still it was the best that they’ve ever played it. Hell, they even went back and played my absolute, ultimate, supreme, most favorite song “Zero Hour” from the first album. It had been a very long time since I have heard them play it live. Guitarist Don LaFon told me in 2012 that “Zero Hour” was now MY song. I couldn’t believe it. But they now have a new album out called “Wasted Time” which came out in October 2013, so the old stuff was shelved and now they focus on the new material.

My point is that I got to hear it again. Its just too bad that the sound technician is deaf or blind or just plain dumb because the sound levels during Masqued were just fine, people said. But once SIX MINUTE CENTURY got on stage, the guy screwed with the volume and it pissed off a lot of the fans and other customers of the bar.

I didn’t even get my “Zero Hour Hug” from Mrs. Froth after they finished performing “Zero Hour” …. it was THAT loud that it pushed certain family/friends/fans away from the front of the stage. And it was still too damned loud. Every time that SIX MINUTE CENTURY would play that song, I would get a hug from Mrs. Froth… because she knows that it was her MySpace profile with that song posted on it that got me started into the fanaticism for the band. Thus the reason for posting every time I go to see them live.

But after a lengthy set on stage… it was one of the better shows performed by the band in a long, long time.

I even had the waitress who was trying to hustle Jell-O shots to sit on my lap for about two minutes and even take a photo with me during the set. Mainly because I kept buying at least one each time she walked by. Jell-O shots for $1… ehh, cannot go wrong I guess. it’s better than paying $14 for one drink in which one person unfortunately had the displeasure of doing. Eventually though, the waitress wasn’t just walking by any more. She was coming right for me after a few rounds of successfully getting me to buy a shot. She tried about three times with me as I said no before I crumbled and finally said yes. I’m not quite sure how much I spent on them alone. I just know that someone else there was buying twice as many Jell-O shots as I was. So I think she did good by the end of the night.

So when SIX MINUTE CENTURY was finished, I found everyone hanging outside in the patio area in the back of the club. The sound had driven every last one of them out there and still the volumes were so loud. Even in between bands when they were just playing the radio or a CD or jukebox or whatever it was. Insane amounts of unnecessary volume.

Vicious Cycle rounded up the end of the night. Members of ECHO TEMPLE were there to support them. And I always think its cool to have bands support other bands. Plus I got to see ECHO TEMPLE and socialize with them a bit.

After a few more Jell-O shots and some other horror stories that were shared by patrons and friends about the sound… it was time to go. I connected with the waitress and started a nice friendship.

As we waited for the decision to leave, I began to take photographs with certain people. Don LaFon’s company was very insisting that she and I take a photograph together all night long. So this was her chance. But she kept getting awkward with bending and kneeling and squatting and hovering until I finally yelled at her to sit down. Insinuating down on my lap.

So she did, but she got totally nervous about it… assuming that she was going to get “in trouble” for it.

Umm… its only a photo.

My camera however had plans of its own. At the time I did not know what was going on. But the camera would not work. I kept thinking that the person who was asked to take the photograph was inept as it took many failed attempts to take just one photograph.

Suddenly out of nowhere the succubus jumped in to the left side of me, inserting herself into the shot.

I already had one person on my lap and now she’s jumping into the shot, I pulled her closer towards me with my arm around her and my hand consequently on her ass.

But the person operating the camera could not get it to work. And it frustrated me because here was the chance to get that photograph that I had wanted so long ago. Just one photograph but I guess she lost patience with the situation and she walked away.

The photograph was taken, but by someone else’s cell phone. And it had to be e-mailed to me. But by then the succubus was long gone.

At the very end of the night, I realized that I needed to change batteries.

I love that LISAFAYECHARDONNAY gave me this camera as a gift. But damn, it sucks up a lot of battery juice fast and the batteries inside get super hot too if you leave the shutter open, and that also messes with the performance of the camera, making it assume that the batteries are dying when the fact is that they are just too hot.

The succubus came back and again hugged and pressed against my cheek and wished me a safe journey back home. I mentioned that I figured out what the problem was with the camera and she said in response, “Oh, that’s too bad.”

I asked her if she wanted to re-take it. She said NO. I asked a few more times and she kept shaking her head. I finally just waved at her and she walked out of the bar. Lots of people that either saw it happen or heard about it have had their opinions. None of which are positive. Oh well. She behaved with the affectionate greetings that I just was not expecting.

After all that non-excitement, we took off for the IHOP that is directly across the highway from the hotel that I always stay in. There was five of us there in total. Small, but just cozy enough. hop

Behind us was a much larger party of eight or more. I didn’t honestly take time to count. They were quite noisy and loud. And you knew exactly what they were doing there and where they had been before.

One of them was stretching out by leaning his chair back. It proved to be a mistake as he ended up tipping backwards and landing on the floor. And he just sat there in his chair staring at the ceiling.  I leaned back too far and then WHOOOOOOPS!!!! Down he went.

It was at this time I wondered how much better we would have done had we gone to Denny’s instead. But IHOP is fine. Geographically speaking, its perfect.


Christina Applegate (left) & Milla Jovovich (right)

Then finally I was back at the hotel after 3:00 AM, closer to 4:00 AM.

I would then find the old re-runs of “Married With Children” on television. But why so late/early??

I found this episode which starred a VERY VERY YOUNG Milla Jovovich.. who would become famous many years later for her role in the Resident Evil film series.

And when I say young, I mean only about fourteen years old. Christina Applegate who plays Kelly Bundy at this time the episode was made was about 17 or 18 years old at the time.

Jovovich played the part of a foreign exchange student from Paris, France and the Bundy family readily welcomed her into their home so that she could study in the United States. But when Jovovich became too popular too quick and started to take the attention off of Kelly Bundy, Kelly then struck back to get the attention back on her by sabotaging her.

I went to sleep in peace knowing that I had a great time with SIX MINUTE CENTURY and knowing that I was not going to have to rush to get out of the hotel and over to get on a bus so early in the morning. The last time that happened, I only had a few hours and I could not afford to go to sleep. And still dozed off a few times, I was damned lucky I made the bus. But I won’t be doing that any more.

The next day I was free to do whatever I wanted. I could sleep as long as I wanted. And I would end up going to the House of Froth and just hanging out with everyone, including their baby son Merlin who is getting so big. He’s crawling everywhere and grabbing a hold of things to stand up. But then he falls down and usually backwards and bumps his little head.

Dr. Froth had other ideas for that day. That afternoon he cooked some fabulous food. He said he loves to cook but doesn’t get a lot of leisure time to do so. If you EVER have a chance to eat any of Dr. Froth’s cooking, you will NOT be disappointed!!!

Then he sat down with me and began to record video with me by his side. Then we went outside and he kind of interviewed me about the project that he is working on that I got to be in the recording studio for this last May.

And that was on purpose.

Many of you people seem to think I’m just messing around. That its not happening or that I wasn’t ever in the recording studio. His update on the project, which was his fifth…. showcases me as proof and evidence that I HAVE been participating in this project. And for those of you who have been so negative about it? Go look it up… and then when you find it and realize that I have been telling the truth all this time, I’ll accept your apologies right before I let you kiss my ass.

“Gathered In Darkness” has the great potential of being picked up by a super major recording label, mainly because the name of Robert Lowe is attached to this project. And since I did a little voice over work on it, I can honestly be telling the truth if I wanted to say that I am on a major record label. That’s if this project does get picked up by one. And it is possible to happen but we’ll just wait and see.

So I did all of that and got to hang out with the rest of the family until it started to get dark.

I sat back at the hotel and watched the ending of a film called “Blue Caprice” in which I am guessing was about the D.C. Sniper. Dr. Froth and I had just talked about the fictional situation of a pregnant woman being killed in relations to other things. But apparently that was part of this film. It was unnerving.

After that I went to bed at a decent hour before having to wake up early again to return home. With what I thought was sufficient rest, I returned home Monday morning… but then soon crashed.

Like I said at the beginning, it was a visit that had no problems to deal with. I was glad it was problem-free.

The next possible time I will be back is for the TENTH anniversary of SIX MINUTE CENTURY which will be in October.

I’m just glad that I had a great time with no problem and made new friends. Special thanks go out to Dr. & Mrs. Froth as well as Jose “Angel” Martinez to make this trip possible.


“You must spray that shit for da bitches, sir.”~ Dr. Froth

I know that back in October I mentioned that I would not be continuing my trips to Houston.

However, this time around the premise and purpose was no different but there circumstances were.

Back in December, Mrs. Froth put out a message for those who were going to be involved in the January 2014 show to help me out, financially. Members from both SIX MINUTE CENTURY and ECHO TEMPLE were kind enough and gracious to have donated all of the money needed to make sure that I had a successful journey to the show.

I cannot say thank you enough to the people who did donate!!!!!!!!!!!!

And as a matter of fact, I ended up with a little MORE than what was originally designated based on their generosity. So I came home with MORE money than what I had coming. So humbled.

Off I went again on the bus to the great wonders of Houston, Texas.

It probably wouldn’t have been nothing but just another show, but Mrs. Froth had given birth to a son a few days later and this was going to be my chance to see the baby first hand. There was nothing that was going to get in my way.

Its weird that with the bus, that I can delay the bus driver to get me properly secure inside and that will take ten minutes out of his time from handling other passengers. End up anywhere between fifteen and twenty minutes late departing, and still some how make up time.

Going TO Houston, fifteen minutes behind. Arrive ten minutes early.

Leaving FROM Houston, twenty minutes behind. Arrive only ten minutes behind.

Thankfully for this blog post, I don’t have anything CRAZY to report. No staring strangers, no dead cats in luggage, no bratty children…. nothing at all. Just a peaceful to and from in which somehow I fell asleep and screwed up the back of my neck. Yipppppppppeeeeee!!!


Dr. Froth and his newborn son, Merlin. At the hospital.

When I arrived though, I got swept up by Dr. Froth, got fed, and then off to the House of Froth to meet the newest addition.

I was there for a few diaper changes. I was there for a few feedings, a few belches.. which surprised me a little bit. They were bigger than I expected.

“Baby Froth” is a sight to behold. That is for sure.

I got to hang out for a while and listen to Dr. Froth play around on his bass as he got ready for the show.

Then he realized that this was about to be his son’s first ever experience listening to music, and listening to his father play music.

A few jokes about him not sucking were passed around and Dr. Froth took that NSStick and TORE-IT-UP!!!

One thing that I will never forget was Mrs. Froth singing “Under The Moonlight” to her son as her husband dwindled away at the NSStick to an album recording of the song.

It was one of the most precious parent/child moments I had ever witnessed.

Also…. did anyone else know that Dr. Froth was a man of many huge talents?? He cooked up some walnut chicken and we all had a good time with it. Dr. Froth really is an extraordinary cook as well as a well-talented musician.

I’m blown away!!

But all good things had to come to an end, before the next good thing was allowed to happen. It was upsetting for me internally as Mrs. Froth would not be joining us at the show.

My first SIX MINUTE CENTURY show without my +1 of many, many years! Very strange!!

I was greeted by members of ECHO TEMPLE who were already there. It was like a meeting of the brotherhood. At least that is what I personally call the members of ECHO TEMPLE… my brotherhood, my brothers. And bountiful and moist conversations took place before the music got started.

It was there that I would actually be greeted by and then introduced to the original bass player of SIX MINUTE CENTURY, John Sample, aka Sampy. I had never met him. By the time I got to see the band in person, he had already left and Dr. Froth was in his place.

A really nice and gentle guy. He’s the kind of bass player that plays with a unique style that he bends over at the waist and lets his bass guitar drop to around his ankles and sits there and plays. He was part of MYSTIC CROSS, the headlining band.

Then I saw the succubus. If you go back to about August 2013 with Dr. Froth’s last birthday extravaganza post… there’s a little something there to it. But again, its not worth complaining about.

But with all the women that I have ever had trouble with, that I had met in Houston during a show…. she was not someone that I thought I would ever see last night.

I was kind of hanging out near the bar where the restrooms were and she had to get by to go to the ladies’ room. But coming out was a different story as the crowd shifted around and she couldn’t go back the way she came. She had no other choice but to walk right by me.

Let me just say that my peripheral vision kicks ass. I knew the moment she walked out of the bathroom and I knew the moment that she found that she could not “avoid” me on her way back from the bathroom.

So she touched my shoulder, said something while VICIOUS CYCLE was playing, but I can’t hear crap in there. So she asked another question that I understood.

She asked if I had gotten into town yesterday and I acknowledged that was fact. Then she said that it was great to see me again and she walked away. I never bothered with her again. Even though I had thoughts of trying to take a photograph with her. But why bother? ON WITH THE SHOW!!!!

VICIOUS CYCLE got up there and played first. And it sounded really good. I didn’t know them from before. I’ll have to keep a closer eye on them.


Don LaFon

SIX MINUTE CENTURY took on second and so many people were having a great time. But again, I was entirely disappointed with the numbers that were in attendance. There had to be less than 60 people at the peak. What the hell has happened in Houston and what is going on with music fans? I understand most of them got sick, and even Mrs. Froth was honestly in no condition with a new baby… but what are the excuses for the rest of them? I don’t freakin’ get it!!

Those who were there, were celebrating guitarist Don LaFon’s birthday. I too, have a birthday this month but SIX MINUTE CENTURY removed my favorite song of theirs of all time from their rotation. So no more birthday dedications at the January show. Damn….

At least now I know who was responsible for that. Ironically enough, I’m not mad…?

Lead Singer Chuck Williams didn’t even mess with LaFon as much as he usually does about how OLD of a man LaFon really is. And I keep forgetting the cantaloupe to hurl at the request of Frothtonomy and its followers. I think though that was a 2012 request. It may be void and no good any more.

I’ll have to check with Dr. Froth.

MYSTIC CROSS got on stage and it was sooooooooo fucking loud that it even pushed me outside into the back, out on to the patio… where it was a nasty 42°F/5°C at that time of night. Well, even though it is winter, this is still TEXAS! That’s not supposed to happen until next month some time where it will get nasty and bitter cold.

Dr. Froth then came running out and decided that he was going to pass out cigars like the old tradition after having a baby. He gave me one of his very select collection of very few. I was honored. A group of us stood there outside puffing away like dragons and even fewer of us knew what the hell we were doing.

I  think for many of them, it was their first cigar. And others their first tobacco experience EVER. I kept the tube in which it came in and put it away, this will be a souvenir to keep until the end of days. My first ever “Baby Cigar.” 

And still since the music was so loud we could enjoy the sounds of MYSTIC CROSS, which is another band that Don LaFon plays in.

Then when the cigar silliness was over, ECHO TEMPLE took the stage and I hugged the stage like a mad man. The same as I would always do for SIX MINUTE CENTURY. A monitor in my face and a filler at my chest… beating away.

And I’m not deaf yet?

As I was enjoying ECHO TEMPLE, Chuck Williams came by and hugged me. He slurred his “I love you man.” for whatever reason. I guess he was thinking about it too hard and he panicked. Oh well. The poor guy had teeth pulled less than a week before and he admitted this afternoon that he was in pain at the end.

I then was told that Mrs. Froth was having a difficult time at home with the baby, and Dr. Froth handed off the duty of getting me safely back to the hotel to Don LaFon… but I freaked out because — its his birthday show– hadn’t he been drinking?

A few minutes later I realized that my luggage bag was in Dr. Froth’s vehicle so I sent a text message to him expressing my concern. No response came.

It worked out though because Dr. Froth had forgotten some equipment that was still on stage and so he waited to get it all at the end of the night and THEN he brought me back to the hotel.

The biggest surprise (for me) was that the drummer of MYSTIC CROSS would come up to me during the ECHO TEMPLE set and try to talk to me while music was going on. I couldn’t hear. So he left and a few minutes later, he gave me the printed out set list of MYSTIC CROSS.

Drummer Austin Gartman was totally adoring me and I couldn’t figure out why. It was then that I found out that Don LaFon was at it again, adulating me to anyone who would listen to explain that “the guy in the wheelchair is SIX MINUTE CENTURY’S #1 FAN EVER!” and that he takes the bus every time to come to a show.

Yep, he had done it again and this time it caught the attention of Austin Gartman. It blew his mind! So then he swiped the set list away from my hands and grabbed a Sharpie and made everyone in MYSTIC CROSS  autograph it.

Now keep in mind, Don LaFon has autographed many things for me personally as many things. Mainly SIX MINUTE CENTURY, but he is probably getting used to it all by now.

Austin Gartman gave me many bro hugs and nearly he cried. I saw this with my own eyes. And he thanked me profusely for my dedication.

Now with Mrs. Froth gone, there was an option of going out to eat without her OR Dr. Froth would just drop me off. But since things were getting a little hairy at home with the newborn… I was dropped off at the hotel.

But its a trade-off and I understand it. I can either stay out a few more hours and then have to stay awake long enough to go get on the bus to come back OR I can leave and go back to the hotel earlier and attempt a few hours of sleep before having to get up and get on the bus to come back.

I didn’t mind taking sleep. Trust me on that!

I laid there in bed with my eyes probably sore from being red and I thought about all the wonderful things that everyone had done to get me to that show. All the love, all the financial assistance, all the support. I literally wept in the darkness until I fell asleep.

I took in four hours of sleep. Not bad, considering that the last couple of times I’ve had less than an hour while still in Houston. Its a little easier to get motivated to go when you have a little sleep.

It is abundantly clear though. I still will not be using my own money to make these kinds of trips to Houston. If anyone wants me there, they can pitch in. They’ve done it before. Last night was not the first time this has happened this way.

However, if there is any hope or idea or belief that there will be “more” after the show, then I am simply going to have to take in two nights in Houston. That first night will be the night of the show, and then take that night to sleep. The following morning I can do whatever. Watch television in HD or anything else and then go to bed early that second evening and then get up in the morning the second morning and return.

When I returned, my brain just wasn’t working well. So I’m going to need more sleep.

All in all, I totally enjoyed the trip. Glad that I didn’t have to deal with any stupids with the bus too! Meeting with old and making new friends. And enjoying music. How can you beat that???




“Nobody clapped! I hope they get the clap!!” ~ Omar Ramirez

It feels like a blur. An achy, head-pounding blur. And I’m no good with that.

“Wasting Time” release party to the rescue!!!

And that’s exactly where I went. By way of Dr. & Mrs. Froth, and SIX MINUTE CENTURY.

I never thought that in a thousand years I would see so many people that I actually KNEW. People that I can say that have become great friends with me. And they were all in one spot, BFE Rock Club in Houston.

Some who have been around for a while, and others pretty new. But they were there.

I had been itching to go to this show so bad that I knew that if I had bugged Mrs. Froth with the “Are We There Yet?” over and over and over and over again for weeks, that she would greet me when I arrive and then KNOCK me into next year!

After starting about fifteen minutes late on the departure to Houston, the bus driver had obviously kicked some serious butt driving on the highway because for a trip that was supposed to last 2 hours and 45 minutes, we arrived just under ten minutes early………. I don’t know, you do the the math and then get back to me!!

The bus was such a blunder. I bought my tickets for the trip in early September. But then forgot to mention that I was in a wheelchair and needed a disability seat. A $4.00 expense that turned into an addition $41.00 because I bought another round trip ticket (the RIGHT way) the day before travel.


I even sent a message to someone who lives along the travel path, and got to see them waving at the bus as it roared by their work place. I thought that was cool. Too bad I couldn’t get off the bus and go TALK to them.

I checked in to my hotel and then it was an afternoon of fun and overdue “Face Time” with Dr. & Mrs. Froth within their humble abode.

Come to find out that the band has been watching the Internet for album reviews. They found my last blog post. And frontman Chuck Williams saw it and thought that there were a lot of good and positive comments made about it. But he learned real quick that it was me.

After that, it was on to the show!! I had sent out several text messages in my excitement saying “For Those About To Rock, We Salute You.”


And then there is this:

I think it was very funny that SIX MINUTE CENTURY frontman Chuck Williams, replied with “LET FREEDOM RING!!!”

And then there is this ……..

Meet Danae Saree. 

I did. And for the first time.

I’ve been in communication with her over the Internet for so long that I actually came into contact with her when MySpace was used like Facebook.

Yep, that long ago… and it was the first time ever seeing her in person.

Awesome! Can I get an AMEN?

I think its just too cool for school to be able to finally meet people like this. Its too bad I didn’t get an opportunity to take a photograph with her.

Then it was on with the show!!!!!

Silenced Within jumped on stage first, and just rocked it. And it set a good tone to what would be a great night.

It became unusual that the drummer for Stress Level Red (who is former drummer for SIX MINUTE CENTURY) came up to me and asked me to critique the band and their performance. But NOT in the critique that you might think.

So they jumped on stage next and did their thing.

About that time when Stress Level Red was playing, and I was surrounded by bodies of people… that stupid stomach bug hit me, and hit me hard. I don’t think I recovered from it. Let’s put it this way, I didn’t bother asking anyone.

SIX MINUTE CENTURY then hit the stage with what I am believing was their longest set ever. We all were there to do one thing, celebrate and promote the new album. And that’s exactly what they played on stage. One track after another after another. Some of them, had been played live before. Others were brand spanking new and nobody had heard them, either recorded or played live. “Last Days In Paradise” is just as spooky and creepy played live as it is listening to on a recording. That song gives me the creeps.

But I was glad and relieved to see that there was a huge crowd there for SIX MINUTE CENTURY. I am given to understand that the band thinks its one of the largest ever. And personally, I am most definitely proud to have been a part of that.

I was most impressed with the talents of Dr. Froth as he tried different things on stage and to have them work out in such a remarkable fashion. He truly is a bad ass on that NSStick.

However, whatever was rumbling in my stomach was beginning to win. My energy was fading away quickly. And to boot, I had been awake since 5:00 AM that day. And I had several more hours to go.

The crowd began to thin out by the end, and I just kinda shook my head.

ECHO TEMPLE was up next to finish off the night. And so with ECHO TEMPLE, SIX MINUTE CENTURY, and Silenced Within…. three bands that I adore were playing all at the same place on the same night? Of course it was a blast!!! But that huge crowd was gone. And I just thought that was really shitty of the people.

After it was all done, I received a copy of the new album. And even had everyone sign it.

What was incredible and still is today, is that in the “Thank You’s” is the fact that I am mentioned by name TWICE. Once as a band collectively thanking me, and the other as Dr. Froth added me to his list of personal thanks. The band also mentions “The CENTURIONS” and the fans, which is something that I had come up with. Frontman Chuck Williams thanked the CENTURIONS and the fans in his personal notes as well. So I’m mentioned at least by name, twice.

I’ve never been included like this before. And it just fills my heart. I know for sure now that I am “something” to this band. To have been able to go to as many shows as I have in the past two years, traveling all that way, spending so much money, and still giving 1,000% in support. SIX MINUTE CENTURY basically returned the favor by mentioning me in their list of thank you’s.

Wanna see what I’m talking about?!?!? Go buy the album!!!!!

So after all the music was played, a group of us took off. There was a crowd of at least 16 people hanging out. Some of them needing to sober up and eat something over at the IHOP.

The longer I could stay awake, the better it was for me. But all good things must come to an end. And after I don’t know how long of laughing, being gross and immature, and just enjoying the moment…. I was brought back to the hotel and departed ways.

It was after 4:30 AM. My plan was to leave the hotel at 7:00 AM. My bus returning home was supposed to leave at 7:55 AM.

Luckily, I caught some really old re-runs of “Married With Children” and with that, I began to doze off. At some point I think I probably dozed off for about 20-30 minutes. I did not miss the bus however.

There was some random guy fussing and picking on people and telling them what to do because he wanted to get on the bus and he was unable to find a way to purchase a ticket. He yelled at everyone he looked at. And I began to wonder WHY is it that there’s always someone that has to fart in the bowl of ice cream?? Its ALWAYS SOMEONE or SOMETHING. And always on the return trip.

So this guy went after the bus driver when it arrived. And they charged him $44.00 to get on. And he flipped his lid again, but paid.

I was so tired that I couldn’t even think straight any more, and as we went on down the road and reached Houston Outlets, tears formed in my eyes and they rolled down my face without a care. And I could not figure out whether it was because of sadness that I was about to leave Houston for a very long time, or it was because of my exhaustion and serious lack of sleep.

My head bowed down and rolled around and bounced the entire trip home. The back of my neck now hurts. Leaving twenty minutes late from Houston this time, and then we arrived ON TIME. I tell you… I don’t know what it is about these drivers.

I did have fun though. I didn’t bum myself out with a lot of negative thinking. Considering that this was to be my LAST trip to Houston to go to any shows. Its beginning to become very difficult to deal with. Based on the fact that the bus schedules are yet again moved around.

All that money and time spent, for me to be awake for a continuous 30 hour stretch, and not even be in the city of Houston for 24 hours is catching up to me. Plus with the desire of wanting to move, I need to save the money as much as possible.

Its not the end of the world. No, I didn’t get into a dispute with SIX MINUTE CENTURY or their fans. I just need to save the money so that I can move. That way, I’m “there” whenever a show comes up. After all, if it had not been for the House of Froth, I wouldn’t have been there for the CD release show. And that would’ve sucked. So I give all my thanks to them!!!

So I spent my last day in Paradise. Maybe things will change down the road that I can return.






“You come pointing guns in the direction of my wife, my kids, damn it I’ll meet you at the door any time. And I’m sorry some of you guys got shot but uh hey, God will have to sort that out, won’t he?”~ David Koresh

Twas once again for the most excellent and moist birthday extravaganza of Dr. Froth. This year, drummer Mikey Lewis was also included in the celebrations.

My extended time in Houston however was slowly slipping away. With only ONE MORE show to attend and just a few hours of sleep, then I would be hitting the road to return home. And 99% of the time, when I am on that lonely road returning… I’m in tears.

However, I had to have a change in thinking as I just spent the night before with ECHO TEMPLE and was about to spend the evening with SIX MINUTE CENTURY. There’s not too many times in the world that I can say that I have done that.

Trying to “sleep in” at a hotel, in a bed that is unfamiliar, is almost impossible. Almost.

I finally woke up, my ears still ringing from all the sound and music the night before, and left there to lay with NO motivation whatsoever.

And then The Weather Channel caught my eye as they were talking about hurricanes. Now, hurricanes aren’t really my forté, of course tornadoes are, but ehh… I had a shit load of time to kill before the show.

And then there was some kind of Top 5 of all disastrous hurricanes of all time. 3 out of 5 hurricanes, I either had heard about or knew about when it happened. But of course, I couldn’t have known #1.

Unfortunately, I cannot remember all five of them. Hurricane Andrew started it off at #5 and then #2 was Hurricane Katrina. And really, for the number one spot, they only had two choices. The Great Storm of 1900 or Hurricane Sandy.

#1 was the Great Storm of 1900 in Galveston, Texas.

After that, there was a small documentary on that same storm in Galveston that happened on the 8th of September in the year 1900. And I actually found myself drawn into the program. Mainly because I know that SIX MINUTE CENTURY has a song about that storm that I enjoy hearing played live.

After all of that, my body decided to inform me that it was hungry. So I reluctantly went next door to the Harris County Smokehouse.  Exif_JPEG_422

I say that I was reluctant because in April, I went there for breakfast and just was not impressed at all. But this time, was for lunch. For whatever reason I had hoped that lunch would be better than breakfast.

Such consequences I received for hoping.

The image to the right here is what I ordered, taken with the cell phone. Can you guess what the heck it is??

Whatever your guess may be– you’re dead wrong. It was butt load of gravy!!!! And something underneath it.

I was just so disappointed in it all. I knew that they had some merchandise and I usually will buy a t-shirt or something but I refused to do it after having a SECOND disappointing meal. As a matter of fact, the image that you see here wasn’t too far off from what was left on the plate as I left it sitting there on the table, totally disgusted. I just moved away from the table and left it all there.

As I returned to my hotel room, I noticed that even more programs on hurricanes were happening on The Weather Channel. And eventually realized that they were celebrating Hurricane Week. I think it was in an all-out battle for ratings against the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week. Of which, I am selachophobic and you’ll NEVER find Me watching it. Even if you put a gun to my head… I will be instructing you to pull the damned trigger because its NOT happening.

But SHOWTIME was free. It was just really hit and miss though. The night before was “Saw” but it was on too late and I was about to crash.  The_Darkest_Hour_Theatrical_Poster

Saturday afternoon though offered a very strange film. I had missed the first few minutes of it but quickly caught on to its plot…. which wasn’t much at all.

A sort of horror film where the killer was flowing electricity. Strange stuff, I tell you!!!

By the time it ended, my brain was totally numb.

Then I crashed on the bed again for a quick nap. After that I was picked up to go to the show by Dr. & Mrs. Froth.

I had NO filter and NO hesitancy to inform them both that Harris County Smokehouse was a huge disappointment and that I would suggest never to go in there to eat.

After that, I gave my offerings to Frothtonomy’s Froktar. I had asked Dr. Froth what was going to be an acceptable offering. He said mangos.

Then I asked Mrs. Froth secretly what Dr. Froth’s food was. Even though I missed out on the mangos, I got the cheese which was not exactly cheap.

I then dropped over to Dr. Froth a gift card for him and his wife to eat at their favorite Applebee’s location. Told him “Happy Birthday!” and then we pressed on.

I suddenly began to wonder if the redheaded succubus was going to show up. She had said that she was not showing up for ECHO TEMPLE but was going to be there for SIX MINUTE CENTURY. But my curiosity, I kept to myself at that point. Not that her batting average was speaking volumes though.

Dr. Froth offered cheeseburgers because everyone was hungry. And it was a good choice since I walked out on my abortion of a lunch.

Swinging through the driveway, I had forgotten that Dr. Froth throws his voice and does “The Old Man” into the intercom.

When the employee repeated the order back and had it all correct, Dr. Froth said, “Oh Sweet Jesus, yes!” and then hilarity ensued.  mktg50-sweettea111708

“Did you say you wanted a sweet tea too?” was heard over the intercom.

I lost it. I laughed until my sides were hurting.

We cruised down the road and Dr. Froth offered the latest tracks that was being recorded and mastered for the new album.

Being a VIP Centurion definitely has its perks!!!

We entered in and then I had found out that I was on the Guest List for the evening. So things were getting better and better.

The show was for sure a long hard fought battle as the bands that were to play that night kept changing. I was there behind the scenes when this band said NO and that band said YES, then said NO. It was all ridiculous.

But I think everything was a good fit in the end.

I asked Mrs. Froth if she was going to pull me out of danger if I got into trouble. And this woman cares enough about me to look me dead straight in the eye and threaten to kick my ass if I got into trouble. That’s love right there!!! Friends that care enough for you to slap you into next week for doing something that you already knew was stupid before you started doing it.

Since I knew that she was true to her word, I dared not tempt fate. And besides, the succubus NEVER showed. But it was to NO surprise to anyone.

ETERNAL ECHOES got on stage first. A three piece band who has been practicing and playing together for a while now. But they do not have a lead singer or anyone on vocals as of yet.


Dr. Froth and an artist interpretation of Willis.

They asked Dr. Froth to come on stage because they had a birthday gift for him. When he approached on stage, he was floored to find a wonderful piece of art work which went along with the Frothtonomy mythology. Willis, the pumpkin god.

Two young women worked on it together. And it looked great.

ETERNAL ECHOES would play on. And it was then that I watched lead singer for SIX MINUTE CENTURY and his beautiful wife to approach the stage area closer. After all, their son Aaron was the guitarist and the one making much of the announcements during their set.

They mentioned that they were looking for a lead singer for their band. And that this was their SECOND gig ever!!! And that they were hopeful to find someone able to do vocals.

Dr. Froth actually teased me about how I should go for it and be their lead singer. I asked Chuck Williams what he thought and he gave his blessing on it. So I am actually REALLY considering it. I just have to get moved down there first.

Nobody saw this coming. Even the members of ETERNAL ECHOES thought I was talking in jest.

Dr. Froth then climbed on stage. The next band was called DISCIPLES OF FROKTAR.

This was Dr. Froth’s solo effort that was swiftly put together by musicians coming from other bands (such as WELL OF SOULS) and joining forces to make one bad ass sounding group!!!

Nobody really knew what to expect. But nobody was disappointed either. This was a group of guys that got together and made it sound like they had been playing this material for years and years. Its the kind of instrumental group that I WOULD pay $75 or more for ticket to see them play.

In between songs, I screamed out “HAIL FROKTAR!” and poor Dr. Froth didn’t see it coming. He was sipping some water and when I shouted… I made him choke on the water.

Damn. Ugh, sorry brother!

He got up on a microphone and responded with “HAIL WILLIS!” and all was right with the world again. But I still felt like shit because I could have waited until he was finished drinking his water.

Lessons learned.

After that SIX MINUTE CENTURY got on stage and did what they had to do to melt everyone’s faces off.

At least the few people that were there. Trust me, I was totally pissed off about the fact that so few people were there. And it really irritated me to the point where I thought that once I returned home, I was going to jump on the soap box about it.

Evil Reign from San Antonio was after that. And I had hoped that they would not continue to announce where they were from, like the three piece band from the night before. That just got annoying. But Evil Reign, I bought a t-shirt and Dr. Froth got me a koozie. Awesome!!!

Then I realized that this was probably going to be my LAST show for SIX MINUTE CENTURY. Then it was announced that the new album would be released on the 15th of October of THIS year. And that they planned on having a release party on the 19th.

Later on, the family of Froth mentioned to me that they would take care of accommodations for me because I needed to be at that show. It was something that I just could not miss. So I will have at least one MORE show coming soon. Less than ten weeks from the time that I write this blog post.

When I got back to the hotel, there was no reason for me to go to sleep, since I was supposed to return for home at 7:55 AM. A couple of hours of sleep probably would have helped, but I just didn’t want to take the chance of absolutely crashing out and then sleeping in so late that I missed my bus ride home.

It would turn out to be almost an hour late arriving where I was and caused me to arrive home late about 20 minutes. Which was wild. The trip always started out a bit late, but would always gain back time. These drivers had to be smoking the gas pedal.

Sleep was to come at last after I made all contacts that I had to make once I got home. And again, I was reminded that outside of the show in October, this was going to be it. No more SIX MINUTE CENTURY shows for quite some time.

Its going to suck for sure.

But this last trip, I was glad to have made it. Even with the extra night, it was fantastic.

Dr. Froth’s Birthday Extravaganzas are ALWAYS a hit!!!!





“On that day of infamy, April 19th, I cried myself to sleep.”~ “April 19, 1995” by SIX MINUTE CENTURY

Ohh yes. It was time. And a time was had. For those of us who were there.

But of course its not without its story, or otherwise, its blog post.

To say that the evening was epic would not quite reach the true meaning. Don’t get me wrong, it was the best show that I had ever seen from beginning to end.

But to say that the atmosphere was feckless, describes it better.

Yes, that is a real word. Feckless. A synonym of that word has been said to be “Not giving a shit.”

However I did give enough to be down there. Even though it was extremely risky for me to go on a trip like that, still being as sick as I am.

The downside of it was that by the time that day came, I was out of the “good stuff” for medicine. I did have a back up, and that helped me. Of course I didn’t give a shit after I took the medicine. So again, feckless.

Weird how prescription medication works on people!

The Brat (seen in red)

The Brat (seen in red wearing a ponytail)

I was shocked to see our beloved redheaded brat at the bus station in line on her way to Houston. I didn’t think that in a million years that I would ever see her again. You will remember from an earlier post that this was the one that complaining to who I thought was her father, to try and get her to leave her alone. Acting all kinds of bratty. Then had no choice when the bus got full to sit where she was backwards on the bus and looking right at me the entire time… only to cuss me out for no reason after I got off the bus when I got back home.

I took this photograph of her while she wasn’t looking. And never made eye contact with her during the time we were waiting for the bus. I never saw her get on and I never saw her get off the bus either. And that’s just fine.

Once I got to Houston, things got a bit rocky though.

My card was declined at the hotel. Long story short, banks suck. But eventually I got through and got to my room. I had several hours before I would be picked up by Dr. & Mrs. Froth and I was so tired, frustrated, and already hurting a little bit. I could have slept for a little while, but didn’t want to miss my ride. So I forced myself to stay awake and watch television.

I took some medicine and very shortly after that, I received word that Froth was on the way to pick me up. Naturally, I felt just fine by the time they got to the hotel.

Its April. That means time to celebrate the birthday of Chuck Williams.

I realized that my very first show was also an April show, back in 2011. So I have been going to SIX MINUTE CENTURY shows (when I can) for two solid years now.

So on with the show!!!

First up, was a band that Chuck Williams had invited to come perform at BFE Rock Club. Hear N’ Ade.

I really impressed with the band. Not knowing anything about them or the band to follow. I tried my best to look up anything on them as possible, but I guess I was looking in the wrong direction. Still, I was very very much impressed with the band. I told them that I wanted to see them closer to where I am, but they want that audience guarantee that I cannot give them. Oh well.

Near the end of their set, they had Chuck Williams come on stage. They did a cover of Lynch Mob’s “Wicked Sensation” with Chuck Williams on vocals.

Wow. I hadn’t heard that in a long time. I had to look it up. It was 1990.

After that, I looked around to see if a friend that I had invited to show up was still around. At the very least, I am curious about her. She did show up. She brought family and friends, and we did speak a time or two that was a quick chat.

She wanted to know when a certain band was playing, but that band was going to play last.

Then in the middle of it all, I was introduced to a few more people. One in particular came up to me and was going on about how she was excited to finally meet me and that she had been wanting to for a very long time.

Evidently, SIX MINUTE CENTURY guitarist Don LaFon, had told her the tales of me coming all that way to the shows on a bus and being there as much as possible. Giving them support and everything else that I have done for the band in the past several years. And she thought that was so fantastic. So she wanted to meet the person who was behind it all.

Although when she would pass by, she kept rubbing the top of my head. What am I, six years old? Oh well!!

There were friends everywhere. Even some people that I knew on Facebook for a long time but never met them in person before. I finally had the chance to do that. And that’s always awesome. SIX MINUTE CENTURY has some of the most friendliest fans in their corner. owlwitch

The next thing I knew, there was some kind of zombie or something that was a prop on stage as the next band began to set up. Everyone start laughing with much curiosity. Come to find out that it was some kind of smoke machine that would shoot smoke from its mouth and just give the stage that extra pep for effect. It was really cool.

Owl Witch came on stage. They named their smoking friend Lucy.

These guys were brutal. Metal music at its finest. Between their smoking zombie, their loud and hard music and lyrics, and their stage presence.. if it was too loud, then you were in fact too old.

They played this brutal metal the way that it was supposed to. I hadn’t been that stunned and shocked at such a metal force since seeing Decimation Theory. And those guys scare me!!!

When your bass player has a bass strap across his body that is nothing but heavy and huge interlocking chain links… that’s one hell of a stage presence. One that I had never witnessed with my own eyes before.

If they have ANY merchandise…. sign me up!!

I noticed that my own hearing was leaving me at a rapid pace by the time Owl Witch got off the stage. Coupled with not feeling all that well, I wondered if I needed to throw in the towel. But I stuck it out because SIX MINUTE CENTURY was next, and as you all know by now… the purpose of taking these trips to Houston.

I do love my Centurion family though.

Even though SIX MINUTE CENTURY is no longer playing my favorite song “Zero Hour” live any more, I do understand that they are moving on to play some of their new stuff. That is EVENTUALLY supposed to be released. But nobody knows when. Its driving fans crazy to say the least!

They have songs like “Last Days In Paradise” which is about the Jonestown massacre. I had heard rumors that the band was wanting to pass out little cups of Kool-Aid to the audience. I thought it was a clever and very funny gag. Even though Jim Jones handed to his followers Flavor-Aid back then.

But for those who didn’t know what the song was about, or doesn’t know about Jonestown, it would have been lost on them.

Needless to say that that gag never happened. But they still performed the song.

And since it was the 19th of April, now with their song about the Waco Siege in 1993, and their song about the Oklahoma City bombing… both events happening on that date … they performed both. Back to back.

That was really cool. They have two songs now dealing with events of the 19th of April. As well as it being the actual birthday of Chuck Williams. I do hope he had a great birthday! He’s the brother I never had. And now he’s my brother in the Centurion family.

I think that what stuck out for me was that I don’t know all of the words to “Baptized In Flames” but I am learning as there is a YouTube video of them performing live. I caught on to one line of lyrics that I never knew before. It gave me the chills.

“Let our blood be on their hands!”

Holy shit. I know the song is about that bloody and violent end to the Branch Davidians, but wow. I wondered where Chuck Williams came up with that as he writes the lyrics to the songs. The only answer that I got from him when I called him to let him know that I made it safely home was that he pulls lyrics out of his own ass sometimes.

Nice Chuck. Classy! I’m going to have a later chat with him about those lyrics. Because that one line just blew me away!!

I know that the place got full. I was pushed up against the side of the stage. All I could sense was that there was a bunch of people hanging on to the back of my wheelchair for dear life. Thank God for the sense to put on the brakes on my wheelchair!!

SIX MINUTE CENTURY put on a brand new show. None of their usual songs with the exception of a couple. Meanwhile, Chuck had a plethora of shots before his feet on stage. I don’t know how that man could stand up! The band took a drink in front of all, and they rocked the rest of the way.

Near the end, they played the crowd favorite “The Perfect Picture” and it was so awesome and amazing to feel the sensations and hear to the back of my head the entire crowd getting into a united chorus of the song. Sensational!!!

But they did not end with it. Nooooo! “Just Remains” was the song that they ended with. They know that they are a metal band and they want to leave the crowd with something heavy. And that’s what they gave the crowd.

It was a blast!! And there was still one band left.

After the crowd behind me left, I looked to see where everyone was at. Shocked as I was, the one person that I was really there hoping to see ….. was GONE! No family, no friends, nothing but empty bar stools. And I don’t know what happened. Talk about frustrating and devastating at the same damned time!

But you know what? Mrs. Froth said to me earlier that night that if she seemed in a bad mood that she was going to take on the attitude of being fuckless. So there you have it. Not a fuck had to be given.

She says fuckless, I say feckless. Pretty much the same thing.

Then the final band of the night that I had seen before about a month ago when I went to see WELL OF SOULS. A band that I was totally blown away by. It was going to be exciting. scourge

The Scourge took their place on stage and just brought it all together and burned down the place!

They started their set as they did last month, and yes that made me one happy little monkey.

Andrew Atwood got up on that microphone with his knitted hat and just went full throttle on the guitar and nailed it.

Only to find him throwing it off his head and finding a newly shorn scalp. That was something I didn’t expect.

The Scourge did a whole bunch of stuff. Including announcing that they were going to play some old school Metallica.

He shouted the first lines of “Fuel” but then he laughed with a psyche out and they played Dyer’s Eve instead. Yeah, that one is pretty old school.  And not really well known if you are not a Metallica fan around the time “One” had come out and made them uber popular.

But Andrew Atwood and the rest of the band was so in their zone that you could tell that they were having a great time.

If only to get these bands up here!! One day, I WILL have the benefit… and they better come.

So the entertainment was done for the night. However, face-time wasn’t to going to happen as Dr. Froth had to leave the following morning with WELL OF SOULS as they play in San Antonio. That was kind of a big bummer. But I knew it wasn’t like it would never happen again. I was understanding of their situation and so I just kind of hung out and talked with a few people that stuck it out the whole night.

And then came back the one that said that she had been wanting to meet me for a long time. On and off throughout the night she and I spoke. After realizing that I had a fan, she said that she knew everything about me.

Umm…. has fan quickly turned into stalker? What the heck does she know? What the heck COULD she know?? But I had that straightened out and all was well again.

People just talk about me and my journeys and dedication to things than I simply realize. With all of the hugs and shoulder rubs and touches, one understands that one is thought of with deep love and respect.

I got up this morning, hoping that what Derf had said was true. And it was. He and his sidekick was going to take me home so I didn’t need to take the bus back. And that worked out so well that by the time I got home, I looked at the clock I had realized that if I was to have taken the bus, that I would still be in Houston. How fubar is that?!?

Derf being a close friend to Dr. Froth and a great one to me.

As we were rolling up the highway, we noticed all the Blue bonnets and Indian paintbrushes that were beginning to bloom. And then he went off and pointed out that a horse that was standing in a field.

Well, I’ve seen horses before. What was so special about this one?

The horse had its tail up and I never seen that before, but then took the ultimate and largest crap in the field that I had ever seen in my life!!!


I know now to never stand behind a horse that has its tail up like that.

I’ve seen it all now. Someone beam me up.

The ride home was so much better for me in my state anyways, and I am thankful for Derf stepping up and offering to help me out. It goes easier and seemingly a lot faster when there’s someone that you can communicate with and have a conversation.

The next show is going to be in August I understand. It will be Dr. Froth’s Birthday Extravaganza. I’m told by the Centurion family that I do NOT want to miss this coming show. I think something is up. Something’s going to happen. I will just have to wait and see.




“Things can always be worse.” ~ Mrs. Froth

I suppose that I could have titled this post “It Was All A Dream” but the truth of the matter is that it was not a dream. It just really feels like it. Things just happened so quickly!!

It was time again to go to Houston to see SIX MINUTE CENTURY do their thing on stage. Since January is my birthday month, I wanted to be there.

But this trip was a little different than most that I have taken in the past. In fact, I wasn’t even in the city limits of Houston for a full 24 hours.

I was there for only one night, rather than two.

Thanks to Dr. Froth’s keen eyes, he noticed a La Quinta Inn that was so close to the place where I would be dropped off by the bus when I was there last November. There was a restaurant, a gas station/convenience store, and lodgings. Everything I could ever need right there in the same place.

So this trip was also an experiment in keeping costs down.

Also, I was given help by my sister back in late November when she noticed a promo code to punch in to that would make my bus trip FREE.

However, it didn’t work out as well. The entire round trip fare was $14. But so much lower than what I have actually paid in the past. You just have to read the small print when it tells you that there are terms and conditions to these kinds of promotions.

My $14 shortfall came because I waited before I made my reservation. Lessons learned.

Another lesson that I’ve learned is that when I am on the bus, I’ve got to find something to keep me occupied. Otherwise I’ll just lose it and go crazy. Two and a half hours or so is better than the three hours I was travelling, but still I need to do something to occupy my space and time.

There was some “eye candy” that boarded. I suppose one could say that I was fortunate she didn’t go to the upper deck to sit. But I struggled for about an hour to decide two things:

#1- Is she married?

#2- Is she really that cute?

The answer to #1 would’ve definitely played a factor into the answer of #2. I could never figure out either question. US290

When we reached Brenham, Texas which is usually the “halfway point” of the journey, our beloved bus driver got completely nervous at the highway signs and ended up going into the small town, rather than staying on the highway and moving along the outskirts of the town.

So we got turned around and drove around in Brenham for about 15-20 minutes before “Little Miss Eye Candy” got up and conferred with the bus driver.

The driver got scared and ran off of course because of the signs that said that she was on US-290 Business. Ridiculous! And that caused her to throw the trip out of whack.

This was the first time I’ve had a female bus driver. I figured we’d make the trip in under an hour. Not so much… we were behind by about 20 minutes when we finally arrived in northwest Houston.

Then we passed through Chappell Hill where I’ve recently learned a dear friend of mine lives. She’s been ill and so has her husband and when I saw the signs in which she instructed me to find when I passed through, I said a little prayer for her and her husband, hoping that they would feel better soon and no longer be ill.

At long last we reached northwest Houston and I got off of the bus. I noticed a HUGE crowd of people looking to get on board. I had never seen so many people to ride but there they were. I had forgotten about the promotion that they had going on and I suppose that people are taking advantage of it. Something I didn’t figure until after I had already came home.

I’d like to try it again and take full of advantage of a FREE trip, but the promotion goes until the end of February and I don’t see any trips in the future. Oh well.

The cold front had followed us into Houston and even several hours earlier, Mrs. Froth told me that it was warm and very humid. But that was all taken care of by the time I arrived.

It started to rain at some point, and the smells of the restaurant adjacent to the hotel was killing me! It was a BBQ place. And I was just drooling uncontrollably. But I never made it there. Instead of checking into the hotel and then going to the restaurant, I waited and waited for some notice that someone was going to pick me up. “Face time” is what I call it.

I ended up watching some documentary on VH1 about the Los Angeles riots and the Hip-hop culture. Some of it, I never knew. Other parts, I was just completely disgusted with…. even some twenty years later.  ReginaldDenny

Then it just turned later and later and there was still no word from anyone. It was probably the first time that I thought I had been forgotten about while in Houston. But around 7:00 PM, my cell phone proved me wrong. Oh ye of little faith should’ve been my theme of the evening.

I guess I was just probably way too excited to go. Too excited to see everyone. But deep in the back of my mind, I knew that it wouldn’t be like times before. And I just couldn’t shake that feeling away.

By then, the rain had come to stay. So it was a soggy and chilly mess to wait outside. A secret that I will share with my dear readers: The woman who was working the front desk was outside having a smoke when Dr. & Mrs. Froth arrived to pick me up. Both of them ready to go to the show, and dressed appropriately for it. I couldn’t help but laugh to myself, wondering what the hotel clerk was thinking when I jumped into a vehicle with them. Leather and lace, baby!!!!

The best thing about this location of the La Quinta Inn, was that the BFE Rock Club was really not that far away. It didn’t take much time to arrive at all. I began to wonder just how close Acadia was as well. It seems to be the two venues in which SIX MINUTE CENTURY plays the most.

I mean after all, this location where I was at seemed to be near perfection.

I was given the opportunity to hear the finished production of  “City Of Hope” which is a song going on the new album for SIX MINUTE CENTURY. It was the first time I had ever heard a recorded version of the song. Any other time that I’ve heard it, it was a live version. So it was a little different for me but I loved it.

Dr. Froth mentioned that lead singer Chuck Williams did a fabulous job with the background vocals. And there were parts that were just totally bad ass. He was right. When those background vocals popped up for the first time, I jumped. It literally scared me because I was not expecting to hear what I did. I was floored. Such a great thing to be pumped up listening to the music of SIX MINUTE CENTURY that hardly anyone else has heard as we prepared to go to a live show.

It was great to see so many people there. People that I’ve come to know in the past year and a half. Members from WELL OF SOULS, ECHO TEMPLE, and other bands were there. I got into a very serious conversation with the drummer for ECHO TEMPLE. Something that I fully intend to continue at a later time.

All these people came out in the rain. And that’s just awesome!

The show was great. There was a band that came from Austin that I was really impressed with. I wanted to get photos of them, but someone else was walking around, shooting video with a digital camera and getting around the girl was a little challenging. Plus, she was easy on the eyes. I’m tellin’ ya!

Mystic Cross was on stage next. The lead guitarist for SIX MINUTE CENTURY, Don LaFon, is also a member of this band. And since we were all there to celebrate his birthday, well he had two bands he was playing with in one night.

Don LaFon came up to me and said hello. I wished him a happy birthday since it was ON his birthday that he was playing. And he mentioned that my most favorite song, “Zero Hour” was on the set list for the night. A piece of information that had been unconfirmed before, but I just nodded and smiled. I told Chuck Williams that since I was there to celebrate MY OWN birthday, I’d hoped that the so-called rumor was true that they would play the song. But I honestly didn’t have any doubt as to whether or not they would. I was told once by someone reliable, then Don LaFon brought it up to me before the show started. So I knew that I was in for a treat. Considering the fact that the band has been wanting to drop it from the set list to make room for new material. They had decided that they would only play the song when I was there. But for the band, I’ve made most of the shows throughout 2012. So I’ve got to hear it played live.

Chuck Williams made a special birthday dedication to me before they played the song. It was kinda funny. He looked right at me and said, “You. For you. Birthday!” and I just clapped and smiled knowing what was going to happen. After they played the song, Chuck then mentioned the men and women of our Armed Forces, to which the song truly goes out to.

Someone screamed out their unit and Chuck Williams was all proud and honored and thanked the guy for his service.

The rest of the show was so awesome. And loud. Holy crap, it was so loud. I don’t know what the hell the sound guy was thinking, but after Mystic Cross got on stage, everything was just turned up and left that way. But the stage lights, there was nothing going on with that. Weird.

I found myself being accosted, again. Another blonde, another DRUNK woman. She asked me why I was in a wheelchair and I gave her the short answer. But it was like it went flying right over her head.

I’m going to say this right now….. I DO NOT MIND explaining the reasons why I am in a wheelchair. I believe that talking about it actually can educate those who do not know. Plus, it helps you understand me on a more personal level. So I am not the kind of person that is going to get upset if someone asks why I am in a wheelchair. However, her reaction and response made me feel like I had just wasted my breath and that wasn’t cool.

She asked me where I was from and I told her. Her reply was that I was too far away.

Too far away from what????

She asked me if I was “with anyone” there at the venue, and I said that I was not. She asked then if the people that I was sitting with and hanging out with was my family, and I told her that they were. Because to me, they are. Yet when I told her that I wasn’t with anyone and I didn’t have a girlfriend, she responded that she was glad because she didn’t want to have to take anyone out in the parking lot.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, over?

It was at that point that I began to wonder if it was a mistake that I told her that I was on my own. That I was not with someone. I could have very easily pointed out that I was with Mrs. Froth just so I could cover my ass and possibly get her to go away. But that kind of response… ugh. I’m glad I didn’t. It probably would’ve started something that didn’t need to happen.

She again asked me WHY I was in a wheelchair. So I gave her the technical explanation. That didn’t help. It just caused her to cry. And hug on me and kiss on my face and head and shove my face into her breasts.

Do not get me wrong. I do like breasts. I am a straight man. And I realize that my current altitude that I get a lot of them in my face. That’s just the way things are. But these were SHOVED into the side of my face and ear. I was not consenting to this kind of attention at all! I prefer that women have full use of their faculties when engaging in that sort of behavior.

After the last band was on stage, it was time to get as many photographs with people as I possibly could. But Mikey Lewis I noticed was back behind his drum kit. A brand new photograph with SIX MINUTE CENTURY was not going to happen. I’ll have to work on that later. I didn’t get one with Dr. Froth either. Something else I’ll have to work on.

Eventually though, the bro hugs were plentiful. Even one came from Dr. Froth, although we were both acting out and being stupid. I am given to understand that bro hugs aren’t something that comes a lot from him.

And I got picked on by Mrs. Froth but that was only because I was being a complete and total dork and pretty much deserved every single “love tap” the woman gave me.

By the end of taking as many photographs that I could, I took one with Don LaFon. He was talking with a woman that I have seen at shows before in the past. Apparently, Don LaFon had told this woman that I was the #1 fan of the band, and he also included the fact that I come from great and long distances and spend lots of money just to make it to the shows. The woman was flabbergasted and shocked and basically bowed at my feet.

I find it unusual that I am still to this day being introduced as such. I think that I’ve come to terms with it by now.

After the show, it was time to roll on out and allow those who had been drinking to sober up and have something to eat. But getting people together to decide on where we were going was like pulling teeth and hair at the same time. Finally, Dr. Froth trumped everything and everyone and had made the decision to go to IHOP.

It was most convenient for Dr. and Mrs. Froth and myself as my hotel was directly across the street from the restaurant. Chuck Williams and his wonderful wife joined us, along with O.J. Morris from WELL OF SOULS.

I was glad to get that extra face time. SO glad… that I didn’t even bother to look at my watch or a clock throughout most of the night.

When we finished at IHOP it was after 4:00 AM. So it was about eight hours of face time with the Froth family. Considering how short my trip was going to be, I didn’t complain. Yes, I would’ve loved more face time but there was no reason to complain.

As I was being dropped off at the hotel, it was time to say my farewells. And it wasn’t something I was willing to do, but had to do. Everyone was tired, but happy. But mostly tired. I was running on excitement and adrenaline, I probably could have kept going for a few more hours. But all good things must come to an end.

I crashed and burned and fell right to sleep. I didn’t even think to take my nighttime medication!

I woke up in a panic. Check-out was noon, and I woke up at 11:10 AM. I grabbed all that I could and threw everything into my bag and I was out of there in fifteen minutes. I checked out of the hotel and I had more than an hour before my bus was to depart from Houston.

I took off for the restaurant, still in that “rushed” feeling. It really does suck when you wake up in a panic like that because then everything else in your day seems rushed and you often get that feeling that you are running behind and you cannot catch up.

But I had been dreaming of eating at this restaurant ever since I knew it was adjacent to the hotel. The sign said to wait to be seated. But because of the rushed feeling that I had, I felt that I’d never have time to wait to be seated, eat, and then get over to the gas station to wait for the bus. So I walked out of there disappointed and defeated and hungry.

The weather was worse. The wind was bitterly cold but there was no precipitation. The temperatures had to have been cold as well. And I had more than an hour to kill. I bought a cappuccino to help warm me up as well as wake me up. But it only warmed me up for a little while. $1.29 not so well spent.

Then the bus arrived a few minutes late. Not bad, but late. A rush of people came out. Probably somewhere between 40-50 people waiting to get on the bus in the cold and wind.

There was MORE eye candy that I had seen while waiting and I had been hoping that they were getting on the bus. Only one woman got on the bus. But she did not see the one remaining seat open, so she went to the upper level and I didn’t see her much after that. Even when she got off of the bus where I was getting off, she vanished. I never had a chance to say hello or talk with her.

But the crowds waiting in northwest Houston to get on the bus, it was the most unusual experience that I had never thought possible.

A man had a piece of luggage that had a strong odor coming from it that he was trying to store under the bus, but the bus driver was asking questions about why it smelled so bad. Come to find out that (and I know that this is hard to believe) inside of his luggage, was a cat that had died.

NOBODY can figure out how that happened. The guy screamed up and down swearing that he had no idea that the animal was inside of his luggage. But with a strong odor like that coming from the bag, it had to have been in there for a while.

Needless to say, he was not permitted to get on board and the fine boys of the local police department took him and his dead cat away.

I hated leaving. I always do. Because I do not know when I will be able to return again. But I left with a better and more secure sense of belonging.

I came home, and my neighbor who picked me up took me to get something to eat. I came home and realized that the entire trip in the city of Houston was 21 hours. The same amount of time that I had been awake the day of the concert before crashing like crazy.

Even when I got home, I threw myself on the couch and passed out for about three hours. But that was in the evening time and its probably going to mess with my sleep schedule for a few nights.

I can’t wait for SIX MINUTE CENTURY to finally get shit done and get this new album released.