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shinerssaloon1“I always knew looking back on my tears would bring me laughter, but I never knew looking back on my laughter would make me cry.”~ Cat Stevens

I thought that last night I would kill two birds with one stone. Actually in this case, it would have been three total stones in one throw.

My plans for the evening last night included two bars, two separate venues, and keeping two separate promises to two different people.

First stop: Shiner Saloon.

I had been there before during the 2014 SXSW Festival to see BEAUTIFUL DISTURBANCE play. And it was there that I would meet a particularly interesting bar maid.

Long story short, BEAUTIFUL DISTURBANCE killed it. Gained some new fans from the scene.  I ended up taking a couple of fun photographs with the bar maid. And to top that all off, I gave the bar maid, MY number and walked away.

Only to find that that any and all photographs that I took at the Shiner Saloon would be lost. Forever. And that included Miss Interesting. I did however tell her that I would return to say hello to her again in the future.

I was irritated and pumped up both at the same time. I hated that I lost the photographs of her and I in the same frame, as well as the kick ass photographs I took of BEAUTIFUL DISTURBANCE, and all I could think about was to return to the Shiner Saloon to get the bar maid to pose again to replace what I had lost.

Not an easy task. Especially since when I gave her MY number and contact information, I wrote a note stating that I was looking for friends. And I wrote that thinking that it would increase my chances of her corresponding with me.

I still have a lot to learn!!

So then I was in correspondence with the bar via social networking websites. I was going back and forth with them mainly on Twitter, but some times on Facebook. I had found myself telling whoever it was that was running the sites that I promised to return to the venue for a good drink and a good time. Lightly prefacing the fact that the bar maid (whom I will call “Lil R” throughout the rest of the post) had made my first visit very welcoming.

Because I was going to go out any way yesterday I decided that I would hit two venues in one night, hold both of my promises to the people of Shiner’s Saloon and let be what would be.

During the daytime is a little tricky. All windows are open and its freaking bright. Does not make for good or decent photography. There’s always a glare with the digital camera that I have when a window in the daytime is involved.

But Lil R wasn’t there. Where was she? I was promised she would be working. I showed up relatively early but not so early that I was waiting for them to unlock their doors.

The only other thing that I seriously have every right in the world to bitch about is the fact that this bar is upstairs and there’s the need for use of an elevator to get there. But I couldn’t get it to work. I could not get it to function. How the hell was I going to get to the Shiner Saloon if the elevator wasn’t working??

Come to find out that through a beer distribution employee the floor on which Shiner Saloon is located, it is locked from that floor by the good folks of the bar. I either have to wait for someone to use that elevator from that floor OR tell someone to go up the flight of stairs to the bar to tell them to send the elevator up to them and HOPE that I am inside of it. shinerfurniture

It seems a little unnecessary in my own opinion.

I have heard of “bucket seats” but I cannot decide on whether or not making bar stools out of wooden buckets is a genius idea or a lame one.

For sure its nothing like I have ever seen before.

When I finally got into the venue, it was bright as freak in there.

Very low key as it had only been open for just under the first hour of operation.

I got my first Thirsty Goat and wouldn’t you know it — $3.75! Usually I am paying $5 for this beer. A couple of times I’ve paid $6. So I don’t know… Happy Hour perhaps? Or the guy just thought I was cool enough or whatever. So yeah at $3.75 hit me up!! 1 (1)

Lil R was nowhere to be found. And I finally just had to ask. She wasn’t scheduled to come in to work until 9:00 PM.

Ughh…!! I’ve got plans starting at 6:30 PM. Now what was I going to do? Shiner Saloon was expected me and I was there, and I am sure that they told Lil R over and over again that I was coming to see her.

Devastating news? Bartender, hit me again please!

Well not really, just expectations were not met and it caused grief.


half devoured. But still there’s plenty left! $9.00 !!!

I ended up meeting the person behind the social networking sites. He’s a really cool guy!! I’m glad that he was so accommodating as it led up to what would be my second visit.

I ate what was probably the most expensive hot dog that I had ever actually had the weird pleasure of paying for.

$9.00 chili dog. But it comes with potato chips. Its slammed with secret spices and garnish and everything else one would hope for an epic chili dog. Plus the size of the damned thing was enormous.

I don’t think that I will be able to duplicate it at home.

So I ate, I drank, I stewed in weirdness and frustration. And so then I struck up conversation with the rest of the employees there without having to mention female counterparts. It was straight up guy talk.

I think that the coolest thing inside now is that there’s a cuckoo clock that comes from the Shiner company and its attached to a certain beer on tap. Whenever someone pulls the tap to fill the glass, the cuckoo bird comes out and the clock lights up!!!!

That was cool. I hope that they are able to keep it for a long time.

However, time was not on my side and I had to go to the “main event” of the night. The employees of course were more than inviting for me to return, especially once Lil R had got to work.

I foolishly made the decision and then told them that I would return to see Lil R and their entertainment that was lined up for 10:30 on the basis that they would assist in helping me find a taxi to go home. They agreed.

I took off for the reason that I was out to begin with but would come back and fully regret the decision in its entirety, filled with the grief of late night expectations left unfulfilled. But not before some good times were had elsewhere.