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“All the world is birthday cake, so take a piece, but not too much.”~ George HarrisonĀ 

The story that I am about to tell here is 100% true. This is going to go down as the funniest moment in the month of July 2012 where I live.

On the last Wednesday of the month, we celebrate in a collective spirit all of those neighbors who celebrate a birthday in that particular month.

Luckily our glorious new social worker found a company or a business who actually will make a cake for us and then donate it to our monthly gathering of people.

This cake was chocolate, with a mint green color butter creme frosting.

But there was some left over.

This afternoon, it was set out for anyone to enjoy. I noticed it sitting there and I thought that I was going to grab a piece of this cake for someone. Obviously staff wasn’t wanting any leftovers and so it was, what I call “free range”. Any and every man for themselves!!

As I sat down with my piece of cake, I began to feel a little tired from out of nowhere. So I poured a cup of coffee. But by the time I had finished my cake and coffee and was ready to rinse out the cup in the kitchen, I did notice that there were at least three cut pieces of cake left.

I rolled on into the kitchen and rinsed out the coffee cup and put it away. Then I came back out.

One of the neighbors who was there in the community room already was standing by the cake box. I moved around her only to see both of her hands digging in. No fork, no serving knife– her very own hands!!

This woman was going in fist after fist of chocolate cake and literally taking “nom, nom, nom” to a whole new level.

The only thing that I could think of was the fact that there might not be a piece of cake left for me to take to someone else. So I asked her what in the world was she doing.

She backed up and smiled and laughed maniacally. When she turned and faced me, she literally had that mint green frosting and bits and crumbs of chocolate cake on all ten of her fingers. The frosting and cake was also spotted in a perfect ring around her mouth, that went up her nose and along one side of her face.

I then made the comment “You look like a seven year old celebrating a birthday!”, I was actually horrified.

Someone who was on the other side of the room shouted back “She IS celebrating a birthday this month!!”, and I wondered where that had come from.

Then she walked away and went into the women’s restroom. Frosting just oozing and dripping from her fingers and falling onto the floor. It left a nice messy trail.

I laughed for a bit, thinking that this was all silly. But I stopped laughing when I saw what she had done with the remaining three pieces of cake.

There was only left what looked like discarded frosting in clumps all along the bottom of the cake box. And one piece of cake that looked like it had been smashed and stepped on.

Given into account that this woman is in her mid to upper 60’s, I wondered if delirium had set in. A seven year old though would have done less damage similar to this. I probably should have said three.

I’ve yet to determine my feelings on this. I don’t know whether to be upset that she would do such a thing at her age OR just kind of laugh it off knowing that she is “getting up there” and what not. But I think either way, I’d be making an excuse.

I shared this story with someone else over the telephone earlier this evening and the laughed until they could no longer breathe and eventually that caused them to have to go get their portable oxygen tank and put it on so that they could restore their breathing.


But for you dear followers, I had to share for you on this Friday for one heck of a laugh for yourself.

This place that I live in, is insane. And I’ll continue to write about the misadventures. Stay tuned.