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Ladies & gentlemen, readers and subscribers and followers: here we are.

After much pondering and decision making, I had decided that it was time to unveil a NEW Blogger Award.

I had been seen these other blog awards being tossed around like steam stacks of hot potatoes and I began to wonder what could it possibly be about these awards that they just collect mental dust because honestly, nobody has anything tangible to show for it.

Well….. neither does this award. Nothing tangible. But we will see how far it goes.

Why a new blog award?? 

Good question.

In my personal journey of blogging over this three year and more time span, one cannot help but cross paths with people that will put such a positive influence that it changes your life for the better.

These are the people that should be given the nod for the OMGYA! Award.

People that have given you some major impact, NOT someone who is just your BFF. People that you could say at a certain time in your life you did not know, but now you don’t believe that functioning without them is possible. THAT kind of impact!

And that is how you figure out your nomination.

People who are nominated (and choose to accept the award) are required to do just some of the standard blog award requirements.

They are to write in their own personal blog “their acceptance speech” and provide to their readers the person who gave them the original nomination. And then of course as always, that person will nominate any and all people that have made significant positive changes in their lives by way of their blog(s).

There are NO questions to answer about yourself.
There are NO questions to ask of your nominations.
There is NO limit as to how many nominations you can give. You can give 1 or you can give 10,000.

People who are NOT eligible for this award are the following:

Spouses/significant others
Immediate Family Members of Bloggers and Writers

Spread your love and joy outside of your circles!! People who you appreciate and are grateful for because of their blog.

These are the people that I give this brand new award because I believe that they ARE awesome! They’ve reached down deep and pulled something out of me that has been lifting me up and make me better. They go the distance for me OR they are just needing to know that hey…. I care about you and what you are doing, damnit!!!

I am nominating them with the personal note of appreciation for all that they have done. I am forever grateful.

Congratulations one and all!!


Head Full Of Red
A Redhead’s Guide
Jodi Ambrose’s Blog
Oldest Daughter & Redheaded Sister
Lucy’s Corsetry
That Ginger, Anna
Writer B is Me


“A day without sunshine is like, you know, night.”~ Steve Martin

Well ladies and gentlemen, subscribers and readers: CHECK THIS OUT! 

I just received my SECOND nomination for an award to my blog. Isn’t that just something else??

I was going through my blogs that I personally am subscribed to and over at “A Redhead’s Guide” was my name among the list of the next possible recipients. 

Andrea is gorgeous, funny, and freakin’ elusive. 

If you wanna go check out her blog: 

A Redhead’s Guide

So the rules of the Sunshine Award are as follows:

1. Post 11 random facts about yourself.
2. Answer the 11 questions asked by the nominating blogger.
3. Nominate 11 bloggers you think bring sunshine into the world.
4. Come up with your own 11 questions to ask them!

So here are 11 random facts about the one and only Dambreaker: 

#1- I live in Austin, Texas. Which is currently hosting the annual SXSW Festival. If you hang out this week over on Historic Sixth Street, you’re going to find me rolling around! Ending this coming Sunday to see CASKET OF CASSANDRA over at Dirty Dog Bar. 

#2- I’ve never been married. Engaged a time or two but never made it to the altar. Thankfully! 

#3- I once owned an Emperor scorpion as a pet. But it died of dehydration because I had no knowledge of how to give it water and was pretty much afraid of getting attacked by it. Oops!

#4- I have a select number of people who are actors/actresses/musicians/singers and their cell phone numbers stored in my own cell phone. Basically what common society call “celebrities.”

#5- I’ve written over 125,000 different pieces of poetry in my entire lifetime. None of it published.

#6- I have always wanted to write a screen play that would be turned into a big successful film.

#7- I write my own erotic stories. But they are for my own personal use and not for public domain.

#8- Once I like something and begin a fond interest in it, I never shut up and I never back down. I am FREE advertising for anyone or anything. 

#9- The “Friend Zone” is a very ridiculous invention of someone that I think has had boundary issues. All people would be considered to be in the Friend Zone without it being a THING until they are no longer in that zone. And that is up to two people and those two people to decide. Period. 

#10- “Bitch” is never a word I use to describe someone. 

#11- Having this blog has changed my life in so many different ways that I cannot begin to count them all. I am very blessed. 

Now for the questions asked of me:

1. Do you like to cook? What is your favorite dish to make, and do you just make it up or do you follow recipes? I am what you may call a dump cook. Other than that, my bachelorisms come out pretty bad and its microwave time.
2. Cats or dogs? I grew up as a teenager with both. But I am going to say dog, I think??
3. If you could pick any place in the world to live, where would it be and why? I think that I would wanna live close to the water. I’ve been in every other climate and landscape but near the water. And in my short eight months in New England, I couldn’t get out as much to the ocean as I would’ve liked. 
4. Are you a parent? Do you want to have (more) kids? No, I am not a parent. I am however an uncle and I know that’s not really the same thing. But I would love to have children. If I don’t, that’s okay too.
5. Porch swing or hammock? Porch Swing.
6. Margarita or wine? Or do you prefer the brew? I do not normally consume alcohol. It is just a choice I made years ago both for health and financial. 
7. What’s your favorite Tom Hanks movie? We all have one! Good grief, where do I start?!?!?!??????
8. The greatest lesson about life you’ve ever learned? Even if it’s as simple as how to hang the toilet paper on the roll. I am still learning. Get back to me on that. But don’t go anywhere so you don’t lose sight of me.
9. What’s your favorite quote? My own that I coined myself….. “Friends are like roses. Precious when you find them. But if you hold on too tightly to them, you will bleed.” 
10. Favorite color? I have several. Dang it! Black, Silver, Teal to begin with. 
11. If you won the lottery, how would you spend it? Charity? Family? Jet skis and fancy cars? I’m not going to say but I promise you that I will blog about it AFTER the fact. But I probably wouldn’t be spending too much and be holding on to some of it. Anything more than that, you’re just out of luck on that one. 

Now for those whom I am going to nominate: 

Jodi Ambrose
Not A Redhead
Simply Stacia
Head Full Of Red
Hope*the happy hugger
Oldest Daughter & Redheaded Sister
Writer B is Me
Coco J. Ginger Says

#1- Who is your role model (dead or alive)?
#2- If you could have your choice, would you live in peace and solitude or with an entourage?
#3- Would you describe your first ever date a success or just a learning experience?
#4- Are you someone that can survive an entire Monday without coffee or are you someone who will have a criminal record if you attempt to function without it?
#5- Fruits or veggies? (Can only choose one or the other. Not both.)
#6- If you could re-live only one moment in your life (so far) at any time that you wished, what would that moment be?
#7- If you were given an all-expenses paid trip to anywhere you want, where would you go? 
#8- Describe yourself using only four words: 
#9- Have you ever had an experience where you honestly believed that your dreams had come true? 
#10- What would be your one and only super power?
#11- List any and all nicknames that you were given growing up and which one is your favorite still?


Check this out!

I received a notice today that I was nominated for a Liebster Blog Award.

It was totally unexpected. And I have seen blog awards around but had no idea how in the world one receives them or wins them or whatever.

But here I am with MY FIRST nomination.

First off, thank you to the person who nominated me. The fine author over at:

So I was given ten questions to answer. And I had to answer them all for the first part. And here we go. Get your tissues and put on your big person’s undies:

1. What is the single most amazing thing you have ever tasted in your entire life? I want details people! There is this hamburger join on U.S. Highway 160 inside the city limits of Coldwater, Kansas. Their hamburgers are quite divine. But since I left the state over ten years ago, and my parents are no longer living along that route, I’ve never been back. And I cannot for the life of me remember the name of the place.


2. If there is one moment you could relive in your life, what would it be and why? The night that I manhandled Céline Dion’s ass………… and lived!! It was prior to her American fame exploding with “Beauty and the Beast.” I think that given that if you know who I am, the why is self-explanatory.


3. What is the one thing you have never tried, are beyond scared to, but want to accomplish before they put you in the ground? I’ve wanted to travel to as many European countries as possible. PBS is the devil!! But I jest. I’m afraid though that I will never make it.


4. Worst date you’ve ever been on? The worst date I have ever been on, was a blind date with a woman that drove 3 hours across the state to hang out with me. Our expectations were far different than one another for the night. And only after two drinks, she admitted that the male roommate that she had was in fact her boyfriend. But she wasn’t happy with him at that time. And because I wasn’t getting what I was wanting, coupled with that new piece of information, I insisted she take me home. I didn’t even bother with the formalities at the end, I slammed her car door and went running inside of the house. Only to find out that she had been arrested trying to go back home. She was swerving on the highway due to fatigue and the cop noticed something and searched her car. Her entire trunk was full of drugs. Thankfully I was gone at that point. But all the promises of desire and longing were a bunch of crap. I fell for it. Something changed her mind and I never knew what. Now she’s sitting in a woman’s prison for 25.


5. What do you want to be when you grow up? If you’re already grown up, what did you want to be when you were growing up? I had switched “careers” throughout my childhood and young adulthood. I wanted to be so many different things that it depends on what year of age I was. It changed every year. The last time I thought about it, I wanted to be a Sign Language Interpreter. But that never worked out for me.


6. What is your guilty pleasure? Cottage cheese. Shut up! Next question.


7. If you could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and why?  Nikki Lynn to begin with.  I love her to pieces and would do anything and sacrifice whatever I had for her. Others such as Jodi Ambrose and “Lusty Biter” also have been so extremely awesome and kick ass in my life. I wouldn’t know what I would do without them.  Like the song says, I would walk across the fire for them. Celebrity-wise?? Maybe Céline Dion, Tom Hanks, Deborah Gibson, and a few others. But my focus wouldn’t really be on celebrity type people. It would be more towards the people that have made a HUGE impact to my life in some way personally.


8. What is your passion in life? Music. It always has been. Always will be.


9. If there is one thing you could say to your 13 year old self, what would it be? I will tell the 13 year old self that things are about to get really shitty for a while, but hang on because it won’t last forever.


10. What bores you to tears? Golf, soap operas, and watching people make the same freaking mistakes over and over and over and over again without ever learning to stop doing that.


My personal nominations for this award go to:


Sense So Common

Clantily Scad

Emily’s Blog

FogCity Musings

Life Interrupted


Venus Knows Best


Liz Jasper

A Redhead’s Guide


The ten question that I personally would ask are the following:


  1. What is the most common thing you daydream about?
  2. What is your top 3 short term goals in life (up to the next 10 years)
  3. What would you say is your greatest personal achievement?
  4. If you could have one “super power” what would it be and why?
  5. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
  6. If you are having a Hollywood style party name your top five VIP guests:
  7. If you could plan your last meal, what would you eat and/or drink?
  8. What is your favorite smell?
  9. If blogging was not available, what would you be doing in your spare time instead?
  10. When is your birthday?

For those ten who I have been given a nomination:

Rules! Should you decide to accept the challenge, follow these please:

1. Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog.
2. You must answer the 10 questions given to you by the nominee before you.  (Seen above in bold.)
3. You must nominate 10 of your favorite blogs with fewer than 200 followers and notify them of their nomination.
4. You must come up with 10 questions for your nominees to answer.

Personally I thought this was kind of fun. I don’t know when or if ever I’ll win or not win. But I guess we’ll find out. I am proud of the work here and I continue to keep everything going the way things were.

Until next time!!!!!