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“You can make prostitution illegal, but you can’t make it unpopular.”~ Martin Behrman

Yeah buddy! Just as soon as I thought I have heard most of everything in life, there’s more.

After having a huge laugh about the dumbest things that we “celebrate” on specific days of the year, I came across one that I never knew existed. Good grief!!!

Ohhh yes indeed. The second of June is International Prostitution Day. And what better of a place to celebrate the oldest profession in history than Brazil, where prostitution is 100% legal.

Brazilian ads were actually removed as of recently due to what appears to be an outcry of the moral population. Signs that said “I am happy to be a prostitute” were promptly removed by the government.

And now those who are a part of this business in Brazil, are starting to learn how to speak in English. The wild thing is that these language classes are being offered to them. kjhf7

Why? Two major economical reasons.

In 2014, the World Cup will be hosted in Brazil.

And then in 2016, the Olympics will be there in the country as well.

So major mark up on an industry that is old as dirt. These prostitutes now learning English will definitely attempt to bring home more than just the gold.

I do not know how Brazil has a handle on its nation’s prostitution. I do not know if its like Germany and prostitution there or not. I am sure however that the government does have some kind of involvement.

Just a little scary in a sense as Brazil seems to be giving all the prostitutes even more room to earn more. I mean after all, English lessons for FREE?

I had a hard enough time as it was trying to talk to a woman from Brazil. And she ended up just being simply crazy.

But I cannot help but wonder if she’s working as a prostitute in her home city or not. She said she was a cleaner, or probably a closer translation would be house keeper or maid. But my brain just won’t let it go…. maybe that was code for HOOKER.

Now we know of International Prostitution Day. Finding this to be a legit holiday and something that is celebrated in Brazil opened up the gates again for me to consider having another blog that would deal with sex in the 21st Century. M_Id_344785_Brazil_prostitute

I am quite sure that there are plenty out there already. What is one more, right????

Is it possible that I could add to this world’s knowledge of the subject? Who knows!!!

I have always wondered that.

And I am still in awe and wondering what else is out there as far as these most ridiculous holidays are concerned.

The first Friday in June is Donut Day. So there you have that coming soon.

What is the weirdest, most ridiculous celebration day that you have ever heard of? And what is the wildest celebration that you participated in? Let me know in the comments below.



“Nobody pulls a prank like George Clooney.”~Anna Kendrick

I just saw this video and there’s a ton of thoughts about it.

Its title however is quite deceiving in its own way.

Its supposed to a video about a Brazilian man who gets revenge on a cheating girlfriend. She opens up what she believes is a romantic box of yummy and delicious chocolates.

What she finds instead is a total nightmare.

The video shows the man giving the box to the woman in the back seat. Then he gets out of the vehicle while she’s distracted by this elegant gift of love.

The video shows him seemingly making the vehicle only able to open the doors from the outside from its safety-lock feature.  0

As she finally gets the ribbon off of the box and pulls the lid off, she throws her loving gift into the air, spilling the contents everywhere inside the vehicle.

The box was not of chocolates, but of something so disgusting and terrifying that she scrambles as much as she can to get away from it all.

I will not tell you what was inside of it. You will have to find the video and watch it for yourself.

She screams in terror, calling out somebody’s name. We are to assume she is calling for the name of the same man who had given her the gift in the first place.

She tries in vain to exit the vehicle and screams more and more and more.

This video lasts only about 90 seconds and doesn’t give much explanation. The language is in Portuguese and subtitled as well.

Seeing this on Facebook for the first time, I actually laughed. I only knew what was being presented. That a man was seeking revenge on his CHEATING girlfriend. dani

But as I did the research for this story and wouldn’t you know it, its all fake!

It was a prank that was set up and recorded for “Pânico na TV!” which is a television program in Brazil.

The poor victim’s name is Daniele Bolina. A model/dancer for the show.

The television program has been in a great decline from its viewers in Brazil. The model actually was being picked on because she had married in 2010. And the show’s contract stated that all models/dancers were to remain single. So, in an  act of payback they picked on her.

She is not yelling in terror at the supposed boyfriend, but rather the producer of the show once she figures out that she has fallen a victim of a prank.

The other comments that are being made about it is that her voice sounds like a man when she screams. But I’m not this person’s gynecologist, so I’m leaving that one alone.

I actually had fallen to believe that this was a real prank of vengeance. And I did not feel any sympathy towards the cheating woman. Knowing the pain and sorrow of being cheated on, I was almost to the point of applauding the video although I am not 100% sure if I would do something like that to get back at someone who cheated on me.

But then my opinion on the matter had changed completely when I realized that this was a prank for a television show. Instead of being supportive of the action, I turned around and was shaking my head that this happened to the model.

I understand that she broke the terms of her contract by getting married. But what I do not understand is why didn’t the producers just terminate the contract and fire her from her job?

I think that since she was a part of this program that she knew something was coming. But she didn’t know exactly what.

This video is wild and crazy.  Some will laugh and others will shake in terror. You tell me what you think!






“Those sweet lips. My, oh my, I could kiss those lips all night long…..”~ Jess C. Scott

In November of 2010, I added a woman from Brazil to my Facebook friends. After doing so, I checked out her profile and saw that nothing was in English. Not even in Spanish. I would find out that the language spoken in the country of Brazil, is actually Portuguese.

A language that I don’t speak. But I was told that Portuguese is “like Spanish but spoken with a French accent.” So when I began to talk with this woman, I could see how some of the words and phrases were similar to Spanish and some of it, I could understand on my own. The rest of it, I had to run to any and all translation websites available in order to keep up with her in the conversation.

How quickly the tone of the conversation would change to what one may consider a more mature and adult conversation. At first, I was not sure whether or not I should continue to talk about the subject with her. However, I did think that she and I were adults and that it was possible to discuss such matters AS adults.

Before I knew it, she would ask questions about what I prefer to do in the bedroom behind closed doors. So in thinking that this could be discussed maturely, I did answer any of her questions that she had. But still, since there was a huge language barrier, and we all know that translation websites are NOT 100% accurate… I think this either freaked her out or she didn’t understand what I was trying to say, and she became confused.

And then, POOF!! Gone.

It left me with a bunch of cognitive distortions of what I might have said wrong, or if the translation into Portuguese was way off.

But then a few days later, (or I should say nights) the conversation came up again. This time more intimate. So then I thought that why should I answer these questions and just let her go on with knowing these things about me. I turned the questions around on her and had her answer some of her own seedy inquiries.

POOF!! Gone.

Whiskey.Tango. Foxtrot, over.

Then there would be nothing from her for weeks, months. And so then she would appear again. And of course I continue where we had sort of left off.

Good grief, I get the almighty cockblock from her. Even after several different conversations with her. It was like she wanted to know about my intimate life and asking specific questions and then just as day breaks, she gives off the “I don’t want to talk about that. I cannot talk about that.”

That is pretty stupid to set the tone and then flip it over on someone without notice. I really hate it when people do that to me. I am who I am and I talk the way that I talk, because that IS me. If you start off with a more adult attitude and then want to flee? Then perhaps you should just go away. If you don’t want to talk about mature subject matter, then speak up at the beginning.

I didn’t speak to her for months and months after that. I honestly was not thrilled from her behavior. Any communication just dropped because #1- the translations from English into Portuguese were obviously wrong and causing problems and #2- I got tired of her talking about intimacy and sex in one minute and then the next having to be told “I can’t.”

Never through any of our conversations did she ask about what I like, what my interests are, what I do, and so forth. It was always something intimate and personal.

During that several month hiatus, I finally… finally… finally caught on to something.

'She would ask questions of intimacy and sex. But when I asked her the same- she would disappear.'

Our conversations in Facebook would always take place at night. With her being 2 hours ahead of me in a different time zone, it would be REAL late at night for her. So she’s up in the middle of the night, talking sex. Any other conversation that might have taken place during the day, was short and brief and always would have to put up with “POOF!!! Gone.” a lot sooner.

So the communication has been next to nothing. Up until I posted that “pass/fail” photo of me on Facebook. In which she did click “like”. I knew that she would not understand the phrase of “pass/fail”, so I asked her what she thought about the photo.

I would just receive another exchange of “you’re so handsome and attractive”.

I don’t hear that a lot from women, at all. I simply don’t. So when I DO hear it, I pay attention. But I think that I’ve paid too much with this woman.

And then after that, I posted a photo of a t-shirt that is supposed to be funny.

A friend of mine showed me that this shirt was on eBay, and I shared it on Facebook, thinking that it would get a few laughs out of people. It caused a bit of a stir that would infuriate me, but that story I will save for the next blog post.

Needless to say that this woman from Brazil “liked” that as well. I wondered if she understood the joke. So I asked her.

She said that she did understand it. And I told her to explain it to me so that I knew for sure that she did understand. And quite honestly, she actually DID understand the image on the t-shirt. I explained that it was meant to be funny.

Her response was “It is not funny or a joke. It’s romantic. It is two lovers making love with one another.” And then again, I heard about how charming and attractive I was.

As a joke, I asked her if she wanted to reproduce the image with me in real life. And here we go… my humor gets lost in translation. And she thought that I was being absolutely serious.

And then guess what? Yep. POOF!!! Gone.

I waited a bit to see if she would respond again. When a person begins to slow down their conversation, it could always be something that has taken them away from the conversation by distraction. But after twenty minutes of waiting, I looked at the clock and the only thing I could assume was that she just went to bed.

But when the spotlight is on her and what she is thinking or desiring, she runs like hell!!

So I’ve come up with my own theory:

  • She is very unhappy in her marriage. Her being married was something I knew from the beginning. Which causes a lot of the surprise when she is asking intimate questions and seeking intimate details.
  • She has 3,600 friends on Facebook. Literally! What is she seeking from them all?
  • 90% of all conversations with her, happen very late at night. It is quite possible she is waiting for her husband to go sleep before she says anything.
  • The possibility that she is rather interested in me, regardless.

Not like any of that is going to matter. I live in the United States and she lives in Brazil. I don’t see any circumstances that would ever cause us to cross paths. It is possible- but rather improbable. And I am not going to do any intercontinental traveling just to get laid.

I spun last night’s conversation towards the end. I asked her what she would do if she actually saw me in Brazil. She said that she would hug & kiss me. Now I know that there are some countries in which it is customary to kiss. So with her past history of being the way she is, I asked “on the face or on the lips?”. And that most likely got lost in the translation that I had. I was going to actually ask her if the greeting of a kiss was customary in Brazil. But she fled. And I haven’t spoken to her since.

One thing is for sure, if she dares to say “hello”, I’m gonna ask her again and again and again until she answers me. And then I am going to find out if my theory is correct and if she is actually just unhappy in her marriage. If so, this would explain a lot for me. Not like it would change anything though. But I’m going to find out!! If this causes her to run away, permanently.. then so be it. I really don’t need to be socializing with ANY person like that.