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Robert Lowe (vocalist for Candlemass, Solitude Aeturnus)

“Somehow, magically, I’ve become an electronic musician, and I have a recording studio that looks like the bridge of the Enterprise.”~ Moby

Wow. It’s been a few weeks since the great big explosion of excitement, fun, terror, and moistitude over the course of one weekend happening in Houston, Texas.

Allow me to follow up from a blog post that was written on the 5th of May.

Dr. Froth has continued on his journey on his new concept album, “Gathered In Darkness” and I found myself swimming in great fortune that I am a part of it.

The chanting, the singing, the music, the voice over work in the recording studio… it all made for an excellent time. I found myself realizing how much fun it can be to go into the recording studio and doing what people do as far as voice over artists as well as vocalists and musicians.

For those of you who enjoy this kind of music, you’ll be happy and pleased with the above article.

For those of you who do not know what I am talking about. Basically, I spent a weekend to lend the talent of my voice upon this album. Dr. Froth PERSONALLY invited me to join him to work on this adventure. Talk about honor and flattery.

Dr. Froth would go on to say that he couldn’t imagine any of this happening without the help and assistance of all of his friends. lowe2

Signed, sealed, delivered…. and I have now recorded inside of a live recording studio. Dr. Froth intentionally saving a few voice over parts for me to choose from, so that I can tell everyone “That’s me!” when I am speaking on the album.

Working though with Dr. Froth AND Robert Lowe from such fame as Solitude Aeturnus, and Candlemass only to find out that Robert Lowe won Swedish awards back a few years ago that are the equivalent to a Grammy.

Along with others such as James Rivera from Helstar, and many others locally such as Chuck Williams, Marc Petillon just to name a few made for a kick ass experience. Busting balls with Scott Fisher was pretty fun as well, he’s the guitarist for Winter’s End. lowmicke


The fact that I am on a record along with James Rivera, Chuck Williams, and Robert Lowe is definitely a mind blow for me. There are no words that describe my excitement having that knowledge.

There are many, many other names on this album. Members from The Scourge, Fluid Frequency, SIX MINUTE CENTURY, WELL OF SOULS, and many others…. I just cannot believe my luck on this.

It is probably the coolest thing that I have ever done in my entire life since the two commercials I made when I was under the age of 10 in the state of Arkansas.

Updates are regularly posted by Dr. Froth as he continues on his sweet melodic adventure, and the weekend that I spent both recording and hanging out with the House of Froth was a great time. Adding an extra day was the best idea that I came up with.

The latest update, I found myself included. See if YOU can find me. “WHERE’S DAMBREAKER?”

Let’s see who can do it, and who cannot!! I may even throw in a prize for those who can. Of course anyone who was there is excluded or anyone that I have already told would obviously be excluded.

But sure– let’s do it. Who can find me????? lowe3

Since then, I have been stuck listening to the sounds of Solitude Aeturnus.

I’m becoming obsessed with this one:

With “Gathered In Darkness” though, I was thrilled and amazed when I got to hear the whole story. YOU will have to buy the album when it comes out. That’s all I will say about that. And I’m pretty sure about this, but I was the only person that went into that recording studio, did what I had to do in there, and walked out… only to be met by applause by the crowds of people who were in the booth.

How about THAT?!??

The value of my autograph just went up.