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“…. And just before I lay me down to never wake
I look up and I see you
So with everything I am
Thank you…. ” ~ ‘Thank You‘ by Céline Dion (written by S. Smith)

So many of  my friends and colleagues got together for a little video collaboration in celebration of Céline Dion, their idol’s birthday, which was the 30th of March.

People who collaborated in the video also wish her husband well since he’s dealing with cancer yet again and the news came out around the time everyone was making their part of the video.

It was very thoughtful and I am sure very sincere for many of the people who participated in the activity.

I guess it goes to show that there are some truly devoted fans of certain music idols.

There’s nothing wrong with this video. And there’s nothing wrong with what the people said and done on the video as it was basically get well wishes either in spoken word or on hand made signs. And of course wishing Dion a happy birthday. I mean I know a few of the people on the video. So good for them for doing that. People who are fans from one side of the world to the other and back getting together as a collective group.

But there’s a really BAD problem with the song choice. A deep dark desperate problem with the song “Thank You.”

And that is the lines in the song right before the chorus:

And just before I lay me down to never wake
I look up and I see you
So with everything I am
Thank you

Umm… huh? Really? Nobody caught on to this while making the video. Nobody caught on to this when this album was released. Nobody caught on that the lyrics are talking about DEATH………… and possibly a suicide.

Shaffer Smith wrote the song. I’d love to know what Shaffer Smith was thinking.

“Just before I lay me down TO NEVER WAKE I look up and I see you”

She is never going to open her eyes again… she is going to die! And these poor unsuspecting die-hard fans are saying “Thank You” to Dion while using the song “Thank You” to say thank you.

Really bad juju, people. Probably unintended bad juju. But bad juju is bad juju. ridic-celine-dion-main

But take a look at the video. Its more than just that. There are a lot of kind hearted people with very very sincere messages that they wanted to get out to their idol by way of collaborating on this video. Its just the wrong song that they used. If they left all of the video content the same and chose a different song, it would be just as excellent.


Great message. Horrible song choice.

Still proud of my friends and colleagues though.



“Global Warming: It is a hoax. It is bad science. It is high-jacking public policy. It is the greatest scam in history.”~ John Coleman

Here we go again.

Most recently, the hoax has come up on Facebook that Céline Dion is dead. Or was killed in some kind of automobile accident or something like that.

I find this hoax to be particularly funny.

She was just on American television today. She’s NOT dead!!!

And if you know someone who has posted on their profile that she is dead? Then their profile has been compromised.

It promises a gruesome and gory video of the so-called accident and swears up and down that only people who are 18 years old and up should click on the link. But when you do….. there’s nothing. Instead, what you have done is allowed this “bug” or whatever to access your personal information without you knowing about it.

So a couple of things:

1- You’re an idiot to think that.

2- If someone tells you that its on your profile, you’ve been compromised. Take the necessary steps to recover your personal information.

3- Don’t be shy to WARN others that YOU can see the post because most likely, if someone’s profile is compromised, then that person doesn’t have any idea that its there….. unless you say something.



“We are a very, very unusual species.”~Richard Dawkins

I’m tired. I am literally just flat out tired.

Just when I thought I was back on top by sleeping in and taking naps from the ruckus weekend before in Houston, I’m exhausted again. Wiped out and no longer feeling any desire to take anybody’s drama or crap.

Human beings weren’t made to take in everyone’s bullshit and then process it normally. In fact, I am still a believer to this day that there is NO such thing as normal.

Nobody dares to come to me and define it either.

Allow me of course…. to demonstrate. Please forgive that the image is as small as it is. Its a screen cap from YouTube.violation


In the ever changing world of the world wide webs… Europe got put back on the map. And not in a good way either.

This group of music fans got their YouTube account blitzed by YouTube officially because of too many complains of violations of copyright infringements to their specific videos. One of which would be including Sony Music Entertainment.

So this group of French music fans (probably around Paris) got their heads together and decided to ambush their favorite music idol. As news may have it, the idol’s new album is due for release on the 5th of November. But someone within their ranks obtained the album in its entirety. And then they were threatening to “leak it” out on to the Internet. But they were not ultimately thinking unanimously on this decision. So they went to their Facebook fan page and asked their 5,000+ “fans” whether or not to leak the album or not. Most of them claiming that by doing this, the action would bring down Sony Music Entertainment to their knees and shake them to the core.

What in the world are these French people thinking?!?!?!?

All it caused was panic, anger, and a worldwide split of fans by staggering and voluminous proportions. The split went right down the middle and anyone caught standing there was not spared.

As the drama died down, a few colleagues had stated personally that they were no longer associating themselves with the French elitist fan core group and refused to put up with any more of their mammoth pipe dreams that they are kings and queens of this world, and over the general fan base as a whole.

Believing in that rules do not apply to them, and then have YouTube prove them wrong actually just caused one hell of a ripple in the fanatical community.

Enter the blabbermouth of the night. I will not say exactly who this person is, but I will say that she has a very unusual spelling of the first name “Megan.” Obviously that’s not it, but still its different.

So she cursed and swore and was foul throughout the entire night. The only thing that she was agreeable upon was that this French group of fans was way out of line.

As I progressed, I found myself in some odd sort of chat session with this “Megan” and about five or six other female fans. And I began to wonder how is it that I am always finding myself in this situation as it has happened more than twice before?

Digressing from that question, and moving on towards more shenanigans that just makes you wanna roll your eyes.

Because “Megan” had an unusual spelling of her first name, and it was late in the hour of the night, I attempted to write her name and had a typo.

Yep. Pretty rare for me but it happened. “Megan” LOST HER MIND!!!!!

Again, she became coarse and vulgar and profane. All because of a typo of her name. She appeared to be uncaring of the fact that it was a simple mistake and demanded that I “get it right” and so forth. Even my colleague jumped in and attempted to explain that sometimes typos just happen. But she didn’t care.

So, I decided to fight fire with fire.

This so-called “Megan” would receive a new nickname. This “Megan” would for the rest of the night would be referred to as “Meat Muffin.” And that way, there would be no chance for making the same error ever again because she was so adamant about getting her name right.

Evidently, Meat Muffin didn’t like that. Well guess what? TOO BAD!!!! If you’re going to cry so loudly about a simple typo that was made late at night, you’re going to be the Meat Muffin.

The following evening, I had gone to the local dollar store in hopes of finding some snacks. But I was interfered with by some strange man that I did not know.

All I wanted to do was get inside the dollar store and get back home before the sun went down. However this guy wanted to have a little chat with me.

Apparently  the warning words of my apartment manager had come to fruition based on my horrible encounters with people who thought that I would be the “perfect target” and would be a helpless victim of their desires to commit a crime.

This guy apparently lives in the same neighborhood and had heard the stories of my defending myself. So he started to question me about whether or not it was true. gun

And then things turned ugly.

He had challenged me to attempt to do the same thing in self-defense as I had done to those who were actually trying to commit a crime and rob or assault me.

But when I refused, he became quite belligerent.

The “fight or flight” instinct chose FLIGHT for once instead of fight. And had it not been for his woman to tear him away from my presence, it probably would have ended far worse than the ending of HBO series The Sopranos.

I turned a corner and moved on. I was only about 15-20 feet away from hitting a downward slopping ramp which would have propelled me in speed and got me farther away from the guy as fast as possible. But I did hear a POP or a SNAP. Apparently he attempted to either scare me or actually connect. He failed to do either.

I dashed inside of the dollar store, talked to the employees of what just happened and forewarned them that I was going to be “hanging out” in the store for a while until I either thought that the guy was gone or that it was safe. Needless to say the plan to get home before the sun went down ALMOST didn’t happen.

And they wonder why I don’t usually go outside after dark.

I’m fine though. Unharmed and safe.

I remember what the guy looked like and I warned others of what had happened.

Then FINALLY to add it all up and wrap it in a nice little ball of world CRAP….. the local high school campus which is near my home was on lockdown because a call went into the police department about a suspicious man that entered on to the campus with a gun.

The police department came through and searched the area and found nobody with a gun or any kind of weapon. And nobody was around that was fitting the description given to them in the initial report.

I couldn’t even leave my apartment complex because people all around the neighborhood totally freaked out. But in this particular case… I could not really blame them. Safety SHOULD BE first!!!

All of this before Friday evening. All of this before the official start of the weekend. Geez… I wonder what the hell is next???







“You have to dream before your dreams can come true.”~ Abdul Kalam

This is Laila, from Norway.

Yes…. Norway.

Her story is fantastic. Probably the best story I’ve told so far!

She is one hardcore fan of Céline Dion. I mean, its quite obvious from the photo of her here.

Céline Dion however, has left her grazing pasture to go back to her home land and perform in Montreal this evening, on the 27th of July.

Laila became so excited when she heard the news months ago. She planned her vacation with her husband to go to Canada so she could attend the concert, and maybe … JUST MAYBE …. get her chance to finally meet her personal idol.

I remember her struggling while making the decision to go to Canada. Laila had always dreamed of Céline to come to Norway, or some other European country that was close enough and that Laila would finally get her wish.

Laila says that she has been a fan for the past 25 years. Céline’s career started just over 30 years ago. So she’s been a fan for a VERY VERY LONG TIME. Almost a life time!!!

Soon, Laila could do nothing but count down the days from when she would travel from Norway all the way to Canada. She would wear her t-shirt to promote her campaign to meet her idol. And apparently has had a wonderful time in Montreal.

And then last night……… this happened: 945752_10201531190112180_280101847_n

Did you see it??

Again, look for Laila in her white t-shirt. Particularly around the 1:00 mark.


I didn’t know about it until this morning. It was incredible that I just about cried because I could just imagine how she felt. It had to have been pretty close to the feelings I had when I first got to meet SIX MINUTE CENTURY.

I do not know where this is, I do not know who took the video, all I know is that I could see her in the video, and I nearly screamed.

It was so incredible to hear that she was able to finally see her idol face to face, be in the same room with her idol. And even get her photograph taken with her, and an autograph.969172_10201531215792822_1083226067_n

And I think that I became so happy for her, because I had been hearing for the longest time of OTHER so-called “hardcore fans” saying to me that it would never happen. Just because she was from Norway.

And I thought that was bullshit.

So yes, I’m behind Laila 100% on this. And you know what? Laila never gave up. She fought and fought and fought and kept dreaming. And it paid off for her.

Meanwhile, those same “fans” who said to me personally that it would never happen, are still waiting for it to happen to them.



Laila was smart enough to be vigilant and NEVER surrender, and NEVER give up. I admire Laila for having the courage to do just that….. never give up on her dreams. Even though she was surrounded by people who were telling her no.

We all could learn a lesson from Laila. About holding on to our dreams.

She even wrote about it in her own blog. Although I am sure she was pretty excited and still buzzing with feelings when she composed it.

From reading this, it sounds like she knew better to listen to those who were negative.

Good for her.



“Fanaticism consists of redoubling your effort when you have forgotten your aim.”~ George Santayana

I suppose that it is okay to write about this since giving the latest news of what has been going on has seemingly come to an end. I don’t know if I can confirm the latest news and it would be a shame if it were true, particularly the last parts of it.

I have been reading this blog for a while now about a man, who for safety’s sake, I am going to call him “Josef”.

Josef is a man who lives in Eastern Europe. Serbia or Croatia, I believe. But he has gained a little of a cult following because of his fanaticism and his choices which has led him to his own personal demise. Part of his passion seems to be the draw to his blog and for others to keep in touch with what he has been doing.

Josef is a big fan of Céline Dion and her music. And he is not afraid to tell that to anyone.

Much like any of us who has a certain passion for musicians or artists, Josef’s life seems to be encompassed by it. The only problem for Josef was that he’s never seen a concert in his area. For him to see a live show, he would have to travel to another country. And it was something that he found difficult to do.

But it didn’t stop him from being a fanatic. Instead, his own memorabilia collection has grown. And he’s not been shy about showing that off either.

So up to present day where Céline Dion (again) has a show in Las Vegas for the next few years. Josef wanted to go but knew that it would be terribly expensive. His options of seeing her live were dwindling.

And then Josef’s blog was totally shocking to his readers as he announced that he was planning on selling everything that he owned just so that he would have enough money to fly to the United States of America to see Céline Dion perform in Las Vegas. And that’s exactly what this twenty-something year old European fan did. He sold everything!

With the exception of a few essentials (clothes, etc.) he took everything that he had and sold it for some kind of profit. Although it is up to debate on what he truly kept and what he sold. His goal was to be able to stay in Las Vegas for as long as he could and see as many shows as possible. And a personal goal was that maybe he would get to meet Céline in person.

He sold his vehicles, his furniture, his belongings, and his house. He even quit his job so that he could travel. And as a bonus for cash, he would do smaller jobs, such as yard work for others. His last day of his employment was the day before he was planning on flying over to Las Vegas.

He was quite successful. As he began a large stash of money, he began to plan what he had called his “once in a lifetime opportunity”. The conversion rate actually had worked in his favor to have more in US dollars.

According to his blog, he went to Las Vegas either in June or July. Everything that he wrote about was always “after the fact”. It appeared that he had enough money to stay for close to a month. But Josef did not consider any of the consequences of his actions.

He chronicled each time he went to a show. Sometimes he was in the front row and other times he was not. But he had at least ten different entries on show appearances and reviews alone. Not to mention the posts of what he was doing in Las Vegas when there was no show to attend. He attempted to keep track of what he was spending, but ultimately had failed.

According to his blog, he did not gamble at all. And he was not spending big either. But his opportunity had come and he was totally elated.

He originally was staying at Caesar’s Palace. But for reasons that Josef did not disclose, he was removed and he had to find lodging somewhere else. He was able to find some place that was cheaper. And that allowed him to have more money.

I knew that it would be interesting to see how he adapted to life once he returned to his home country. He would be homeless & jobless. Going back to his blog posts that were written prior to his journey, he mentioned once that his family was not in his corner and begged him not to go through with the plan of selling everything. And from my perspective, it sounded as if his own family went through great lengths to warn him not to do this, to the point where they said that if he did follow through that they would not help him out when he returned home.

But when the money ran out, Josef took everything that he collected during his visit and came home. Or at least to the country from which he lived in.

Josef had to rely on the kindness of his friends or even strangers because he had no place to sleep. Or he would sleep in the parks or the forests. His family and some of his friends who threatened not to help, kept their word. The exception being that this family would from time to time give him something to eat so he didn’t starve to death.

And now there’s this wild story being spread that Josef has found it so difficult to survive without having a place to stay or a trying to find a job. His old job wouldn’t take him back. What is worse is now lately, there is a buzz about Josef having killed himself because he couldn’t handle it.

His blog has been silent for a few weeks now. There’s been nothing. The last submission was basically a cry for help. He was looking for a place to stay and was willing to do some kind of household work in order to stay wherever. He also was asking people locally to help him find a job. But he didn’t sound too positive about it.

Nobody can say for sure what has happened to Josef. I personally just sit and wait to see if there is to be any kind of update or blog post to confirm that he is still alive or if someone would write a post, announcing that his death is not a rumor.

There are several words that come to mind when considering Josef’s story: Insanity. Obsession. Stupid.

People often do things that are inexplicable. Especially when it comes to their fanaticism about something or someone. In this case, I found his story to be way over the top and perhaps unnecessary. But because of his hellbent attitude and his enthusiasm… he did get to do what he wanted in the end. But he did not consider what it would do to him.

A lot of people who either know about or have read about his story often argue that he should have kept everything and just saved his money a little bit at a time until he had enough. But for Josef, he found the quickest and easiest way to get what he wanted. For him to have saved the money instead, would have taken time. He obviously didn’t have the patience for it.

There are fans even within the United States that would love to go to Las Vegas, but cannot afford it. For some, they are able to. It simply is a case of how much desire a fan has in order to make that happen.

But I personally had a feeling that something like this was going to happen to Josef. Reading his blog and watching him descend into chaos was kind of similar to watching a train wreck. It was going to happen, but there was nothing that anybody could do to stop it.

Some fans have argued that he should have waited for the next world tour. And while he waited, he could have saved money to enter into another country to be able to attend the concert. But I get the sense that Josef felt like he was running out of time because there’s been no talk of a world tour. There’s only been talks about Céline Dion staying in Las Vegas for a while with her show.

Personally, I believe that Josef went way out of line. Mainly because he had no plans on what he was going to do with his life once he returned to his home country. He should have either saved his money slowly or drawn the line.

I know that for myself, with the things that I am ultimately passionate about that I am able to fulfill those desires of being there and participating, if things would change where it would become different, then I would draw the line.

As much as I love the music (and the people) of SIX MINUTE CENTURY for example– if I was told that from now on, their live shows would only be played in Paris, then I would draw the line. I would still support them because I do enjoy their music, but I would not do the same thing that Josef had done and sold everything just to go to Paris.

I honestly hope that the stories and rumors that I hear about Josef are false. And I will keep an eye out to see if by chance he surfaces again. Like I said, he always writes in his blog “after the fact”. But if it is true that he did kill himself because he couldn’t handle the fact that he had nothing, and his family refused to help him, then this is definitely a case of fanaticism gone VERY wrong. And hopefully each of us can learn something from his story and evaluate what we are doing as fanatics of the things that thrill us the most and figure out whether it is bringing us joy and enlightenment OR leading us down the path of disaster.




“God, Himself could not sink this ship!”~ Capt. E.J. Smith.

Oh yeah? Well, neither can Hollywood apparently!!!!!!!!!!!!

I must share this web article with you. It just totally blows my mind.

That’s right! The movie by James Cameron, “Titanic” (original release date: 1997) is going to be re-released… in 3-D!!!!! The release date will be in April 2012. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read from a Belgian website that it was possible. But now the New York Post reported about a month ago, that it is fact and not rumor. Its release date comes just days before the actual 100th anniversary of the vessel’s demise.

I’d hate to say it, but “I told you so!”. Some way, some how I just knew that this was going to happen around the centennial anniversary. The thing that shocks me is the fact that it is going to be in 3-D.

The movie by itself is a monstrosity. It made over $1.2 BILLION worldwide. And who knows how much in video & DVD sales, and other merchandise that went along with it when this was all that people were talking about.

It literally turned into a massive cash cow for James Cameron, that we can no longer call him “James Cameron”, but now we must call him “Pimp Daddy J”.

Needless to say that it greatly soared the musical career of Canadian singer, Céline Dion, into diva status. It was a very smart decision on her part to jump in on this project to sing, “My Heart Will Go On”.

And so I have strong and mixed feelings about it all. The film kind of took a toll on me personally when it was in the theaters. It stayed so long that there is not another film that I can think of that has stayed in theaters for showing any longer than this one.

It is a good movie.  But during the long period of time that it was in the theaters, I got so burned out on it. The multi-award winning film is 194 minutes long. And I understand that they wanted the part of the movie where the ship sinks to be almost in time with what happened in real historic time.

I have to admit that I have seen all Hollywood films, with the exception of one, that was centered around the story of the ill-fated ship that ever was released. As time went by, they would prove to be inaccurate. But at that particular point in time, they were believed to be true. Until science proved them all wrong.

And I must note to history buffs: Captain E.J. Smith’s quote about “God not sinking this ship”? It had NOTHING to do with the Titanic! He was talking about another ship, called the Adriatic, which made its maiden voyage in 1907. Five years before Titanic.

But in this version we must also realize, it is a work of fiction as we journey through the short lived tryst of Jack & Rose while on the ship until the bitter end. So it is not going to be 100% accurate either.  

I think that everyone in the world by now has seen this movie. If you haven’t, you either have been living under a rock, reside in a place where the movie is banned, or born a short time after its original release.

I personally cannot say at this time whether or not I plan on watching this movie in 3-D. I’ve seen it so many times when it was in theaters the first time. In all, I have seen it 44 times. The first time by myself, the second time with my best friends about a week later, and then fourty-two times of repeating showings by either dates with women or friends who just thought the movie was so awesome, that it was worth seeing again.

That means I have spent over 142 hours (nearly six full days) of my life sitting in a theater watching the same damned movie over and over and over again. Up until a few years ago I even had each and every ticket stub to prove it. Although I am sure that ziploc bag has been discarded by now.

So yeah, of course I am going to be burned out by this film. I really don’t have anything against it other than my unfortunate will to go through it time and time and time again. To which I should have had some serious misgivings. All I knew back then was that women LOVED the movie. And so I went along with it.

But in talking with people today, they absolutely hate the film that Cameron put out. Mainly because of more “historical inaccuracies”. One person’s opinion was that there was not enough of the story told of Molly Brown. And that they got her character all wrong. To each their own, I suppose.

I’m not really sure if watching this film in 3-D is going to change things much. It is possible, but I do not see how. The ship will sail, and the ship will sink. And more than two and a half hours in between that, there will be a love story.

I am curious to say in the least how much it will make worldwide when it is re-released in 2012. I am doubting the $1.2 billion mark… so how wrong can I possibly be proven?

The production of 3-D films are rare now. Does anyone remember the onslaught of horror films that came out in 3-D?? Quite often, they were the product of a third sequel to that particular movie, and so the third part just had to be in 3-D. I can think of a few. But they stopped making them because it was so expensive.

“Titanic” has already been made. But I guess through 21st Century technology, they are re-creating this monster to adapt to the 3-D process. I don’t know how it is being done, but it is.

I think that this film though really takes the cake on any and all film productiong dealing with this historical event. I believe that this version will always be the comparative, should anyone else try to make another. Whether it be a documentary, or a theatrical release like this one. I highly doubt that this film will ever be knocked out of its throne, so to speak.

But I wonder if this idea of coming out with a 3-D version of this timeless hit is going to be a good idea. I am not saying that I WANT it to fail… I just don’t know how well it is going to do. Time will tell.

Should it be just as successful as it was in 1997, I think that the music industry should also try to find a way to make “My Heart Will Go On” another smash sensation. After all, you can’t have one without the other. Neither can you think of one without thinking about the other. So let’s see record producers mash it up and release some funky, groovy mix to Céline Dion’s #1 hit. Because it is just about as big of a monstrosity as the film.

Okay, so here’s the deal:

There’s a contest on YouTube. Celebrating many things. Probably most importantly, this person’s favorite singer EVER in the world. Céline Dion. I cannot say as I blame her.

But also, she just reached over 100 Subscribers to her YouTube Channel, “LisaFayeChardonnay”. So this contest is her own way of saying “thank you”. And yes, in case you are wondering, I am subscribed as well. For many reasons. This contest however, the rules state that all participants in this contest must be subscribed. Other rules state that the contest video must be posted elswhere. Guess what, “LisaFayeChardonnay”? NO problem here!!

A few things personally: If you are reading this blog entry and you have decided to check out this video. Leave me a comment to this entry. Also if you decided to subscribe to “LisaFayeChardonnay” on YouTube, leave me a comment to this entry. But most importantly- write her a message and tell her “Dambreaker sent me.” She’ll know who you are talking about.

Prizes are including:

Postcards, Shot Glass, and a Magnet.

Why me? Why all of a sudden me?? Have I gone out of my mind by posting about this. NO, I assure you that my mind was gone years ago!

Postcards? I love them! Shot Glass? Collect them! Magnet? Geez, have you seen my refrigerator? The front of it is GONE because its so full of them!

This is why I am imploring of you to take 10 minutes out of your time (Plus however many minutes it took you to read this entry) and simply go check out the YouTube contest video. Hell, even check out the entire channel if that flips your pancake!

And even if you just totally despise Céline Dion- I’ve followed all of the rules that goes along with this contest. Besides, you can’t tell me that this person’s smile is not electric and radiant. I DARE YOU TO!

Thanks for listening, err- reading.