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image-20160324-17851-1yv9q70“If you want to see the sunshine, you have to weather the storm.”~ Frank Lane

I am greatly considering either writing a book, or starting a brand new blog when it comes to the great people and experiences here at the SGC.

Allow me to present to you the events over the past 24 hours.

It is late March. Tis the season. Texas went through a lot of rain overnight and into this morning and early afternoon. However the insanity started to break when our beloved meteorologists were warning that “storms could be severe.”


The corner gas station was completely wiped out of the items.


On this day in 2014. Just saying Texas likes to be stormy on this day.

So it rained and rained. There was thunder. There was lightning. And there was a promising look of local flooding. But it all subsided. In the end, store owners got richer and the area got some much needed rain to help with the drought.

When the sun came up this morning and it was time to get that all important cup of coffee, I suddenly realizing that I had walked into a room full of outspoken and loud obscenities.

F bombs were flying!! “Fuck this and fuck that. Fucking fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” And when you are trying to wake up and having a hard time making sense of the day, being bombarded with profanities isn’t the best way of going at it.

It would have been easier to handle, if there was a point to it. But the guy just couldn’t stop swearing. He was just rambling on about various things. And then he finally stood up and left.

The neighbors have labelled him as “the insane one.” From people who know him however, apparently he is highly intelligent. So there you have it.

The chaos train had started rolling at full speed.

Today was our special Easter dinner event. It was a catered event from a seafood restaurant and only a few select people could attend. There was a sign up sheet that the residents had to sign in order to be able to take part. If you were not the list, you were not offered any food. Easy enough to understand.

There was supposed to an Easter egg hunt, but due to the fact that at 11:30 AM looked like 10:00 PM and the rain was pouring down, that was cancelled.

In an effort to avoid bodies bumping into everything while trying to get in line to get food, they decided to go to the sign up sheet and call people’s name one at a time. Your name was called and you got your food. Once you were handed your food and you walked away, the next person was called.

It was a process that I felt worked out very well.

And the guy who had the potty mouth this morning?

His name was not called. His name was not written on the sign up sheet that the social worker had in her hands. And so, without his name being on the list, he was refused being served food.


Round Two. Screaming and wailing. Minus the profanity for whatever reason.

Our resident who had coordinated the event with staff was trying to talk to him to tell him that she had his name on the list and that he can go ahead and get something to eat. But in his blinding rage, he did not hear her. And so instead of having that saving grace that he was in fact included on the list, he stormed his way out of the building and into the pouring rain with bitterness in his heart. Even though the coordinating resident was trying to get in a word over the shouting. She simply was overpowered.

Apparently what unfortunately had happened was that the resident attempted to e-mail the social worker last night to add him to the list. But the social worker never received the e-mail.

He was gone before the resident could resolve the problem.

Being that I was sitting at the same table as the coordinator, I heard the conversation between her and the social worker when they both realized what the problem was. And there was not anything they could do about it because technology had failed.

I can believe it as I was without Internet for several hours last night. So the e-mail probably was never sent.

Food however WAS set aside to be given to him after the fact. I do not know what happened when they went to deliver it to him at his home.

The other residents began their buzzing. One guy even came up to the coordinator and decided that he was going to put the full blame upon the shoulders of the social worker. He stated that the social worker handled it extremely poorly and it should have never went down the way that it did. And there were others that were just as willing to chastise and point fingers.

I realized at that moment that the craziness of living here would NEVER go away!! I understand that there are over 60 people who call this place home, and that means there’s probably going to be over 60 different opinions.

The fighting and the minutiae will forever be present here at SGC. And that’s why I wonder if I should start writing more and more about the events that go on here because it has to be wildly entertaining for some of you!!!

And finally to bring this tale to an end, the social worker decided that she was going to just hand out plastic Easter eggs to those who were in attendance because there would be no Easter egg hunt.

Inside of each egg were treats. Basically bite size pieces of chocolate and quarters. I stopped in the social worker’s office to say “good morning” to her early last week when she was putting them together.

Each person got several eggs. Most of which contained one piece of candy and one quarter. I believe the intention was to give out enough eggs that there would be enough money to use for the laundry machines. At least to wash your laundry. boot

I sat there at the table and I was making jokes about the social worker looking like the Easter bunny. But it went terribly, terribly wrong!!

It was probably the biggest faux pas I had made in over a year.

Instead of saying “She looks like the Easter bunny handing out treats.” I said, “She looks like the Playboy bunny handing out treats.”

It was met with dead silence until I realized the error and quickly corrected myself for it.

I swear I thought I was next to be crucified for it.

After I survived that scare, the social worker came back around a few minutes later asking for the emptied plastic eggs. They wanted to be able to keep them and use them in years to come.

A majority of the eggs contained Hershey’s Kisses. Not all, but most of them. hershey-easter-kisses-700_0

In a moment of quick thinking, when the social worker came around to collect the eggs from our table I said, “Thank you for the kisses!!”

The social worker busted out laughing so hard that she bent in half. And in the next moment the entire building was laughing as hard as they could.

I probably saved myself from certain social and personal destruction after the “bunny” comment.

I am not sure what “holiday” will be served up next here. If I had to guess, it could be Memorial Day or Independence Day.

And as always…. stay tuned!!!


“Preserving tradition has become a nice hobby, like stamp collecting.”~ Mason Cooley

Does anyone remember the episode of the Bill Cosby show in the mid-1980’s where Bill’s partner calls in sick and cannot play their usual Saturday night game of pinochle against Bill’s father and his father’s friend? Meanwhile, Bill is being visited by his former professor and so they team up together to beat Bill’s father and friend and LITERALLY go through the tradition of the rubbing of heads.

Then finally the father’s friend cries out that it was a stupid tradition? Yeah well, read for yourself on this blog post whether or not you believe this to be an awesome college tradition or a not so cool one. Those of you who cannot stand sports will probably not care for this post and perhaps want to skip it.

Taylor University, a school in the NAIA, has a tradition called “Silent Night” in which the crowd during that particular basketball game at home remains absolutely quiet and still, until the team scores its tenth point.

This year it just so happens to have been recorded on video and plastered all over the Internet. In just under three minutes into the game, it took Taylor University to reach that point. It was 11-0 when the silence was broken and the crowded arena erupted into chaos and cheer.

I am also given to understand that fans arrive at the game wearing (or not wearing) highly unusual costumes which makes them look like a collection of patients who just escaped the state mental hospital.

From the video that I watched, it literally was as quiet as it could get. Even with a sold out crowd. The only thing that you can hear was the high top shoes squeaking across the wooden floor of the gymnasium, and the occasional dribble of the basketball. And up until that point where a 3 point shot was made to make the score 11-0 it was so quiet to the point of being deafening.

But then again once that point had been reached, I am sure that inside it got deafening for a completely different reason.

The crowds acted like they lost their damn minds. Such insanity and chaos erupted quickly that the game actually had to be brought to a halt because fans were out of control.

This is the NAIA, folks. This is NOT your ordinary college basketball team that you may think of, such as Duke, Syracuse, Kentucky, or Kansas. I can almost bet you all the stars in the sky though that if this tradition was being held within the NCAA, there would be a lot issues and problems. And personally speaking, if I was the head official for the game I would be issuing out a technical foul or two.

And its not because I think that the actual tradition is dumb. I think it is unusual at best. You may or may not be able to verbalize the word “neat” if you caught me in a good mood. It is the fact that the crowd gets so rowdy that it literally stops the game. In any other sport or association of sports, there would be some penalizing going on.

Celebrations are great. I’m all for celebrations. But in my own opinion, the delay of the game …. isn’t cool.

My partially-negative outlook comes with a price though.

As I am watching over my niece this afternoon, she is sick and I finally got her to fall asleep for the first time today. And then I was rather idiotic to have watched that video of the crowds erupting after many seconds of silence while she was snoring away. It woke her up. And it took nearly forever to get her to fall back to sleep. And she’s reciting dialogue from “Dora the Explorer” in her sleep.

So yeah, dumb uncle move right there.

And for those of you who are wondering, Taylor University ended up winning the game.

What are the most unusual traditions that you have ever encountered? What are the ones that you most enjoy?