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“No matter how much cats fight, there always seem to be plenty of kittens.”~ Abraham Lincoln
So I’ve held on to this story for a while now, a couple of weeks. I’m not too entirely sure why as I know that some might find the tale rather interesting.
Other times when I have thought about writing it, I was always interrupted. So I locked the door, unplugged the telephone, and have tossed the cell phone into the toilet.
Never in my lifetime to this point did I think that I would actually be an eyewitness to an actual “cat fight”. But it did happen, and within the walls of my own home.
I had a nurse coming by to check on me that day. That still is full swing, although sadly the physical therapy is not.
But I had also set up services with a second home agency. And that second agency was to be responsible for hiring an attendant to help me with those personal needs that I am unable to take care of myself in my home. And not so much the medical side of things which require attention.
Because of the fact that the second agency had nobody to hire right away, they were insisting on sending people to my home to help get a start on things. And boy, did I need that!!
My only problem was that one day…. I was not told that anyone was coming. With the nurse already in place, it set the stage for the entertainment purposes of this blog post.
The nurse from the first agency has actually stood in my home and called the other agency to find out what was going on, building on the desperate “need” that I had to get someone to even come out. Weeks prior she had begun to get frustrated with this second agency that nobody was coming out to help at all.
The surprise visit of this “specialist” coming to help clean and do laundry and what not during the same time of this “go-get-em” nurse was rather explosive.
The nurse began to jump down the throat of this particular volunteer. She said that she had been here about a week before, but they had sent so many people in and out that I couldn’t remember them all.
The nurse got on to her and started talking about how poor this second agency has become. She focused on the fact that the agency and its workers failed at communicating with themselves and their clients. She went deeper to even explain it that nobody within the agency knows how to pick up a telephone to tell the clients which day they will and will not be there. On and on and on.
The woman just sat there stunned. Each and every time the nurse would speak she would point the finger directly at this woman. But when the woman would respond, she would look at me and not the accusing nurse.
I would have to say that I fully agreed with what the nurse was saying. I was surprised that the nurse didn’t start yelling and screaming and carrying on. The accused sat there frozen on my couch.
Then one word was uttered by the woman who sat so still: “Bitch.”
Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd in this corner…. DING! DING! DING! DING!!
They both moved at each other at the same time, grabbing and swinging and everything a person could imagine. I had two professionals from two separate agencies at each other’s throat. ALL professionalisms were out the window.
It went on for several minutes before I actually had to somehow get in between them and break it up. Dangerous. I’m not sure how I am surviving today to be honest.
Men: NEVER attempt to break up a cat fight. You’ll get sucked into the whirlwind of it all.
The only reason why this was broken up so “easily” was at this altitude in a wheelchair, when I reached up to grab an arm and pull it away… I had misfired and instead grabbed a breast. Although by now I don’t remember which one. And I don’t want to, to be honest.
Once I got them separated, I told the “specialist” that I honestly had NOTHING for her to do that day and the nurse was SUPPOSED to be there so with those weighing factors, including the fact that she had started the confrontation, she had to leave.
The nurse gathered her things and prepared to do what she had to do and I walked the other one to the front door. I made sure to lock it behind her so there was no threat of her coming back for more. But I never did think to walk the nurse to her car, “just in case”.  Oh well. Lesson learned right there.
So there was no baby oil, chocolate pudding, or even mud. But the cat fight happened anyway. I knew that there would be someone who would just happen to walk by and then they would call the police and then EVERYONE would be in trouble and I did what I could to prevent it.
Never seen a cat fight until then. Hopefully I never will again. Unless I’m kidnapped by my friends and they make me pay a $20 cover charge to get into somewhere. And then… just maybe then…. there will be baby oil, chocolate pudding, or mud.

“Get in there, and clean that pig sty!!”~ my Mother.

Throughout most of this past weekend, I have taken the time to go through my place and clean it. Mainly the important reasons are because I am about to go through our monthly inspections.

Now it is not something that they are going to come in here and do the white glove test by any means. The purpose for the inspections are to make sure that things are working properly. Making sure that light fixtures work, the water runs, toilet flushes, and so on. But they do want to make sure that the unit is kept in general housekeeping standards.

The problem is that the definition of what is good housekeeping standards varies from person to person, whomever is doing the inspection. So it is difficult to know whether or not its “clean enough”. I believe that their concern is that there’s not trash all over the floor and old food left out on the countertops and what not. Things that could eventually lead to bigger and deeper problems in the future.

Usually for me though, I’m always checked off that everything works that needs to work but when it comes to “general housekeeping”, the comment is left: Follow-up.

What the heck does that mean?? They’ve never said, “Okay, you’ve got two weeks to clean this place up.” In fact, my housecleaning status has never come under fire. I’ve always had things cleaned up to the best that I physically can, without any help or assistance.

So I had a pow-wow with my apartment manager one morning. I asked “what is general housekeeping standards”?

It was put across to me in this way:

If you met a girl on the street and you wanted to bring her back to your place for a little hanky-panky, once she walked through the front door–would you be humiliated??

Nice point. Motivation is always key.

I do however get very frustrated when I know that things need to be done around, and its something that I cannot do. I need to either ask for help or not be so hard on myself. Yet I strive to make sure that IF that scenario were to come true, that I would not fall into humiliation.

My mother always motivated myself and my brother to clean our room with the comment: Clean up your room, just in case the President of the United States comes for a visit.

It worked for a while.

Now this new motivation of whether or not a woman would dare to visit here is the new motivation in keeping things just a little bit better and better.

Motivation works in different ways for different people. It will cause a person to become more focused on something that they find is the desired effect in the end. A good example is people who want to stop smoking. They find their reasons why they should and then they search themselves to find the positive effects of them reaching the goal. Better health, more money in their pockets, and so on. But that’s only one example.

I think that humiliation in this form, is just life’s way of saying to you that your motivation is low and needs a lot of work. If a woman DID come in here and she found a pair of scorched underwear on the floor or something, then yes, I’d be totally lost within myself and I would make so very sure that NO underwear would be found on the floor ever again!!

So until I am able to find the help & assistance to help me, I continue to do what I can. And I have come to that point where I can do no more today. I’m sure I’ll find bits and pieces to tidy up from now until the day of inspection. But anything that could cause me to be humiliated is no longer there. So ladies, BRING IT ON!! Besides, I think that my mother would be proud. She would question a few things but then once she realizes it is something that is out of my reach or control, she’d smile and probably be more understanding and possibly get it done for me.

In all things, we all have our slumps. We have those things in which we really don’t wanna do but we know that we must. So finding that motivation is very important. If we cannot find it, or do not look for it, then we’ll end up not doing what we are supposed to and thus suffer the consequences for our own actions because we did not do what we should have in the first place.

What motivates you???