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“Yeeehaww!!!”~ everybody in the state of Texas

Today is Day 80 that the temperature has been either 100°F or higher. Right now, I am seeing that it is 101°F. I do not know how much higher it will go today as the afternoon wears on.

Today however, it is very windy. So that heat is just being blown all around. But I understand that all of this wind is ahead of a cold front.

I actually thought that this has had something to do with what is left of Tropical Storm Lee, which is slamming the Gulf Coast states at the moment. I’m not sure if it has drawn this cold front towards us or not. Nevertheless, the cold front is coming.

This means that our temperatures are going to be about 10 degrees cooler than what they have been. Which is a wonderful relief! Even though we really need the rain desperately!! And that is why I was hoping that these tropical storms that are in the Gulf or heading towards the Gulf would hit landfall near here… so we could get something, anything!!

So I think that we are at least going to enjoy cooler temperatures. There’s no rush into digging in the closet for winter clothing yet, but it should feeling a lot better.

And I really do not know how long this “better weather” will last. Usually in this area, the weather begins to get cooler in September and we leave the triple digit temperatures behind us for the rest of the year. I just cannot say that we have reached that point yet or not. I can at least cross my finges and hope for the best.

As far as rain is concerned, I was told that we will not be receiving any significant rainfall until spring of next year, and that is terrible news. So much plant life and everything is just in danger of dying off. This summer has definitely been brutal. The worst days of summer since 1925, and we blew it out of the sky as the record was 69 days of 100°F or more. Today it is 80… will there be more in 2011??