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This photograph was taken very recently at ComicCon at the San Diego Convention Center  in San Diego, California. It is a mixed bag of hilarious, shocking, humiliating and infuriating. But all of those are just different levels of WRONG. 

Although I must admit that I have never been to any of these kinds of conventions, so I honestly could not say whether or not to expect something like to this happen, that would be “the norm”.

I’m not sure what costume this woman is wearing that would correlate with the convention. Other than the fact that if you dress like that, you’re going to get attention. Both good and bad. And the thing of it is, is that this woman probably knew it before she even arrived at the Convention Center that “all eyes” would be on her.

But let’s continue to explore this photograph and discuss the WRONGNESS of it.

I do not understand is the presence of certain religious organizations at these kinds of events, and why they are so opposed to it. It would seem as if they are misplaced there to the degree that I honestly do not see the point of them being there at all. I do not know what they are so adamant for being there.

What is it that is going on at these conventions where people’s souls are in danger of being lost?

And for this lonely guy who is out there with his picket signs… Dude, you obviously got busted staring this woman down as she passed you by! What would your religious organization say about you eye humping women like that???

What is in your back pocket too? Could it be your pass to get into the convention? IF so, and you’re so against it being there… then why do you have a pass? The only other thing I could think of the item in his pocket being was a pack of cigarettes. And again, what would your organization think about it? Or maybe something as innocent as a wallet. I just happen to think that there’s a good chance its a pass to get into the convention.

The woman obviously has hers, and its quite visible. IF you are against the entire convention, wouldn’t that mean you are against the woman that you are lustfully gazing upon? That kind of defeats the purpose of staring at her if you are against whatever she is attending. You’re chances of hooking up with her are G-O-N-E !!!

I am going to say again.. that I am guessing this woman got eye humped by MANY people. If she didn’t want to be bothered or stared at in such a way, she should have known a little better.

Yet, I would actually believe that this photograph, the woman is posing in it. And it just so happens to be funny because the guy holding the picket sign is also included in the photograph and busted for staring at her. So I think that if you took away the factor of the guy holding the sign making it so funny, that this photograph is still posed.

And its still so wrong on so many levels.

So whoever this woman is: If you’re exhausted from having fun at the convention and are tired of being harassed by so many people, should you decide to find yourself in my area… give me a call.