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triomphe-de-la-volonte-01-gArrogance on the part of the meritorious is even more offensive to us than the arrogance of those without merit: for merit itself is offensive.“~Friedrich Nietzsche

Let me explain before people start freaking out about the image here and I will show you how this relates to this post. This blog post is meant specifically and ONLY for the release of my frustration from earlier.

So before you go rushing off to “report” me, just hear me out and let me take this moment to let loose of my tense frustrations.

If you have kept up with this blog since or near the beginning, you’ll remember one of my neighbors that I affectionately have nicknamed “The Prophet.” I don’t remember exactly what started it. I just know that it STUCK!

The Prophet seems to think that everything is owed to her on a silver and gold plate, with diamonds and pearls. And that there is nobody on the planet that she waits for.  A former police officer of over 30 years, and a really big ego and sense of entitlement. Its horrible. I mean, ever since she moved in she burned down every bridge there was between herself and any human being who lived here.

Today was no different. But I had blocked her from getting into the apartment manager’s office this morning as he JUST walked in the door and she was hot on his heels. Hell, let the man get comfy and in the zone before people start grating at him.

So she walked away, proclaiming that she was next in line. But then proceeded to walk OUT the back door of the community room and office. I spoke my peace to the manager and then left. I went into the community room for more morning coffee and then some time later on, The Prophet came back into the building and she came after me.

After being caught in a corner, she began to whine and complain about someone else who lives here. Someone else who was also in the room. So she began to whisper.

She began to bitch and moan about the woman we affectionately named “The Constable” who is 45 years old but has the literal mind of a nine year old child, or younger. Nothing she can do about it either.

She comes into our community room every morning and makes the coffee. She takes out the trash went the cans get full. She displays food whenever it is being offered to the residents. And she’s always cleaning up the room as much as possible without getting in the way of the job of our maintenance man.

The Prophet however came to me and was snarling about The Constable and how she acts … (and here’s the offensive quote)…… “Like some goddamned Community Room Nazi.”

Wha…………. WOW!!!!

Picking on a mentally disabled woman for wanting to help. For volunteering her days to help make things nicer for everyone day after day after day. And you’re pissed because every time you come into the community room, you are seeing her either handling food or drink or in the kitchen without failure. This is coming from a woman who claims to have so much immune system problems that a speck of sunshine could kill her. Which is a gross exaggeration, but you get the point.

The Prophet is the one that no longer has friends with ANY of our 65+ residents who live here. NONE of them left!!! She is more tolerated over anything else. And without friends, you have nothing better to do but to tear people down. People who cannot defend themselves. People who have NO IDEA what they are doing half of the time due to some disability. 

And you compare this woman to a Nazi?

What in the world is wrong with you?!?!? You aren’t even old enough to remember that time period where they ruled across Europe. You’re probably not even really old enough to live here, by the age standard but have enough physical disability to qualify.

It was the most offensive thing I had ever heard with my very own ears in a very long time. And again, it was local. I could NOT believe it. Absolute shame on this woman!!! Shame be upon The Prophet. Now I’m in the corner of the Constable because she has no idea that it was said, and it shouldn’t have been said about her or anyone for that matter to begin with.




“A compliment is something like a kiss through a veil.”~Victor Hugo

This really happened over on the blog from Author Jodi Ambrose:

I blew up and unleashed hell and couldn’t control myself.

Some say I was channeling the spirits of the might and the foul. I honestly don’t know what was going on. I just know that I was infuriated, and sympathetic to the lovely Jodi’s situation. I grew up with Cracker Jack, and the prize was the whole point of buying the stupid stuff. And now this?????

There was more to the exchange between myself and Jodi, but I put together the most important parts. And then came the comment at the bottom.


And I had failed to see it until today. Yet: message received.

I’ve heard of people spraying drinkable liquids through their nose because they were drinking and laughing at the same time. I never have been told that my brand of commentary would be the cause of it.

That’s just a pretty darn good feeling right there.




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As of lately I have been really pulling my hair out because of spamming comments. Just in the last month I have deleted more comments that have been sent into the queue than any other time.

Spam is the use of electronic messaging systems (including most broadcast media, digital delivery systems) to send unsolicited bulk messages indiscriminately. Clearly there are a lot of these comments that have had some kind of advertising along with them. And it’s getting tedious to deal with.

Right at a point where I could see through the site stats that more and more people were reading different and various posts on this blog, along came with it the spammers who just post their comments to indiscriminate blog posts. And to me, it wouldn’t make sense for their words to be placed where they were. Their words didn’t line up to the content that was available.

A few months ago, I was averaging about 15-20 per day. Now I think that the average has gone up to about 40-50 per day. I think that is really great. But is it all real?


I think that what is most disappointing as well as disturbing is the fact that some of these comments did actually fit. They were words of really high praise. Comments that were so positive and encouraging as well as rewarding- only to realize a few weeks later that they were spamming comments. Because later those same exact words would come in other comments. Same words, same user name, different blog post.

So honestly I have been very confused because some of these comments, I cannot tell whether they are or not genuine. I know that I am not the only one out there that deals with it. We ALL get spam e-mails.

It just takes the wind out of my sails that now I’ve realized it and probably allowed one comment too many and now its everywhere. And what makes it even worse is the fact that the lines are now blurred that I cannot distinguish from a random user who is honestly trying to leave a comment versus someone leaving spam comments.

As it stands, I have somewhere between 80-90 comments in total. Including my own replies to others. And yet it all makes me want to look back and try to figure out whether or not those comments which are still remaining are spam. Some are more obvious than others.

So it is completely annoying. Perhaps there is some kind of setting that I’ve missed to deal with this situation. Something that I am unaware. I’ll look into it.