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bieber fans

“A fanatic is a nut who has something to believe in.”~ Dean Koontz


Here we go again!

One more contest out there on the Internet. This time, dinner with you and 3 of your friends with your pop star idol.


And of course, fans are screaming from all directions of the aisles.

As with many contests and such over the Internet, certain restrictions, guidelines, and rules apply. This time around… the contest is open ONLY for those people who are adults (21 years old or older) in North America (Canada & USA.)

European fans are crying foul. Asian & Australian fans are grumpy as hell.

And then there was this that started the landslide of my own about these fans:

“I can’t enter this contest. I hope a real fan wins.”


“That’s not the way it is when somebody loves somebody.” 

I had to step back and break this down, because I asked what a REAL FAN was… and nobody can give me an answer.


noun: fanatic; plural noun: fanatics

  1. a person filled with excessive and single-minded zeal, esp. for an extreme religious or political cause.
  2. a person with an obsessive interest in and enthusiasm for something, esp. an activity.

Yes, the original word of “fan” comes from FANATIC. I can’t be sure on why it was shortened down to just fan. I have theories, but will not post them here.  Fanatic_Bulletin

So yeah, the comment struck me all wrong because it was an extreme judgement call on that person’s behalf. Not cool. Who are we to judge?

Who are we to say this person or that person isn’t a real fan of something?

Either I am getting bored with the “fellow fan” population or getting tired of the entire scene because I’ve never seen such selfishness inside a group of people that claims to be about love for their idol and for one another. Selfishness is not love.

For sure, it is disappointing.

People need to get a grip.

And I need to calm down.



I have just returned as promised from the resident meeting.  

All in all, the entire situation was not even close to being as bad as I and others had anticipated.

It went well, considering that there was about to be an announcement made that the community room will NOT be opened on weekends. And the fact that there will be NO further discussing of this matter.

I think that there are several factors to attribute to the overall calmness of the matter when it was proposed by management.

#1- I think that those who were honestly and truly being labelled as the agitators of this situation, were not actually present at the meeting.

#2- We had the presence of the police department in the room with the rest of those who attended and members of staff. Of which they were there to discuss other matters.

#3- Once it was mentioned that this matter was closed. Those who were in attendance actually “understood” that.

But the meeting went on. There were some other things that made me roll my eyes, but it had nothing to do with the potential bomb that  could have gone off.

I am thankful that the bomb never went off though. I made a mention to staff that there still may be a little smoke afterwards from those who weren’t there. But of course, the words spoken “We will no longer be discussing this..” will be the norm from now on.

I did notice that the announcement regarding “coffee & donuts” were not included. I wonder why. But we move on to the next day, and take things day by day.