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There’s good news, ladies and gentlemen. Sports fans!!

This afternoon, I was in contact with The Cape Cod Cookie Company.

They were willing to share the fundraising site for my dreams to play sledge hockey in Boston in 2014.

The Cape Cod Cookie Company has graciously offered an incentive. Whomever donates the biggest amount, shall receive a dozen assorted cookies for FREE!!!

I have personally ordered cookies from this company in the past and their cookies are absolutely delicious. And they aren’t the packaged-sized cookies. These baked goods are BIG!

The Cape Cod Cookie Company is from Massachusetts. The owner of the business and I have known each other for many years. I am thankful for their added incentive which came as a surprise.


And then earlier this evening, I received word from the ever beautiful and lovely Jodi Ambrose.

In previous blog posts, you have read about my whacky relationship with the author.

Jodi Ambrose also states that whomever donates the biggest amount, shall receive a set of her Sex & Intimacy books for FREE. Jodi’s offer will go to the TOP TWO donations. Not just the the top donation, but the two most donated amounts.

There’s a $5 donation already sitting there. Can you top that????

I thank Jodi for this wonderful and generous incentive.

The third update is to inform you that a Facebook Community page has been set up for this fundraising drive. It will probably have more exclusive news and updates as the fundraising continues.

I am really excited to share these updates with you and hope that you will give what you can to help my teammate and I to get to the tournament in Boston in 2014. Everything is appreciated.

Spread the news!! FREE cookies and FREE books. Join the Facebook page. How can you possibly go wrong? You can’t!!

Stay tuned for further updates. Thank you as always.

“Hey, Céline Fans!”~ LisaFayeChardonnay

Ohh it has been what, two months since the last time?? Yes indeed, ANOTHER contest.

Question is: Did I work on those ass-kissing abilities well enough since the last contest?!? We’ll have to wait and see!!!!!!!

She is back again with another contest. Her rules are pretty much the same. Contest entries must post the link to her video in which she announces her contest.

But here’s the sweet part: This time, I’ve decided to give out COOKIES!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here’s how to receive the goodies:

If you leave her a message on YouTube that I sent you there~ 1 cookie. If you decide to subscribe to her, and tell her that “Dambreaker sent you”~ 2 cookies. If you decide to subscribe to her YouTube channel and follow her on Twitter~ 3 cookies. If you decide to subscribe to her YouTube channel and follow her on Twitter and then “like” her Facebook fan page~ 4 cookies

Doesn’t this sound exciting???

And by subscribing to her, according to her contest rules this time around, you too can be entered into her contest. If you decide to subscribe to her, then “like” her Facebook fan page, let her know that I sent you to her, AND I win?? You will get the whole damned package of cookies! Wow, what a deal….

You see, everybody is winning! Take that, Charlie Sheen!!!!!!

Therefore this is my contest entry for the contest, LisaFayeChardonnay. You can find her YouTube channel and her Facebook fan page on the links to the left side. Wish me luck!

Thank you.