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Since this is my 400th blog post, let’s talk about something viral that everyone seems to know something about and 100% of them are either laughing or crying for more blood.

Florida teenager, 18 year old Penelope Soto, was being charged in court for illegal possession of Xanax.

Now being that this was her very first rodeo in a criminal court, and probably that she was under the influence of said drug when she arrived in front of a judge, Little Miss I’m-Sure-Its-A-Dye-Job found herself being asked questions about what she owned and what assets she got.

Miss Giggles-In-Court began to actually smile and laugh and then blame the judge for her inappropriate behavior in court before bragging that she had a lot of jewelry that was worth a lot of money.

Since she did own a vehicle and her jewelry counts as assets, bond was posted at $5,000. But something wasn’t sitting right with the judge. She called out “Adios!” to him with a rather snide tone. So he brought her back and then DOUBLED it to $10,000!!

Sassy-In-An-Orange-Jumpsuit stood there in shock and disbelief and the judge gave her back the same attitude and offending behavior as she had given him as he was presiding over her case, telling HER “Adios!” as she just had done to him moments before. It definitely was a taste of her own medicine.

The smart-mouthed teenager then walked away, dropped the F-bomb and gave the judge the finger. But the judge just so happened to be looking at the time she had done that. So again, she was brought before him.

He made her confess that she had sworn at him and disrespected him with her gesture and gave her 30 days in the county jail. Not just for contempt but for CRIMINAL contempt.

A lot of people are expressing their views on the matter. Many of them, if not all that I have seen have stated that she needed more time in the county jail and others have even gone so far as to say that the bratty little girl who kept playing with her hair in front of a judge needs a serious spanking.

Later, Miss Xanax would appear in front of a different judge to answer for her drug charges. And wouldn’t you know it, they went soft on her. My theory is that since she had no priors.

She’s to enter into a drug program and actually finish that program. And if she is successful, then the drug possession charge will disappear!!

But she still must serve that 30 day sentence for Criminal Contempt. But she will receive an opportunity in the morning and apologize to the original judge that sentenced her.

The first judge is the only person that can drop the contempt charge against her, and nobody else. We will all keep our eyes pealed in the morning to see what happens and see if she laughs and smiles again. And we will also see if she just waves hello again or shoots another finger.