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astyu“The best luck of all is the luck you make for yourself.”~ Douglas MacArthur

I am going to have to keep this rather short. This really isn’t the time or  space for an “all out” post with the steamiest of details.

The past weekend, I traveled to Houston, Texas once again. For the first time in well over a year!! Yes, I went to see SIX MINUTE CENTURY.

But this doesn’t have anything to do with the band, the friends, the love, or the fellowship. It has to deal with the hotel that I was staying in the two nights I was there.

When I arrived in town, the memory of the place came back to me. But I still to this day, cannot remember which side are odd numbered rooms and which are evens. The last several times I’ve stayed, were almost always numbered rooms ending in an odd number.

Not this time though.

Room 120. Important to the story.

As I began to settle in for the first day/night of my stay, I roamed around the property of the hotel, bypassing the swimming pool.. Laughing to myself because of what happened with a swimming pool the last time I went near one.As I gazed up, I saw several people hovering around the edge of the pool. One gentleman holding a hand-held video camera. I knew instantly what was happening.

I ignored it at first. But when I was back in my room, a few minutes later I could hear a horrendous roar of moaning, screaming, shouting, and overall noises of explicit ecstasy. Yep, someone nearby was going at it like rabbits.

Wouldn’t you know it, it was all going on in Room 118.

Yes… right next door to me!!!

Finally, it stopped. And the curiosity was killing me. I heard a door open. I dashed for my room door and yes I was able to catch them all coming out. Two girls wearing bathrobes caked and drowned in make-up all over their face. One man with just a towel around his waist and pink slippers. And another man standing there, smoking.

A conversation began.

I think that I spooked them really bad because I told them that I knew who they were in general, and I knew what they were doing there at the hotel. The looks on all of their faces were of absolute terror.

I had taken the upper hand.

I asked what the name of their website was. They scoffed at me, playing as if they did not know what I was talking about. They weren’t very good at lying.

Then I started to play with their minds even more. I told them that if they needed something larger to work with, to stop by. I said nothing more. I gave one last look at the females of the group and went back inside to my own hotel room and kept my business to myself.

45 minutes later, they knocked. Full of inquiry. And bringing offerings of food…. good timing considering that I was hungry and the obvious plans for dinner that were obviously never going to happen in the first place were not happening.

The next day, I ran into them again as I was getting ready for the day to spend with SIX MINUTE CENTURY and most importantly, my best friends. I heard comments coming from them … something about “That was amazing.” and “I can’t hardly walk straight, or at all.”

These are the things of legend. The things of fantasy. The stories that are told only in magazines, books, and novels. But this honestly and truly happened.


“Crazy people don’t sit around wondering if they’re nuts.”~ Jake Gyllenhaal

It is hard when you watch someone that you’ve become to know for so long start to lose their marbles… in the most literal of sense.

Such is the case for the one that I will refer to as Super C.

Super C moved here to this complex around the same time that I did my first time in 2005.

Like many who live(d) here: Quiet, shy, withdrawn, anti-social.

But Super C was actually cared for by a few others and eventually Super C would see the errors of her ways and how life was just slipping away from her by her sitting inside of her dwelling day and night. She was shown the light that her ex-husband was a complete and total douche nozzle and she finally learned how to stand up to him and tell him where to go and the quickest way to do it.

She participated more and more and suddenly found herself with FRIENDS. WOW!! Who would have thought it?!?

However, Super C just like everyone else around here has her own sets of challenges and problems. Medicines and appointments with doctors and things to keep up with in her life.

As of lately the rest of us neighbors are finding that she’s unable to control it all. Either that or she just does not handle it well at all.

How many times has she had to go back somewhere because she left her glasses or wallet or purse or keys or cell phone???

A few years ago she suffered what the doctors called a mini-stroke. But she was back at home within a week. Her best of friends are no longer living. Her attendant has come to end of her rope with Super C. Her children do not visit. Her medicines are often rumored to be scattered everywhere in a pile of atrophying disarray and indecency.

The worst of it is not yet to come. I think that the worst of it has arrived and is living among us within Super C.  It is also safe to say that everyone has made an effort or two or twelve to get her life back on track where its not so much a disaster. As soon as one person fills in with a complete system that is going to be helpful in the end, Super C slips up ONCE and then she’s back where she started. roedhaaret_schmidt_z

I can see the will to help her has left the building. Or property in this case. Its no longer there within anyone.

People are literally afraid to deal with Super C any more. They are afraid that if they get involved too deep that they too will “end up just like her” and as shitty as that is to think or say… it is what it is around here.

Some say that the mini-stroke doomed her. Other people had faith in her that she would recover from her mini-stroke. And even more people seem to think that she might be too far gone because she lost her best friends in the world in the time span of about a year and a half.

It appears as if the simplest of life’s tasks has become monumental for her. As if she was looking at an entire valley of mountains and instantly believing that she will never make it.

Her latest tale is her supposed journey of walking in the pouring rain one morning where she began to tread with a walker 3.7 miles (5.95 km) by herself to return home from an appointment in which she was denied because she had an outstanding balance. And she had gone that far without her wallet.

She’s been called out on it and other alleged activities that she has been telling everyone who would listen to her.

A 70 plus year old woman with a walker isn’t going to walk nearly 4 miles…. in the rain. And then expect us to believe it when she’s not soaking wet, dragging in water with her shoes and her walker and just have a few raindrops on her back. She should have been drenched and dripping. But she was not.

Everyone tends to want to run away from her when they hear her begin a conversation with the words DID I TELL YOU…..??

Plus the fact that you and another person could be holding your own conversation and she’s going to chime in. Just like her friends did before they both died. In this case, it was something she was taught that she never should have been taught. oneofus2

This morning’s episode was all about standing water in the rain water collection barrels. And that just isn’t possible as all of the barrels have screened filters on them. So there’s no standing water anywhere. She was quickly called out and she left the community room rejected and denied.

Calling her out isn’t going to help her state of mind. All it does it automatically say to her that people think she’s lying.

I don’t know though. It is just really really difficult to watch this progression. I am sure there are people out there who know what I am talking about. And probably deal with worse circumstances as they have watched a loved one slip away like this. I do not envy anyone of this.

Barn-Swallow-nest-photo-by-Richard-Van-Vleck“Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings.”~ Salvador Dali

Hang on, because this blog train is on a roll and its not going to stop today until I am finished with all that I have been holding back over the past few weeks. All the while giving you updates of other things and telling of new stories and adventures of life.

I recently wrote a post about the barn swallows that have taken residence near my apartment.

Since then, I’ve been getting a lot of grief about whether or not birds abandon their young after they’ve been handled by humans.

And you know what?? Right now, this debate does not matter. Because ever since the death of the young bird… all hell has broken loose as far as the surviving birds that are still here today and are growing up. Including the adult birds.

What I can tell you now is that ever since the death of the young bird, THEY ARE ALL PISSED OFF!!! The young have finally learned how to fly and so now they are in and out of the nest over and over and over again. They don’t seem to be flying very far from the nest but they come back immediately.

Meanwhile, the larger birds that make barn swallows their food, have been hanging around on the ground a lot more as of lately.

The entire family of barn swallows had for a time abandoned the nest for the option of perching on a grocery cart that has been sitting on my patio area. Adults included. I had to throw a glove last Thursday to get them to all fly away just long enough for me to pass by and get inside. But it was the first time that they would cross directly over head and even make contact with me. This family is really either gone insane or down in the dumps for the loss.

Usually the birds do not attack me. But they have been if they are awake and I am going outside or coming inside. Regular visitors are also having to change tactics and run in zig-zag patterns to get away from the birds that keep flying overhead.

It has turned into a nightmare. Four birds plus two adults and they go after anyone and everyone. Stray cats, people walking down the sidewalk, they have attacked them all. And I don’t know exactly why.

As the summer rolls on and it gets hotter, the birds will eventually leave and breeding season will be over. But for now, I will have to deal with them and they will have to deal with me.

So nice to meet you… I live with psycho birds. Thank you for stopping by. Your life may or may not be in danger here.


“My psychiatrist told me I was crazy and I said I want a second opinion. He said okay, you’re ugly too.”~ Rodney Dangerfield

29 year old Natasha Goldsmith of Exeter, England cannot land a man. She just can’t seem to get a boyfriend.

Because she has over tens of thousands of items from Hello Kitty.

Her tiny one room home is just CLUTTERED with stuff everywhere. And she’s got items in the kitchen and in her closet as well.

Natasha has spent almost (in U.S. dollars) nearly $100,000 lives in her “Kitty Kingdom” and has been collecting for the last 15 years.  download (1)

I watched a video interview with her as she willingly and happily showed off her “Kitty Kingdom” to the media. She kept talking about how many items were given to her. However, I seriously doubt that much merchandise actually HAS been given to her as gifts. At least not as much as she claims.

When a grown adult wears a tiara all the time, and has this much collectibles in their homes…. do they really have the right to be complaining about their single relationship status? What do you think??

Do you have a collection of anything? If so, what do you collect??

I think I have a great idea that I can take internationally but I will have to think it through first. I’ll get back to you on that in a brand new blog post in the future.

ATM-glitch-gets-homeless-man-37000-in-Maine-temporarily“He is richest who is content with the least, for content is the wealth of nature.”~ Socrates

South Portland, Maine… a bank customer comes up to an ATM to withdraw the amount of $140. He swiped his card, punched in his code, and then it all went crazy.

The homeless man ended up with receiving well over $37,000 in cash that he had to put it all inside of a grocery bag.

I know what you are thinking. Neither you or I have ever had that kind of luck. I mean, who wouldn’t want to put their bank card inside of an ATM machine and then suddenly have a stash of cash so large that you can’t fit it all into your pockets.

But the money was actually returned. The other bank customers were not affected by this error. And no charges have been filed against the ATM customer by the bank. A police investigation however is still in progress. autoinsurancemoneyroll150x150

The bank claimed the ATM machine was faulty and a code error distributed that much money at once.

Not every day you hear about these kinds of stories. I for sure thought that this man was going to try to take off with his newly found fortune. But he did not. He returned the unwanted portion. Or at least the parts in which he did not originally decide to withdraw.

I often think that people who are that honest should be rewarded. I’d love to see the bank or some organization throw $1,000 into his bank account for his bravery and honesty. But that’s just me.


“In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.”~Bill Cosby

Today, on the very frozen continent of Antarctica, heavy metal pioneers embarked on a journey never traveled before.

A concert on the icy continent for their fans.

I can hear you now… why is this significant?

Because now Metallica can say that they have performed all seven continents in the entire world. They’ve toured for many years and gone around and around and around the globe, and now they can add Antarctica to the list of places where they have played. I cannot be 100% entirely sure because I do not know, but I am not aware of any other musical act who has pulled off playing in all seven continents. So I would hedge before saying that Metallica was the first. But to MY personal knowledge, they are?Metallica_Teams_With_Coca-Cola_Zero_For_Concert_In_Antarctica

I thought it was a crazy stunt. I thought that it was unnecessary. I also doubted that it could be done. But I was proven soooooooooooo wrong today that I should probably go to bed and lay there in my wrongness.

Here is the only full length video I’ve found via YouTube of the action if you either wanna watch it or don’t believe me:

It is of very, very poor quality. But there’s your proof of sorts. Perhaps better and more videos will be uploaded to YouTube as the days go by.

Congratulations to Metallica! Horns up to you guys!!!


So it wasn’t enough to have the Idiot Award. Nor was it enough to have the Dumbass Award either. Not even the Douchebag Award can suffice. Now we have the WTF Award. Given to those who’s behavior and actions are so out of this world that we’re left asking that very question.

Lesya, 18 years old from Saransk, Russia now has this facial tattoo that was put on by none other than her boyfriend less than 24 hours after meeting face to face for the first time.

They met in an online chat room previously and finally made the big move to meet one another in person. Suddenly the insanity starts to put its own puzzle pieces together.

And this is a result of what happened. She ALLOWED Ruslan Toumaniantz to do this.

Apparently, Ruslan is a rogue tattoo artist. But they are so into each other that they have both said that this was a way to show their devotion and love towards one another.

And as one could expect, they intend on being married soon.

One would only HOPE so after that kind of bodily desecration.

True, getting a tattoo is a form of expression, and is art, blah blah blah blah… don’t even try to argue that with me. I have three tattoos myself but they aren’t visible unless I actually show them to you. face-tattoo-500x373

This is a very extreme action in which I think very little was considered.

For the optimist though, one would believe that they are going to make a great couple. Then upon seeing a photo of them together, it started to make a little more sense to me.

But it is still mind boggling that it happened in the first place.

He couldn’t surprise her with a diamond ring or even tattoo a ring on her finger?? He had to go in and permanently write his own name on her face. Really?

That’s just not going to come off of her face with water and soap. It won’t even come off with a jack hammer. Not that anyone would attempt to remove a tattoo in that manner.

I’ve heard of people being convinced in Las Vegas to get tattoos on their faces to promote and advertise casinos, and they ended up paying them a TON of money to do it. But I never did hear about what happened to those people and whether or not they kept those tattoos. I would think that to go through the painful process of removing such a tattoo would scar the face pretty bad.  boyfriend-face-tattoo

This tattoo however, if it were ever to go through the process of being removed, I think would scar her face up so badly that she wouldn’t be recognized as the woman she once was. And probably she isn’t being recognized as that now with all that ink in her skin.

But she appears to be pretty happy about it.

Nonetheless, the story still brings up the question: