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“I do not stalk my crush. I simply gather information for specific purposes.” – Unknown

Meet my front door as I found it Sunday morning after returning from my trip to Houston over the weekend.

When I walked inside I instinctively called the police on my cell phone and didn’t touch anything until they got here.

Evidence was picked up and gathered and it led to an arrest of a woman who goes by the name of Jane or Janeece if you catch her on a good day.

This is a woman who apparently does not live that far away from me geographically speaking.

She had found out my name based on the amount of comments left on this blog in various posts. She had taken the time to read through most of them (if not all of them) to figure out who I was. She found me on Twitter. She found me on Facebook. And then the scariest thing of all is that she found out where I lived. Or she thought she did, I never confirmed anything.

I did tell her that I don’t invite strangers into my home. So she wanted to meet me in person because I was just the most awesome guy on the planet.

Well yeah of course, but no you are not coming into my home. Neither am I going to agree to meet with you somewhere when you are telling me that you wanting terribly to have my children. stalker-broken-window

You go into the crazy pile and labelled a “stalker.”

What else did you expect?!?!?!?!??????

So she insisted on setting up a date for us to meet in person. She went on and on and on about how great this blog is and how helpful it is for people, if they would only read it.

But the whole having my baby bit was too much.

I told her no. Emphatically no.

She asked why and I told her that I was going to Houston for a few days and I wouldn’t be here even if I wanted to meet her.

BIG MISTAKE on my part.

Nothing was broken. Nothing was stolen. Nothing was out of place. But plenty of evidence left behind to tell me that she was here, short of writing it on the walls.

She was arrested and now there will be charges filed. And there’s one less stalker left on the streets.

I suppose that I should be a lot more freaked out about this than I really am. Right now I am more focused on the fact that I had the courage to stand up to this woman and face her down and have her put in her place, which is jail. And perhaps one day I will be. But for now, there’s now one less crazy woman that I have to deal with for a while.

Never underestimate me. Several people have. And look where it got them…………..

Physically I am fine. So those who are reading this that know me personally: Fear not. I am okay.




“That is messed up. Truly messed up.” ~ Dambreaker

I just read on the Internet about this murder story in Thailand.

A black metal singer was murdered in cold blood by a fan simply because he was not satanic enough.

What in the world is going on here??

You know what people… I’d really hate to burst your bubbles about this but NOT ALL black metal artists are Satanic, or life the same exact lifestyle as they sing in their lyrics.

I will say that granted there are those who do. But what I am saying is not all of them are.

And so the person who committed this disgusting act goes on Facebook by the name of Maleficent Meditation.

Unfortunately for me, I found it. Translated his posts. And even found crime scene photos of his doings on his profile.

Go there to your OWN discretion!! Its very graphic.

He admits to doing the crime. And it sounds like he’s taking pride in it.

Who knows what will happen now. As he was hoping to kill more people for not being Satanic enough.



“Rape, mutilation, abuse, and theft are the natural outcome of a world in which force rules, in which human beings are objects.”~ Chris Hedges

Recently, it has been in the news about how the sled hockey team located in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area had equipment stolen from them.

It becomes more and more surprising for me that there are more people in this world who are so low that they have to engage in criminal activities such as these.

And now all the extra equipment for the Dallas team is gone and they have to rebuild.

I decided personally as a member of a sledge hockey team, as well as being part of the Texas Sled Hockey League, that I would put this out there to everyone in the world to read about. Hopefully with your kindness that is within your heart, you will be able to help DFW Sled Hockey get back to where they used to be.

Send your donations to the address below:

Attn: Sled Hockey Equipment
PO Box 1389
Hurst, TX76053

Certain things that happen, shape us for who we are. We have our joyous moments and we have our depressive times. I believe that whatever comes our way, builds our character and helps to mold us into the person that we become.

We gain strength through our struggles, and share in celebration of our accomplishments.

This post however, deals with personal traumatic experiences. Most of us have gone through them. Many of us who have survived them are able to carry on. But some have difficulty with their previous experiences. In other words, some do well… some do not.

Yesterday evening, I went to the store to pick up some bread and other items. It was not far from my home so I was able to get out and go and come right back. When I was exiting the store, life has we know it was carrying on. Until a man showed up around the corner. He was approaching from the opposite direction. And then a moment later, he brought a pistol and fired it until it was empty. I had enough sense and probably the best of instincts to abort from my wheelchair and kiss the concrete before anything had happened and stayed there until the loud popping had stopped. (I was not injured or hurt. Neither was anyone else.)

The only casuality, was the bread. Instead of hamburger buns, it had turned into thinly sliced bread. Still, I can use it though!

Certain situations like these, are what I believe to cause people to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. Other situations such as assault, rape, and war also are known to cause post-traumatic stress disorder.

What I am finding rather odd, is that my mind is not filled with re-living last night’s events. But my mind is focused more on the assault from last January where it had become a situation of life and death and doing what I had to do in order to protect myself.

There are no feelings of being afraid or scared. Only feelings of just being really pissed off. Frustration, anger, and the continuous attempts of trying to make sense of everything that happened so long ago.

For many people who deal with this kind of thing, it is possible that a little extra help might do them some good. A friend, a caring person, a smile, and a listening ear.

Some survivors actually would benefit from going a step further and seeking therapy to allow themselves to think and feel without judgement and release their fears and feelings about what had happened to them. Thus I believe that it does help with the healing process from their mental anguish.

Therapy is not the devil. Going to therapy also does not automatically imply that you are crazy, or you are the weakest person on the planet. In fact, therapy is a sign of courage and strength, and it shows you have the desire to make things better in your life instead of just allowing the problems to eat you up inside.

I would actually applaud those who actively seek therapy as a tool for mental health. The strength and empowerment one can receive by going to therapy can be limitless. When I hear someone tell me that they are considering or have started to go to therapy, my response is always the same, “GOOD FOR YOU!”.

Personally, I am no stranger to it. How else would I know so much about cognitive distortions??

To say or believe that you are weak, because you need a little extra help, is a lie!! Don’t be influenced by society and peers to control you in what you should do with your life. Find the help and allow yourself the opportunity to live your life by your own choices and not the choices of others because they are ignorant. Even the world’s strongest man has days of weakness.

Find out for yourself whether or not it is right for you. And if you do decide to seek help– GOOD FOR YOU!! Just stick with it. Results are not going to happen overnight. Allow yourself the time your body and mind will need to adjust and heal.

And for those reading who have a personal relationship with me: I am doing okay. I’m angry of course. But also know that I slept very well last night and I’m not sitting on the couch, staring at the ceiling re-living it over and over again. Physically, I’m uninjured. The guy’s aim pretty much SUCKED. Nobody else was hurt. And its rumored he had his ass kicked while in a holding cell after he was hauled to jail. Whether or not that is true does not matter to me. I am alive!!




The Skulls of Andrew (L) and Abby Borden (R) along with the head of the instrument that caused their deaths.

“Lizzie Borden took an axe….”. Okay yeah, we all know the rhyme. Blah, blah, blah.

Today is the anniversary of the brutal murders of Andrew Borden and his wife, Abby. On this day in 1892, their bodies were found in their home in Fall River, Massachusetts.
Of course we all know that Lizzie Borden, Andrew’s daughter, was accused of the crime but she ultimately was acquitted of all charges on the 20th of June in 1893. The trial only lasted fourteen days.
This crime has since gone unsolved. And has become notorious in American folklore. This story is something that has become a very big interest for me. I’ve always wondered about what happened that day and how it came to be that Lizzie was found not guilty of the murder charges.
I lived in Seekonk, Massachusetts for several months and it is only miles away from Fall River. At the time, it was a favorite place of mine to visit because of this story, as well as the attraction of Battleship Cove. But I have been fascinated with the story of Lizzie Borden for as long as I can remember.
The house still stands today. It has been turned into a bed & breakfast. There are daily tours of the house, seven days a week.
I first visited the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast in 2007 when I was there for a wedding. The parents of my ex-girlfriend actually lived in the town of Fall River, and they were more than generous to take me to see the house and take the tour. Unfortunately though the house is really old and not really accessible so I was unable to take the tour at the time. There’s a building on the back of the property which has been turned into a gift shop. And I regularly spent lots of money on memorabilia whenever I would go to visit. I am sure that if I would have been there just a couple of more times, they probably would have gotten to know me on a first name basis. But they could always smell me coming. So they always put out the good stuff to where I could reach.
I would eventually get a chance of a lifetime to spend the night in the house. My ex and I wasn’t able to stay in one of the rooms in which either of the murders had happened, but we were in the house. Definitely strange things happened throughout much of the night. My ex never got any sleep that night. As a matter of fact, she got so spooked that when one of her shoes went flying across the room, she jumped out of bed, put on her jacket and ran like hell out of the house and never went back inside. It was around 2:00 AM.
From that point on, strange things would happen whenever we would come to the house and go straight for the gift shop. The last time that I was there visiting (and blowing a lot of money), I looked up at a window that was in the back of the house and could’ve sworn I had seen a woman looking out of the window and down at the gift shop. When I asked if there was anyone upstairs, I was told that the upper levels of the house were completely empty. All activity that was going on inside of the house was on the ground floor.
I had also noticed that on the counter next to the cash register, was a stack of books. They were of some minor historical importance from the state of Connecticut. I inquired about why in the world they would be selling books from that state, and basically what I was told was that they were free handouts and if I wanted one, I could have one. In fact, the woman offered me the entire stash because nobody was really taking them. And I could see why. Nobody wants to come see the Lizzie Borden house and get a book about a completely different state.
Just at that point in time when we were laughing about it, there was a loud thump on the outside of the gift shop. And the stack of books that was on the countertop, the book that was on the top went flying ….. in a straight line …. across the room and then dropped to the floor. I’d say about four or five feet away.
It would be the last time I would ever visit the property or the gift shop. A few months later, I would move to Pawtucket, Rhode Island and then later dissolve the relationship with my ex and return to where I am today.
You don’t have to believe what I just told you. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if you did not. I have had some wild experiences with things like that during the short period of time that I lived in New England. And not just with Lizzie Borden.
Nonetheless, the story of Lizzie Borden is widely known all over the world.
But the real facts about Lizzie Borden is that she didn’t “give 40 whacks” to her step-mother, nor did she give 41 to her father. The physical evidence from the autopsies that were conducted one full week after the murders concluded that Abby Borden received 18 or 19 blows to the back and side of her head, while Andrew Borden received only 11 blows. However many, it did cause their deaths.
And it wasn’t an axe necessarily, it was more like a hatchet.
After the trial, Lizzie Borden lived out the rest of her life in privacy in a home she named “Maplecroft” on the other side of Fall River. She would die of pneumonia just a short time after having gall bladder surgery at the age of 67. Her sister, Emma, would die eight days later, suffering from Glomerulonephritis.
The entire Borden Family is buried in Oak Grove Cemetary in Fall River. When I visited in 2007, I was taken to visit the gravesites. It is not really easy to find them, but the paved roads that lead into and through the cemetary are actually marked along the way until you reach nearby where the family plot is located. The good people at the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast also give you a map from the house directly to the plot. Even with all that help, it still was not easy to find.
The infamous skulls of Andrew and Abby Borden are located inside the Fall River Historical Society. It was a place that I failed to visit before I left. Unfortunately, they were displayed on an upper level and there is no elevator.
So did Lizzie Borden actually murder her father and step-mother? I seem to think so. But any theory that I can come up with always is poked full of holes.
My ex-girlfriend though had a much detailed theory. It just took a longer time to poke holes in it.
She believed that Lizzie did kill her parents. However, because it was August when it happened- it was hot. The temperature that day would reach over 100°F. And so she claims Lizzie committed these murders either while in the nude or barely wearing any clothing at all, thus no trace of physical evidence was found on her. Of course in today’s world of science, we’d be able to tell whether or not she did with all sorts of testing.
She also claimed that she was not alone. She did agree with the theory that Lizzie had a female lover, and they committed the acts together. Either that or she did it on her own in the nude.
Nobody has been able to solve the case. And the story of it all will fascinate me until they actually can proof without a doubt that either Lizzie did or did not do it. If they find that she did NOT do it, I will be fascinated and interested in seeing if whether or not they can find out who did.
Next year will be the 120th anniversary of the murders. I am sure that then just like today Fall River, Massachusetts will be buzzing with people. I am sure that the Bed & Breakfast will be full of curious overnight guests. And I wonder what the person will be thinking, who will be staying in the bedroom in which Abby Borden was found dead.
Fall River is a really neat place to visit if you are in that area. Oak Grove Cemetary has some really old grave sites, and it receives its fame for holding the Borden family plot. The Bed & Breakfast is always great. Then of course Battleship Cove, but that’s really for all of you military minded people, as well as people with an interest in naval and other war ships.
We’ll see just how much attention the piece of folklore receives come this anniversary, next year.

This is too stupid to have been made up. We have our IDIOT for July!

Last night, I was chatting with my best friend when I heard a horrendous noise like someone was dragging something along the outside walls of my home. When the noise had stopped, I saw that one of the wheelchairs that I have sitting on my patio area was knocked over and the other one was missing.

These two wheelchairs are of no real good use to me, unfortunately. They both have seen their better days and so I had then folded up and put up against the wall so that I can use them as patio furniture.

But one was missing. I looked around and saw a man walking up the sidewalk with my wheelchair at his side. When he saw that I had spotted him, he lifted it up into his embrace and tried to run.

All I could do, was laugh. The wheelchair that he took was in the worst condition of the two that were there. And so he got away. But not before I could see who it was.

This morning around 8:30, I was scared out of my wits when there was a long and loud thrashing upon my door. When I finally opened the door, who did I see?


Like I said, I couldn’t make this junk up if I tried.

He gave me a “hand-written” note, and he smiled.

The note said:

“Your wheelchair is of no good use and does not function properly to the best of its abilities-Therefore I am returning it.”

That is true. The wheelchair will eventually become unreliable soon as it has really been through a lot.

But the situation from this morning gets better. He SIGNED the note.

I reported the incident AND him, and within 20 minutes he was arrested.

What a moron to first steal, then return. But what makes him more of a moron and the winner of this month’s Idiot Award was the fact that he did return it, and he told me about it!!

I asked if whether or not this guy was capable of functioning mentally but the officer said “Probably not.” So he might have been on drugs.

So congratulations “Bernard”. You’re an IDIOT!!

Here we go again, folks.

This is getting to the point where its becoming depressing as well as infuriating. Again I must implore upon the reader: WHY??

I’ve already shared with you a few examples of the disabled being mistreated and abused. Most of them because they were unable to defend themselves. This story here in the state of Alabama is not that much different. The victim here was a 46 year old man who has a mental disability. He had less of a chance to defend himself than any of my previous posts that I have written thus far.

In fact this man, who is affectionately known as “Peanut”, probably had no idea what was happening to him when he was being assaulted. Which makes it such a heartbreaking story.

The man who had done this to Peanut has been arrested and is now in jail. I am sure that the hands of justice are going to be found tightly wrapped around this guy’s neck as he proceeds through his court case for second degree assault. It is my personal hope that these same hands squeeze hard enough to make the rest of the body go soft.

How many times must this happen, to anyone? And particularly those who aren’t able to defend themselves. Its not making any damned sense to me whatsoever. What kind of gain can be found by committing such a crime?

People, we don’t need this. The world is hard enough for anyone with any kind of disability whether its physical, emotional, or mental.

I have a feeling that the man who is now in jail probably did it, then went on to brag about it to all of his buddies. But what he did not realize is that Peanut has friends.

From what I have been reading, Peanut may not understand a lot of what’s going on around him. He may not drive a fancy car or go to a fancy job. But he has friends. It is being said of Peanut that all he really knows how to do, is love. He is kind, caring, and smiles to everyone who passes him by. Which makes it all the more confusing as to why this punk did what he did to Peanut.

So with the fact that Peanut does have  friends, this guy probably bragged to the wrong crowd. The local police department received a flood of phone calls which led them to Peanut’s attacker to make an arrest.

Now there are stories of Peanut’s attacker getting a more harsh and swift brand of street justice on the inside as he awaits trial. And because of the arrest, Peanut will have his justice, his day in court will come and Peanut will be the one that comes out shiny on the other side.

There’s even a support page for Peanut on Facebook now as I understand it. People who don’t even actually know him are coming forward with their support. It is not elected as a private page so anyone can see what is being posted.

But with my own experience, the quadriplegic from Florida in 2008, and now Peanut. I’d really hate to ask “What’s Next?”. It truly is a scary thing to ponder.

And personally, it just makes me sick.

Well, needless to say this blog is now officially open for business. I don’t have balloons and I don’t have any free giveaways. It is what it is.

I received the idea by reading another person’s blog that I have been keeping up with for some time now, and I wondered if he would have been open to the idea of using something that happened to me as a topic for a blog. But I felt it would be better if I had just done my own.

First things first. Question: Why do criminal morons believe it to be okay to prey upon those who are physically disabled? I.. being a person with a physical disability and having the use of a wheelchair have apparently been no exception to this so-called “rule”.

In the past 24 months, I’ve been accosted three times. Not once. Not twice. But three. The first of which I found myself struggling and defending myself from some crackhead who wished to steal my cd player from me as I was getting off of a city bus. Needless to say, I defended myself and found myself in a struggle and the altercation turned physical. To which, I was able to come out on top.

This third one, the last one, I was prepared because I remembered what I had gone through with the first one. Armed with a broken off hockey stick. And yes, I tore into this guy and he paid the ultimate price for his actions.

I did what I had to do, in order to defend myself from this drunk clown because he wanted my wallet.

Whether or not you believe what I had done was the right thing to do or not, my question still remains. Why?

I am just unable to correctly recall how many different times something like this has happened to me. Starting with a homeless person to a crack-addicted punk to someone silly under the influence of alcohol. And not even the good stuff, BEER!!

Each time this has happened, I’ve always resorted into the thought of “I need to move to get away from this.” Which in theory, would seem to be the right thing to do. But crime is everywhere.

But I am fed up. Pissed off. My self-defense mechanisms within me are now on standby. I feel sorry for the next guy who dares to try something stupid like this again.