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“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.”~Charles M. Schulz

So what in the world are these little heart shaped candies that are sold around Valentine’s Day?

Where do they come from?

Here’s your answer:

Oliver R. Chase invented a machine in 1847. This machine was to cut lozenges from wafer candy.

His brother, Daniel, began this heart shaped conversation candies in 1866. Finding a way to print words on to the candy.

In 1901, the candy that was eventually called Sweethearts had its start.

Then in 1990, the Necco Company began to think that they needed to update their candy with different conversations to please the newer generations. These messages would include such phrases as “Call Me” or “Fax Me”. And even today in 2013, I saw one that said “Text Me”….. was totally weird. I am so used to the classic conversations. Although I do not prefer to consume the candy. group-of-sweethearts-590

Necco produces the hearts from late February through mid January of the following year. Approximately 100,000 pounds (45,000 kg) of hearts are made per day, which sells out in about six weeks.

That is a BUTT load of candy!! And it blows the mind to know that it SELLS OUT each and every year.

There was a time where they had changed their formula for making the candy. It would include more vibrant colors, different flavors, and would be a lot more chewy. But the idea fell apart when a few years, sales were starting to rapidly decline. People were not happy with the changes and didn’t like the flavors.  So the company went back to the original formula.

Being that I don’t personally care of the candy, I actually just took photographs of them and posted them onto Facebook profiles of women. Going old school, y’all!!

Some took it too literal. Some didn’t take it seriously enough. It was a disaster. I will not be doing that again for 2014.

I was happy to see that not too many women were gushing on Facebook of what their lovers bought them for the day. It seems like they do that frequently whenever this holiday, Christmas, and their birthdays and/or anniversaries come up.  But for those who did, it wasn’t a big surprise for me. I am just glad that it wasn’t the entire collective!!!!!

Anyone else looking forward to the holiday on the 14th of March instead? I could probably name a dozen or so people. Regardless of whether or not they participated in the Valentine’s Day holiday ritual.

So there you have the story of the popular Valentine’s Day candy. So much cheaper than chocolate and diamonds and roses.

And that is what Valentine’s Day boredom is all about.