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“Anytime you suffer a setback or disappointment, put your head down and plow ahead. “~ Les Brown
My heart bleeds for vampire film lovers across the world.
The re-make of the beloved gothic soap opera made for a film “Dark Shadows” comes out in May. It is by Tim Burton and stars Johnny Depp as “Barnabas Collins”.
When I heard the news about a new “Dark Shadows” film, I was thrilled to death. When I heard that Johnny Depp was taking the lead role, I began to get nervous. And now that I’ve seen trailers for this new film… I weep heavily.
This film is going to take on its own life. I have high doubts that much of anything from the classic television series will be taken into account. And from what I’ve seen so far, it comes across more as a “dark comedy”. 
That bothers me because the original series of “Dark Shadows” was anything but funny. Plus from the trailer that I watched, seems to have a lot of sexual content in it.
It will be what it will be, but that still bothers me that it appears that when they made this film, that they held nothing sacred. I pray that I’m wrong!!!
I can remember the re-birth of “Dark Shadows” as a television series when Ben Cross played as Barnabas Collins. I got into it back, but it was pulled. Looking back now, I can see why. Even though I was disappointed that they took it off the air.
So I really don’t know what to do or say about this film. It looks terrible though.
Vampire film lovers, I wonder what they will think. Although it is safe to say that 102% of the female population and film lovers will go purely for the eye candy that is Johnny Depp.
Such high hopes I had for this film. I’m not sure if I will go see it or not when it opens in theaters. I just know that I am extremely disappointed in what I have seen so far.
But then again, we are talking about Tim Burton here. Say what you will, but Burton will always re-create beloved classics and turn them into epic acid trips.
“Chocolate Factory”, “Alice In Wonderland”, and now… “Dark Shadows”!! (Needless to say, all films re-done by Tim Burton, and all starring Johnny Depp.)
As a fellow lover of vampire films, I can only hope and pray that there is enough folklore and tradition in this film, as well as having the Burton touch to it.
Ladies, boo me all you want. We’ll see!!
Hollywood, as a whole though has right now a terrible reputation for taking older films and trying to re-make them, and failing miserably. Horror films that were extremely popular in the 1980’s were given re-makes and every last one of them flopped like a fish out of water. Hollywood doesn’t know how to come up with any original ideas any more.
Until then, I’ll support the original soap opera series and stick with its stories and legend.