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“Find a place inside where there’s joy, and the joy will burn out the pain.”~ Joseph Campbell DoAnythingYouWant

The other day I was commenting about how in my own personal life that I find it necessary to get out there into this big scary world to socialize with the plan and idea of networking with people.

For those people that I have made a connection with, they all have been wonderful. But one just never knows who is out there searching for the things that I have that I can offer. And thus the networking can begin.

Not to say that this idea is fool proof as I have fallen flat on my face time and time and time again. But I’ve at least had the strength inside to pick back up and from some miracle of mind, find the motivation to start over again… only this time having learned the lessons that had caused me to fail the first time, so that I may avoid those pitfalls.

The response back to my commentary was one of ideal surprise and shock. A positive way of thought that apparently did not seem plausible to them before. But here I am showing my strength and resilience to face the challenges one more time.

Their surprise gave way to my own. How in the world can this person be that blown over at what I feel is necessary to have a fulfilling social life? I do not think or believe that it is anything more than what others have to do. But there are some few exceptions. Those exceptions however are of no consequence to this post. I simply do what I gotta do day & night. And then repeat when I wake the following morning.

But here is the information that my colleague probably had not put inside of their equation which caused their shock and surprise and I’m going to attempt to make it the focus of this post.

We are all free to do what we want in life. The need or desire of life’s fulfillment varies from person to person. But the one factor that does not change is the fact that we are the ones who need to find out what makes us fulfilled. We need to find out what it is in our life that makes us the most happy. Once we find out what that is, we should all bear down on it like a horny vampire trying to suck out the poison from a rattlesnake bite.

We’re not going to find it on a shelf at our local market. We’re not going to receive it from other people. Instead, we can find that happiness that we so much desire by going out on our own and reaching for it. Its not going to be falling into our laps any time soon. And other people do not know exactly what it is that we truly seek and desire. It is through our own will alone that we set off to do or say whatever it is that we say or do in order to achieve that fulfillment. Whether its volunteering in some place or doing something for others without any expectation or simply getting outside of your comfort zone and talking to people.

Don’t let others be responsible for your path to happiness. Others will almost always cut you short of what you want/need.

Be strong. Be positive. And thrive in life through those actions.

Now go out there and be happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!