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Robert Lowe (vocalist for Candlemass, Solitude Aeturnus)

“Somehow, magically, I’ve become an electronic musician, and I have a recording studio that looks like the bridge of the Enterprise.”~ Moby

Wow. It’s been a few weeks since the great big explosion of excitement, fun, terror, and moistitude over the course of one weekend happening in Houston, Texas.

Allow me to follow up from a blog post that was written on the 5th of May.

Dr. Froth has continued on his journey on his new concept album, “Gathered In Darkness” and I found myself swimming in great fortune that I am a part of it.

The chanting, the singing, the music, the voice over work in the recording studio… it all made for an excellent time. I found myself realizing how much fun it can be to go into the recording studio and doing what people do as far as voice over artists as well as vocalists and musicians.

For those of you who enjoy this kind of music, you’ll be happy and pleased with the above article.

For those of you who do not know what I am talking about. Basically, I spent a weekend to lend the talent of my voice upon this album. Dr. Froth PERSONALLY invited me to join him to work on this adventure. Talk about honor and flattery.

Dr. Froth would go on to say that he couldn’t imagine any of this happening without the help and assistance of all of his friends. lowe2

Signed, sealed, delivered…. and I have now recorded inside of a live recording studio. Dr. Froth intentionally saving a few voice over parts for me to choose from, so that I can tell everyone “That’s me!” when I am speaking on the album.

Working though with Dr. Froth AND Robert Lowe from such fame as Solitude Aeturnus, and Candlemass only to find out that Robert Lowe won Swedish awards back a few years ago that are the equivalent to a Grammy.

Along with others such as James Rivera from Helstar, and many others locally such as Chuck Williams, Marc Petillon just to name a few made for a kick ass experience. Busting balls with Scott Fisher was pretty fun as well, he’s the guitarist for Winter’s End. lowmicke


The fact that I am on a record along with James Rivera, Chuck Williams, and Robert Lowe is definitely a mind blow for me. There are no words that describe my excitement having that knowledge.

There are many, many other names on this album. Members from The Scourge, Fluid Frequency, SIX MINUTE CENTURY, WELL OF SOULS, and many others…. I just cannot believe my luck on this.

It is probably the coolest thing that I have ever done in my entire life since the two commercials I made when I was under the age of 10 in the state of Arkansas.

Updates are regularly posted by Dr. Froth as he continues on his sweet melodic adventure, and the weekend that I spent both recording and hanging out with the House of Froth was a great time. Adding an extra day was the best idea that I came up with.

The latest update, I found myself included. See if YOU can find me. “WHERE’S DAMBREAKER?”

Let’s see who can do it, and who cannot!! I may even throw in a prize for those who can. Of course anyone who was there is excluded or anyone that I have already told would obviously be excluded.

But sure– let’s do it. Who can find me????? lowe3

Since then, I have been stuck listening to the sounds of Solitude Aeturnus.

I’m becoming obsessed with this one:

With “Gathered In Darkness” though, I was thrilled and amazed when I got to hear the whole story. YOU will have to buy the album when it comes out. That’s all I will say about that. And I’m pretty sure about this, but I was the only person that went into that recording studio, did what I had to do in there, and walked out… only to be met by applause by the crowds of people who were in the booth.

How about THAT?!??

The value of my autograph just went up.


Well of Souls Promo

“Skim MILF.” ~ Unknown

In seven days there was: 12 hours on the road, five bands, 2 venues, 2 hotels, and countless memories, hugs, and ultimately experiences to last a lifetime.

Two bands, one venue and hotel was already discussed in a previous blog post. But within a week’s time there was another.

It is fruitless to add that I was at the same Motel 6 where I had fallen into the pool last November. This time I was only there long enough to get a few hours of sleep. And being that there was evil thing called Daylight Savings Time, I would be up for  a full 24 hour period. Yippeeee!!

This show was compelling. It called out to me. Not to mention the encouragement of a few people in my ear. I HAD to go, if I found that I was able to. And obviously I was.

I did however get plenty of face time inside the House Of Froth, learning a new video game called Skyrim for much of the afternoon until it was time to go to the venue.

This show had appealed to me on two separate but equal fronts. WELL OF SOULS and BEAUTIFUL DISTURBANCE.

It had been nearly a full year since I had seen either band play live. And with that, I packed my luggage for an overnight stay and got up nice and early and left town.

I hadn’t heard of the other two bands before. I just had received a pep talk about what I could possibly expect from these groups. But both of them surprised me. 1357656333_The-Scourge-profile_pic

Come to find out that there would never be enough counseling in the world to explain what I saw.

THE SCOURGE started things off with a bang from the moment they played their first note. After a very hard hitting musical interlude they played “Fuck With Fire” which was to be their first song.

Honestly, starting a show like that? Hang on to your leather pants, people!!!

These guys went out on stage like they had nothing to lose, everything to gain. And they ended up grabbing my attention to make me a new fan! For the love of anything good and pure… find me the merchandise table for these guys and buy in bulk!

They were put together nicely and I would not mind seeing them again. It turns out that they will be playing at BFE in April for the next show with SIX MINUTE CENTURY. The term “excited” doesn’t do it or them justice. My only hope is that I can make it there at that time. Even though it is part of the plan at this point.

After blasting some really awesome music and ripping apart people’s faces with excellent performances of a few cover songs, I could have just withered onto the floor. My only regret was being so far back that I never took any photographs of them while on stage. OR at all.1348039063_10-18-2011_001

But I had to pace myself. BEAUTIFUL DISTURBANCE was next!

I hadn’t seen this band out of Waco, Texas since going to The Domain last year. And there was about to be some very obvious differences in performance as The Domain was more of an acoustic set compared to Acadia’s plugged in and full throttle event.

Not to mention that I didn’t have a camera then, but I did now!

I wasn’t sure if I should have called it “BEAUTIFUL DISTURBANCE: Plugged In” or something of that nature.

But there’s something more to it than that.

BEAUTIFUL DISTURBANCE has an energy about them when they are on stage. I saw that their music was pulsing through their veins and fire in their soul. Because of it, I moved up to the front of the stage.

Each of the band members greeted me with awesome hugs and smiles when they walked in the door. Even lead singer, Brenda Flores, complimented me on the leather jacket that I was wearing. I thought that was really cool. Find one thing about the person that you like and then start a conversation from there.

I could have never expected the electric atmosphere that BEAUTIFUL DISTURBANCE brings with them on stage!!

There was nothing to compare it to. And there still isn’t. BEAUTIFUL DISTURBANCE is a band that is on top of their A game and they remain standing on the top of that hill. They were lost in their passion for music and it showed. The performance overall was top notch in my opinion.

Brenda Flores did mention me by name after playing “Nearly Forgotten” and I was surprised by it. A dedication came out to me and appreciation was expressed that I had come that long way to get to the show. Although I’m still a bit hazy and confused as to which song was dedicated. Was it “Nearly Forgotten” or the song that they played after it? It remains a mystery. Meanwhile, Mrs. Froth screamed to her hearts content when I was mentioned. I felt all bubbles and goo inside as the goosebumps shot up my spine. I am so loved and that’s no doubt!

By the time BEAUTIFUL DISTURBANCE reached their final song of the night, I noticed that their bass player, Maribel was motioning for me to get even closer to the stage. The last part of the song, both her and Auggie Del Ray came off of the stage and rocked it to the end. Maribel being right in front of me only a few short inches away. I didn’t know if Auggie was going to encapsulate me to the other side or not but he just let it all out to what he had and they finished their set on stage.

Holy Crap!!! More that I did not expect or see coming. Was she gonna climb up on my lap and hammer out the rest of the song while standing on my knees? And would she find it funny if I started throwing dollar bills on the floor? No, I remained still until the end then she hugged me.

BEAUTIFUL DISTURBANCE took the time after their set to talk to the people who were the most animated during their performance. Photographs were taken as a sign of the band’s heartfelt appreciation.

And as they were finishing up loading their gear, the entire band came back inside and ALL of them were total smiles as they came in my direction. They took pictures with me. And I even handed out my own camera to have pictures done. I suspect that most of the fan photographs will be either posted on Facebook or their own website, or both.

As I looked over their merchandise table, the only thing that really didn’t have was a keychain. Ultimately that was simply given to me by the band, and now I am the one full of appreciation. I wanted one of their new t-shirts but they didn’t have my size. I hope to try again and get one in the future.

They all hugged me before leaving. I’m still working on NOT fearing Auggie Del Ray and his muscles galore as he can break me in half. But I still appreciate and love their music. Proud to be a part of The Pride.

After that it got DARK. It got GLOOMY. It was the headliner WELL OF SOULS of doom metal fame.

The time they spent on stage just gripped on to me like a horny vampire and wouldn’t let go until it consumed every ounce of my soul. John Calvin’s stage performance and appearance still creeps me the hell out. But he’s awesome in what he does!

But where does that accent come from when he is singing? Anyone know??

Combined with O.J. Morris and Tim Wayne on guitar and of course Dr. Froth on bass, and Chris Kotlarz as their hired hand on drums, this band also had their shit together and made for a powerful and memorable performance.

To be honest, I wasn’t a doom metal fan at all before I heard them. And I’m slowly starting to warm up to them. But it is clear that WELL OF SOULS welcomes me into their fold with open arms. Both by the band and by their circle of family and friends.

Then there was We, The Enemy.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, over???

Just a few songs played and then they were done. What happened? What was going on?

The urban legend was later told by Dr. Froth that he had stepped outside and that band was pissed off because one of the guitarist kept screwing up and couldn’t efficiently play because he was extremely drunk.

But nobody noticed. Nobody knew what was going on. They could have played the rest of their set with their guitarist screwing up left and right and never had been exposed to it. So many people were confused. A lot speculated that the band was upset because after WELL OF SOULS had played, Acadia cleared out. But they did have a fan or two left. One that was actually in military uniform. But no. It was over. They packed up their gear and split.

Maybe we’ll see them again soon somewhere down the road. But for now it appears that they are sorely butthurt about their guitarist.

After that was the usual out to eat experience. Which was crazy insane in and of itself.

Then crashing at the Motel 6 at 4 AM. Did I mention the stupid time change? There was no time to fall into the pool. There was no time to mess with their stupid television or be annoyed by the fact that they are STILL remodeling.

I was glad that I had Dr. & Mrs. Froth hang out with me during those last few minutes that I was there before getting on the bus and headed home. Its a lot easier to wait when there is someone to talk to. Someone you click with. And it also makes it difficult. But I’m getting better at it.

No crazy women cussing me out, no strangers handing out money as it was last week.

It will be a few weeks before the show by SIX MINUTE CENTURY featuring the birthday of Chuck Williams. Now I am on my knees, praying that it happens. But I have no regrets showing up for this show.



YEAR: 2012


John Calvin-Vocals

John (O.J.) Morris-  Lead & Rythym Guitar

Tim Wayne- Lead & Rythym Guitar

Michael “Dr. Froth” Millsap-Bass Guitar


Doom is here!

Yesterday I received the pre-order of the brand new album from Well Of Souls.

I was really excited about it. I didn’t waste any time to put the CD in and play it.

Although I must say that this is a new genre for me. I don’t recall listening to a lot of what is considered “doom metal”. Or it could be that I just never thought about calling it that.

I was really impressed with their show back in August. I really believed in John Calvin’s stage presence. So convincing and it gripped at me. So listening to the new album, I knew that his pure vocal style would reach out again and twist at the strings of my soul to bend.

There are some really awesome pieces to this album. I think that so far, that I’m really into songs like The Pain’s Not Forgotten, Forsaken, and Sorrow My Name.

I believe that this album actually got me to open my eyes to the wide variety of music that is out in the world. Not everything that I do listen to requires a lot of hair spray, shredded jeans, and screaming vocals. As most people tend to believe.

Well Of Souls has a sound on their new album that convinces me that their shit is together. I got to hang out with these guys and just by the way they talked, I could tell that they were all serious about the band and their music. And I find that to be one of the greatest things that many bands are missing today. To other bands, its just something that they do. They have no passion, and only look forward to the paycheck at the end of the night when they play a live show.

But I cannot get enough of The Pain’s Not Forgotten. Even within the privacy and comforts of my own home, I feel like throwing the horns into the air and swaying the Bic lighter back and forth. And then switch into wanting to jump off of my own furniture. However, I do not need to miss a future show because I broke my neck or something.

Throughout the first time that I listened to the album, I had several people calling me on the telephone, wondering what in the world was going on. I did honestly have the volume up so high that probably parts of northern Mexico could hear it.

Probably the most common question I got from people either knocking on my door or calling me was “Who Died?” and I cannot help but find that funny.

Like I said, its not something that I commonly have a lot of knowledge with. But I am so very glad that I got to see them play live so I could see just what kind of an effect their music has on people, including the effect that they would have on me.

I’m totally impressed!!!

And what makes it a whole lot better is that when I opened the CD case, I found it autographed by the entire band. To which I am humbled and thankful that they did that for me.

I am glad that I was able to expand inside my own mind. The album is officially release date is on the 9th of October.