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So I am not going to say too much about this. Instead I am just going to let you go through the quick video at the bottom and just let you watch for yourself.

Any and ALL social stereotypes are shattered, torn, and thrown out the window and left for the birds to prey upon.

This doesn’t end how you think it’s going to end. And yes it is pretty heated as well as epic.

But you won’t see the epic until the very end of the video so watch it all the way through until the end.

And if anyone finds the transcript to this battle, by all means let me know!!

Rap Battle Gets Nasty


London to Brighton Veteran Car Run

As I strive to find something POSITIVE to end the evening on before retiring for bed. I stumbled across something that was said to me on my birthday.

I originally had intended on posting about this shortly after my birthday, but things got messed up.

Ironically enough this person has a personal image that one would not seem to have the ability to say. Or the desire for that matter!!

I personally think that its those people are the true treasures in life because once they say something so profound and it hits deep, you never really forget them.

Once we find them, what we do with these people is up to us.

But here I was discussing the fact that I don’t honestly have that many years left to live on this planet, due to the disability that I have. And the response that I received? Well… read for yourself:

“Don’t let numbers like that worry you. It is not the years you get but what you do with them. Live each day to the fullest and waste nothing. You have just a good a chance of dying in a bus accident on the way to a gig in Houston as you do from your condition. We are all guaranteed to die, but each of us must choose to live. You always do, and it is one of the qualities that I respect and admire the most in you. Your condition has always been your challenge…never your master.”

Thank you, Dr. Froth.