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“The best way to avoid any disappointments, is not to create any expectations.”

That’s what I came up with today. This is the phrase I have coined. Just that one little sentence can speak so much that is really makes a person stop to think and then they either agree and take time to reflect or they disagree and thumb their nose at me.

Disappointments do happen though. It is just a small part of life. Sometimes things happen that are far beyond our own control.  But I think that the greater asset would be  the knowledge of how we deal with disappointment.

The world changes daily. Not everyone in the world are just like us and so we must really learn to adapt. Things will be awesome one minute, and then turn into rubbish the next. We as human beings actually do have the capabilities within ourselves to pause, absorb & reflect, then change what we must. It is not whether we can, it is whether we really want to.

Sometimes we struggle with change. We find ourselves flat on our faces and lay there wondering what just happened and why? Clearly there was a life lesson to be learned and that is why you have fallen. The only to way to get back up is to learn what that was supposed to teach us. And then yes, adapt.

However, it is my personal feeling that we can better arm ourselves when circumstances of differences become involved. We cannot change people. And we would not want people to try and attempt to change us. I am talking about “expectations”. We should not focus on what we want from other people. Instead, we should focus that anything is possible. And nevermind the whole attitude of forcing someone to change just so that they will see it your way, or that you can have your way.

Do not expect certain things to happen. Because whatever it is you expect (or want) to happen, just might not come true at all. The next thing you know, your feelings are hurt, your emotional state is crushed and then life becomes so much harder to bounce back from.

I cannot expect my neighbors to want to go out on a Friday night, just because “I” want to. To totally rely on that expectation would be foolish. Especially if I offer the idea to them personally, and they just are not interested.

Hope is one thing. Expectation is another. And I am all for having hope. Yet if we allow our minds to play out what we “expect”, and then it does not go how we had imagined it, we’re going to end up with greater disappointment.

It comes into the same subject matter that I posted about before in “Things Arent’ Always What They Seem”.

Sometimes, we actually set ourselves up for disappointment. All because we have already surrendered to the possibility that no matter what, we are going to be disappointed. These are the people that have so much difficulty in life and usually are seriously lacking in personal happiness. I find it to be very sad.

So we really do not need to overload our lives with these constant waves of disappointment when we have the tools to make sure that if we do not expect anything, that we cannot suffer it.

Don’t buy a lottery ticket BELIEVING that it is the jackpot winner. When your numbers are not picked, then all you are left is the terrible feeling of that all you have done was wasted your money on that lousy ticket that did you no good. You’ve allowed yourself no opportunity for great happiness because you just knew that you would win. But now you didn’t, and you’re looking for someone or something else to blame but yourself. If you didn’t believe so hard that you were going to win, and ended up losing anyways, it would not have been such a big deal. But now its a huge deal.

I do not know how many other examples I can come up with to explain this any clearer. But I will not have any expectations of you as the blog reader. That way “I” cannot be disappointed if you are misunderstanding the entire intent of this blog.

So allow your mind to open up a little more. If you have faith and believe that anything is possible, then you know how to roll with the punches from whatever comes flying at you. Whether it was something that you wanted to happen, or something you didn’t want.

Change your habits. Life will become a whole lot easier!