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arian1“If anything, we should feel sorry for the people who want us to feel bad about ourselves, because they are the ones struggling for approval. In middle school, bullies tortured other kids because they thought it would make people like them more.”~ Ariana Grande 

As of lately, I’ve been rather annoyed with the ads that Facebook has decided to include into everyone’s wall that mixes up with the newsfeed of every day shenanigans.

It ranges from celebrities to new cars to even Viagra (or at least generic forms of it that claim to be even more potent than the orginal.)

And then there was this ad, showcasing the new single called “Problem” by singer Ariana Grande:


Ariana Grande – “Problem”

Say what?

Again, the single is called “Problem” and now I have a personal one. Holy smokes!

She may have one less problem without me, but now I have a new one. One REALLY BIG one.

So in an effort to find out who she was and all of that, I looked her up on the Internet. Come to find out that she’s been around on the scene for a while.

Ariana has been on Broadway for a while a few years ago. She’s starred in a few television programs that was picked up by Nickelodeon. And she’s even starring along side Jeannette McCurdy (from iCarly fame) in a television program called “Sam and Cat.”

Her career met big time success when she recorded an album and released a song called “The Way.”

After that, she’s been quite the charmer and quite the crooner. She turns 21 years old this year and a lot of people that I have talked to cannot believe it.

I finally broke down and listened to her song “Problem” and I fell right out of my wheelchair. It just didn’t sound like the voice of a 20 year old. But rather the voice of a very experienced artist that can run with the big girls!! It reminded me of Mariah Carey…. of which Ariana gives credit to looking up to growing up. Wallpaper-HD-Ariana-Grande-2013

So here’s the point of this post and the dilemma that has naturally followed.

Ariana Grande’s character is apparently a redhead. So for the taping of the shows, she has dyed her brown hair red.

And then she’s bleached it out and brought it back to her natural color.

Back and forth and back and forth she has done this for the sake of the Nickelodeon show.

Before she knew it, she found herself in the midst of a very minor crisis from the general snob public’s opinion about her hair.

With all the back and forth between dying it red and then getting it back to the natural color… the damage was great enough that her hair started to fall out. Now there’s hair extensions to cover up the damaged hair and she’s just waiting for it all to grow back.  ariana

So as I am starting to learn more and listen even more than ever, I went to eBay to see what was what over there and find out just what I could buy if she had her albums sold or not.

What I would find would horrify me.

Some eBay seller from right here in the ATX is claiming to be selling Ariana Grande’s hair!!!!!!!!

I do not know if this means that this is the hair that has been professionally cut or its a huge mass of hair that has fallen out due to the hair damage or not.

This is ridiculous!! Not since the great eBay hype of 1999 about the auctions being posted over real human organs has this subject matter come up. And no matter what the truth behind this story is… it is disgusting.

Someone needs to report this. I’m pretty sure that Ariana Grande isn’t endorsing this. And I would think that it would not be her selling it herself for a profit. $5.00 … really? She’s making tons more than that on iTunes with the selling of her single. It went #1 in just 30 minutes of it being released on iTunes.

So it doesn’t make sense that she’s selling her own fallen out hair! ariana_grande_twitter_sad_face_blue_shirt_6cm48LF.sized

The chances of it being legit and real are very low. The only way that we (as the eBay customers) are going to be sure that its Ariana Grande’s hair is through DNA testing and that’s expensive.

So unless someone’s got a lot of cash we can just automatically assume that this is bullshit and someone’s using the name of Ariana Grande in efforts to make some kind of money.


“My breakup with AT&T is final, and I’m done with Skype as the rebound guy.”~ Elayne Boosler

Thanks to the good people over at SourceFed, a YouTube channel full of umm… “news” …. I was made aware of this fine service that is available in the UK.

RENT A REBOUND helps create for you a lifestyle of a rebound boyfriend/girlfriend that will work over your ex’s senses to the point of absolutely jealousy and envy.

And that is the entire point of the service. A FAKE “significant other” or a bot, will be created just to fit your lifestyle on social media websites. And they will even create further fake “friends” for you so it seems as if you are suddenly the hottest commodity on the market. You know, now that you are single. Setting up fake fights over the Internet so that people will start paying more attention to you. And of course to make those exes of yours so insanely jealous that they’ll go crazy trying to figure out what they just left behind.

All of this for £399… about $500 USD.

So what do you think? Is this service worth it?? Is it something you would use?? Check out their website and then let me know in the comment section.


“The tongue like a sharp knife… Kills without drawing blood.”~Buddha

A lot of people have been testing my patience as of late. And sadly for the rest of us, it does a number on my head and it does lead to fallout of some sort.

Most recently with this rumor extravaganza that I endured, until I had the strength and the smarts to investigate the roots of these rumors and find out where they were being bred.

I had to do so, because it had caused me a great deal of pain and I ended up losing quite a bit of sleep over it.

Sadly, I would come to find out that not all of the information was rumors and that a number of pieces of information were actually true. But a majority of what was spoken to me was false. And as I confronted that which was true, I had actually received a personal apology, and the rest was just lies.

And after countless people that had been involved with these rumors that I went to them personally to find out what was going on, I was able to decipher on my own which was real and which was not.

The most common rumor that was being spoken was that there’s a huge circle of people that know me on Facebook, and that they do not like me. But they just “put up” with me. And when specific names were dropped, I went to them and asked. Most of them getting very upset and angry that these words were even spoken and it did not represent how they felt about me at all.

Most of them had a desire to kill the person responsible for those words. And I think that was just a natural reaction to the situation.

All of them were super pissed off. All but one. That one did get defensive but did not show the signs of the outrage that others immediately fell into.

After gaining “the other side of the story” I went back to the original tale tellers and told them that I wanted to speak to them again about the situation that they created. Little did they know that it was a trap. And little did “I KNOW” how things were going to turn out.

They had changed their name on Facebook, but their photos were the same, their information was the same. The only thing different was their name. Almost too easy to relocate them again.

I was able to convince the main person responsible for all of this to actually talk to me over the telephone to discuss the situation and to see what other kinds of information that they might have on colleagues or acquaintances of mine.

Once I got them talking on the telephone, they started to drop names again. The same ones. And more stories and tales about them. But I had stopped them in mid-sentence and warned that I had already spoken to those people and right now…. they were pissed off that these words were spoken about them.

If what they were telling me was so in-depth and true… why would there be such an outrage??

After a few minutes though, I began to listen to their tone and quality of voice. And it didn’t seem all that right to me.

So I asked how old they were.

14 years of age.

That young and already knowing so much dirt about people and creating even more bullshit to compile onto it. Knowing so much already about people, getting others to earn their trust and let them speak personally… only to have it backfire and their words twisted around and their trust shattered, by someone so young.

I finally had the upper hand and had them admit that they had lied to me to begin with. However, they were most adamant about NOT lying about one particular individual and kept up with their stance on them. And it just so happens to be the one person who didn’t show emotions of rage like the others. And I wonder if there is any validity to it at all.

The person that they were talking about kept denying things, saying things were untrue. But they weren’t so upset that they were wanting to kill those responsible for the vicious lies. Defensive for sure, but not wildly emotional.

It just really makes me wonder.

People hide behind their Internet connections every day. And in this case, the teenager thought that they were going to be able to hide behind their keyboard and be safe. I proved them to be wrong. And now their Facebook accounts are disabled, with a promise never to come back. Coming from a teenager, I don’t believe that. What I think though is that they’ll start over and try something new.

I don’t know if this child did it for attention, or just simply to start shit with me and other people, or just started it to get a reaction. I honestly don’t know why it was started. But you better believe that I had finished it, for sure.

I am still the kind of person that will stand up and fight for those I care about. And this was obviously made clear today.

275_Hurt Feelings_Jackie

There I was the other evening, having to contact someone that I hadn’t spoken to in over a year and that was by my own choice.

Nothing that I was overly proud of doing, since knowing that the person I had to contact had thrown me under the bus, then ran me over with a series of army tanks. But I was able to keep my composure until the very end and separate the point of my communication with them from my own deep hurt personal feelings.

When it had seemed that the business side of things was over, I slipped out of my mouth my curiosity if ever I and that person would ever be friends again.

And I remember feeling not all that sincere when I had asked. Still feeling or at least remembering the ragging burn that I experienced from their grand deception.

But they sensed something wrong. I mean after all, I hadn’t spoken to them in well over a year. And then they literally had the balls to ask if I felt that they had done or said something to wrong me.

I don’t feel that you did, I know you did!!!!!

A series of apologies came sprouting from their lips like the Bellagio Fountains of Las Vegas.

The first apology being:

Whatever it is that I did or said, I apologize. 

Umm, excuse me?!?!?????

That right there, is NOT an apology. That is a CYA.

That is “Oh shit. I did something wrong but have no idea what it is but I will apologize just to get this person to shut up.” 

Really people??

Sometimes the apology is just about as fake as the people who give them. The actually took no responsibility for their actions. Probably because they didn’t see any bad or negative actions.

They clearly had no idea to what I was talking about. And that told me that their dumb actions from long ago that I felt were wrong, they didn’t think that they had done anything wrong.

This actually caused the opposite reaction to happen. Instead of calming my doubts, my fears, my insecurities, and my questions… it re-fueled the anger and re-lit the flames that were once dead. Actually dead but then brought back to life.

The next thing that I knew, was them asking if sex would be something that they could do in order to make things better. Uhh. NO!!!!!

It was honestly no surprise to me that they were more than willing to talk about something else and change the topic as fast as possible. I could’ve talked about the most disgusting things on the planet, and they would have been more willing to discuss it than their faults that they had yet to atone for.


I could categorize it as “If you have nothing good to say, say nothing at all.” but I do not think that fits this situation. What I do think is that this pre-emptive apology was quickly delivered so that they could gain something. Probably my forgiveness or probably just me shutting up about it and letting it go. But that didn’t work.

I’ve ceased communications again. And it appears as if there will no longer be any, for the rest of days.

I don’t get how people can think to apologize without knowing what they are doing it for. Or it might be that I do not understand how they think others will or should accept an empty sorry.

Sometimes I feel like these people should forfeit living on this planet. But then again, I am not the one to judge that.

So the next time someone is confronting you with an issue and you don’t know what they are talking about, ask them. More than likely since they gathered the courage already to talk to you about it… they will tell you.

Stop making empty promises of sorry and apologies. Act and be mature. Admit your mistake when you make one. Be sincere with others if you want them to be sincere with you.