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Today is Father’s Day in the USA. 

So HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to all those men who are fathers.

And with that said, here comes a rant!

All throughout the day, I had seen many posts on Facebook, talking about today being for “mothers who do double duty” or “mothers who have to take on the roles of both parents”. This disturbed me greatly.

These kinds of posts were on the verge of being so influential to take away from the genuine meaning and celebration of Father’s Day.

Now, I understand that in today’s society there are a lot of mothers in the world who are single parents. Divorce, separation, and other causes for the father to be absent from a child. Including those who are deadbeats and scum of the earth who don’t even deserve their children. HOWEVER, that doesn’t give any right or meaning to cheapen the holiday set aside for fatherhood.

There is already a holiday set aside for celebrating motherhood. In the USA, that comes in May. And that holiday came to the USA many, many years before there was a Father’s Day, which comes in June.

So the June holiday is not… I repeat, NOT … “Mothers Day II”. This also would include any false notion that Mother’s Day is a more important holiday than Father’s Day. After all, there ARE a few “deadbeat mothers” out there in the world too!

And of those men who are not in their children’s lives, it doesn’t mean that they are any less of a father or parent. Even if they never spend a single second in their child’s lifetime. Even with today’s technology in 2012, it still takes Two to Tango.  So it is my opinion that these kinds of post take AWAY from the importance of celebrating fatherhood, and it rips apart the joy that men who are fathers,  can feel. Those being the men who ARE there for their children 24/7.

As I read from an author friend of mine:  “It’s one 24-hour period. Get over it”.