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“It’s definitely a struggle to prove yourself just as a good human being.”~Tina Yothers 

There simply is nothing that you can do about the idiots of the universe. The one and only thing that we as human beings can do is take care of ourselves.

Earlier, I had posted a comment on Facebook, to which caused the person to send me a nasty message in my personal e-mail. It came in such recording timing that I think it should be added as an Olympic sport in 2016.

The comment was actually a simple, but genuine compliment. But here they were, barreling down my throat about it because they were sick and tired of OTHER people’s behaviors and maliciousness.

Did I deserve it? I don’t think so. But I got it anyways.

This one woman simply had compared my compliment to another person’s compliment and basically did whatever she could to de-value the sincerity.

I was unaware of the similar comment that was made by someone prior to mine. And by the time I had seen it, it was far too late.

The previous comment that had been made by someone else was almost mirrored to what I had said. With the exception of one sentence that they made the impulsive and selfish remark that they wanted to do things to her that just shouldn’t be told in children’s stories. Much less, shouldn’t even exist on the Internet.

Her personal message basically stated that she was sick and tired of being told by ugly men about what they wanted to do with her. And they don’t even know her.

Yes, she is single. Yes, she is physically attractive. Yes, she hears a lot of sexual advances that are uncouth, but from other men.

And as for myself, I am constantly finding myself in an uphill battle with women in regarding relationships with them that always seems to be this tango of trouble. All because of what someone ELSE has said or done.

I could be greatly offended by this woman’s message and I would have every right in the world to just hit REPLY and give her the proverbial bitch-slapping of her life for attacking me for what I would see as “no good reason”. But I have not, and I will not.

Why you may ask?

My comment (which would eventually be deleted among all of the rest of them) was made with pure and good intention. There was nothing about it that implied that I was flirting or hitting on her or making sexual advances. These were done already by people who had commented before me.

Those who know me, know that I believe in the power of compliments without powdering it with bullshit.

And yes, I complain A LOT about how difficult it is to maintain certain relationships with people. Especially when others are acting like the royal douchebags that they are. As they say, “its a tough act to follow”.

The colossal asshat who started this mess, is someone that I prefer to avoid on the Internet. Sometimes I am successful, and other times not so much. I recognize that he has his own agenda and usually that doesn’t nothing to turn women on. I can see that, perhaps he cannot. And well, that’s just too bad.

But honestly, relationships in fact are difficult. And you must think to yourself and question whether or not the relationship is worth being in.

Could I have gone off on this woman? Of course. And no jury in the world would ever convict me for doing so. But instead, I have to remind myself of taking a different approach when I somehow justify the relationship is worth fighting for.


No matter how stupid or ugly or inconsiderate others are being, if you stay true to yourself and stick with it then eventually the fires will go out and you will still be standing. Those who have made fools of themselves will be nothing but smoke and dust.

Prove to the people that you find worth fighting for that you are NOT “all the same”. The same goes for women over their relationships with men. If you have the strength to take all of the shit that is poured upon you, then they soon will see that you are in fact someone genuine and not fake. They will come to realize in their own time that you ARE someone who has been in their corner the entire time, and without an personal selfish agenda. They will realize that you are true to them and they will see that you are someone that they would want to keep in their lives.

Naturally this woman got so pissed off and offended by these other comments that were made. She went off on me personally for no good or apparent reason. But I think that by dusting my shoulders off from her vomited mass, that it will pass and things can carry on as they had.

I really feel sorry for these people that I feel that I have to avoid. I know for a fact that I have in recent times proven to be a valued and trusted person to others. And that all had boiled down to the fact that I had the courage and strength to stand up as well as stand out in a good and positive light.

Good things do come to those who wait! The rewards of being able to handle the blitzkrieg of personal drama and every day life will always be greater in the end.

Now I will go and see if I cannot find what is left of my head.




“Any genuine philosophy leads to action and from action back again to wonder, to the enduring fact of mystery.”~ Henry Miller

Last November, I would fall upon a mystery that still has not been solved. This blog post is the very long and detailed story and the follow-up.

From the time that the sledge hockey team was on the road for the very first time in the program’s history, having that opportunity to go somewhere else and play, we found ourselves in Houston. We played for many hours in just over 27 hours and did all of that and came home.

Being that the second day of playing would lead us to our first visit to Ice Skate USA, inside of a shopping mall.

We had time between games and so the team stayed in the mall and took the time to look around, walk through places, and get something to eat at the food court.

Then it began. The true mystery that has been keeping me in the dark for months now.

A woman caught my eye. She looked at me and smiled so sweetly and waved doing that finger rolling kind of wave. Then as she passed by, she mouthed the words “hi there!” and continued on. It hit me like a ton of brick dust.

Her bright smile, her long wavy red hair, and her constant desire to wave wiggling her finger tips whenever she saw me inside the mall completely had my senses going at the speed of light.

She was working there as a train conductor. A fun ride for the children up to a certain height and/or their parents. And a quick lap or two and back again. And that is why I saw her in all kinds of different places throughout this shopping mall. Each time and without fail, if she saw me… she smiled really big and waved in the same fashion. And it was several times, not just two or three.

Could be that she suddenly was interested? What is going on with that wave? Does she always wave like that to people?  Or was it a case of her just being friendly, polite, and warm?? What the heck was going on???

I sat there with my thoughts, knowing I still had about a half an hour to kill in the mall before leaving to go to my next hockey match. And then I said to myself, “Screw this! I’m going to go talk to her!!”.

I knew that my history of speaking to women was less than admirable and would never be considered to go down into the history books . That and being full of shyness. But in this case I felt that I had absolutely nothing to lose by going over and saying “hello”.

I figured that if it turned out to be a disaster that because of the fact that I was from out of town, that I most likely would never see her again. But I never considered what would happen if I did speak to her and things went over well. I mean after all, every time I saw her, she waved and smiled really big.

I went over to the side of the shopping mall where this train that she was driving would start and stop. A nice mural painted on the wall to give a feeling of a train depot from long ago, complete with boardwalk.

But the train was not there. She was on the move somewhere. But the mall was so big, and I was honestly tired from the hockey, so I didn’t go after her or try to hunt her down.

It would seem like an eternity as I played “Beat the clock before I have to leave”. And after what was even longer of an eternity, finally I heard the dinging of the bell and cry of the whistle and I was right in her path!!

So in order to avoid being ran over by something that was probably going less than 2 MPH, I backed off. But I was actually close enough to her that I could have extended my arm and touched her.

As she rolled by, she saw me again. I caught her in the middle of eating a snack, and she still waved at me in the same manner, even though her snack food was between her fingers and she smiled. Giggling to herself that I caught her with food in her mouth as she grinned as best possible.

I patiently waited for her to stop the train and begin the process of letting parents and children off the ride. And then I was going to make my move and at very least…  say hello.

It would not happen.

The ultimate definition of the “cock block” came into play when a teammate of mine poked me in the arm and started asking questions about what I was doing and when I was leaving the mall to go play our next match and with whom I was going with.

Mindless chatter and absolutely nothing too important for him to be asking about. Just general FYI stuff. But each and every second was counting and unfortunately ticking away.

I had to be a little rude to him by saying that I was about to “go talk to a girl” and I wanted to do it before we had to leave. Eventually he got the point and left me alone. But like I said, this would not happen for me.

When this woman left with another round of parents and children, I waved and she smiled and waved back. But I could no longer afford to wait for her to return.

Waving like an idiot and over-emphasizing it was all I could do. And even though the train was moving as slow as mud, there were too many people in the mall walking around that I couldn’t just roll up along side her and have a conversation as she moved around the building and doing all of it before I had to leave.

I was out of time.

So then, it was time for Operation: Hope That We Get Invited Back Again To Play Sledge Hockey At The Same Rink In The Future So I Could See Her Again.

It would happen, in March of this year. Well, the invitation to play again.

A few players from my team went to Houston to scrimmage, and formulate plans for our upcoming tournament. After it was all said and done, I bolted like lightning over to the “train depot”, only to find nobody working there.

A few minutes later, the train was in action, but it was not the same wavy redhead with the gorgeous smile. She wasn’t there. And our team returned home just as quickly as we had arrived. All in one day.

It would be six full months before I would return to Houston AND see her again, all in the same trip. And that was during the Paralympic Sport Experience that I wrote about in my previous blog.

Same ice rink, same mall…. an opportunity had come. But I didn’t have a lot of time for chit-chat. Again, tired from the hockey, hungry, thirsty, and everything else in between.

But I did it. I went over there and I just started to watch for the perfect moment to say something to her while she loaded and unloaded her passengers. I would soon learn that she had her job down to a near science.

Stop. Unload. Receive money for tickets. Load passengers. Hand out tickets. Go.

The best I did at that point was take a few pictures of her. Unfortunately I understand that from a person’s viewpoint, it does look a bit creepy because in one photograph her back was turned. To be brutally honest, she was looking in my direction and turned around at the last second before the camera took the photograph. My fingers can be so slow when it comes to photography. Or at least my reaction time stinks!!

But the flash went off and she definitely noticed it. She saw me there, camera in my hand and just giggled and smiled and waved yet again.

I wondered why in the world I was sitting there, so I approached her. Her routine was very quick as she moved people on and off. I didn’t think that I was going to get a lot of conversation in. Even though I was aware that yes… this IS her job!! And her loitering could get her fired. I didn’t want to do that.

I really did surprise myself that she was actually beginning to multi-task with me while working. From moment to moment, I would back off so she could deal with her customers. Then I would start talking again.

The end result was that I asked her if I could get another photograph of her, basically asking her permission. She agreed.

Then she went over to one of the children in the lead car and was playful with him. It was a pretty safe bet that this child might have been hers. But I noticed an older gentleman sitting next to him, and then another child.

I asked if that was her family and she said, “That is my son.” Then we took a picture together, capturing that glorious smile of hers.

I could feel the bullets flying overhead, narrowly missing my face as she never mentioned “that’s my husband/boyfriend/whatever”. I believe that if she would have admitted to being married or taken or whatever else have you, that I would have felt all of it to be in vain without thinking clearly at the possibility of the genesis of a new friendship. Even if I was still living far, far away.

I explained that I was in town for the hockey and I would be in and out of Houston for a while. (Both for sledge hockey and for SIX MINUTE CENTURY). And I mentioned that I just might be living there one day.

Then… and I don’t know why… and ONLY then did I introduce myself by first name only. She reciprocated with the same politeness and personal information. I shook her hand and gave her my card.

The nerves finally came to the surface as I began to shudder and fumble my own speech as I encouraged her to either send me an e-mail or find me on Facebook. Her reply was “Okay sure.” Then I watched as she stuffed my personal card down the front of her conductor’s overalls.

I repeated her name to make sure I heard her right and again she reciprocated the action. I’ve read online articles about what that means when women do that…. could it be true???

I bid her farewell. And she said, “Nice to meet you. Welcome to Houston”.

Then I left, sharing the tale of what just transpired to anyone that would frickin’ listen. Later on, I would end up going into the food court and joining my team for a little hanging out time and rest before we went to check into our hotel. 

I kept looking at my camera numerous times at the few photographs that I had taken and suddenly very eager to get back home. Plus I wouldn’t stop talking about the “success” I had and I could not believe how “easy” it was to have done what I did do.

When we finally left the mall for good, we passed by and I went over towards the “depot” but kept my distance again. Our eyes locked and I waved and she waved back. Then I just turned around and left, not knowing if her eyes were burning through the back of my head as I rolled away.

I think my teammates wanted to throw me out into the streets and have me wheel home because I wouldn’t shut up about it.

But the following morning meant more hockey, and I would have to wait before I came home to even see if she had e-mailed, called, or found me on Facebook.

So far to the point of the writing of this post… she has not.

I do realize that my 500 business cards that I ordered was meant expressly for the promotion of sledge hockey and possibly earn donations or even attract some people to join our team and enjoy the sport as much as the rest of the team enjoys it. But many times, I have also given those cards out to women that I found interesting.

Sad to say that the history of my card distribution has had zero results. So in a way, I could say that the odds are against me for this woman to contact me. Of course I met her at her job, and she does have a small child so life could be pretty busy for her. I can only keep optimistic and cross my fingers that she does contact me in some manner.

I can’t say for sure, nor would I want to say what will happen. Positivity is key. One simply never really knows.

The first layer of the onion mystery is gone now though. I know what her first name is, and I know that she has a son. Nothing more… the mystery continues and I intend to pursue until it is done.



“Oh you crack me up!”~ my neighbor

As promised, I was taken out to eat. The e-mail invitation said to get cleaned up, so I did.

Suit and tie, baby!!!!

I tossed a photograph of myself up on my Facebook profile and captioned it “Pass/Fail ?”. It didn’t receive a lot of feedback. Not sure why. But I wore it anyway.

Off I went on an adventure back and forth and up and down the Interstate because nobody knew where the hell we were going. I had to make a call to the apartment manager to make sure that we weren’t losing our minds over it all. Finally, we found our destination, Applebee’s.

I’ll shorten this experience for the reader’s sake though.

Here I am, with two of my neighbors as they wanted to take me out to eat, and increasingly I was finding that our waitress was real cute. My first thought was that she was probably still in school, so I wasn’t about to try to talk to her.

Then it came to me like a lightning bolt. They serve alcohol, and so she has to be a certain age to work there because of the alcohol serving laws. So I started warming up to her little by little.

When my neighbors saw what I was kinda starting to do, they chipped right in and started flirting really aggressively with her… in my name and honor.

By the end of it, the two neighbors received 10% off their meals, because they were senior citizens, and I ended up with a free ice cream sundae because the BOTH of them kept telling everyone that I was celebrating my birthday. Wooohoo!!! I think everyone won there.

Each and every time the waitress came and went, one of the neighbors would tell me what my next move should be.. as if they were both dating coaches.

Eventually, one of the neighbors would steal my camera off of the table. I had emptied out my pockets and put it there while searching for my wallet. She then tossed it over to the waitress for a photo. But I told her to wait until I had dessert.

So then I posed with it, then I don’t know how the heck I got it out, but I asked for her to take a photo with me. To my utter shock and surprise she agreed. I mean, I kind of really sprung it on her when I made my request.

Then one of them said, “He’s gonna put it on Facebook!!”. I jumped back saying, “NO I’M NOT!!!”.. (but YES, I AM.) However by that time, I had lost the tie and I had given my jacket to the neighbor because she was freezing cold.

After feeling so bad that I jumped her for a photo, I picked up a $5 bill from the table and attached it with another $10 bill and then added my card inside. Then I personally handed it to her myself, and she never broke eye contact when she received it and then slipped it into her apron. So she never really saw #1- the card, and #2- just how much the tip was in total.

Not sure what, if anything, will happen. The law of averages state that when she finds it, she’ll throw it away.

But one thing is for sure, even if this waitress does throw it away… the next time I am there, I’m ensured even better service from her because I was personal enough to hand deliver her tip and give a higher tip than usual.

My neighbors laughed as they watched it all unfold from a distance. I told them that I was going to put this in my blog. One of them said, “You should call it ‘Two Cougars’.”

There you have it!

So a good start to this re-birthday celebration weekend. Tomorrow, who knows???


“You are immaculation of the feminine existence.” is what I heard today when I was eating breakfast. Damn near choked on my food too.

I turned around to see where the voice was coming from and there sat a couple just moments away from embracing in a kiss that the man was receiving as his reward for his words to his beautiful counterpart.

I thought to myself, “Wow! I haven’t heard that term used to describe a woman since high school.” And for that moment I thought that was probably the most awesome thing he could have said to her. However, my opinion would change as I would hear him refer to her as “immaculate” three more times. Then I thought it was just plain overkill.

To be fair, the woman was absolutely gorgeous. I did find her extremely physically attractive. However I just couldn’t shake the feeling that the guy had gone overboard with his complimentary words. But I turned back around because it was none of my business. It was not long before a colleague of mine whispered in my ear, “Hey look! Porn show going on right behind you.” The couple had involved themselves in a makeout session and did not seem to remember that the rest of the world may have been watching.

I wish them the best though. Especially that lucky bastard who was with her.

In my experiences, we use words to define one another. Especially when we are regarding the opposite sex. And there’s a point to all of it. We are trying to capture the other person’s attention so that they only concentrate on us and not the others that are around them. We crave for their attention alone and so once we establish that communication we aim for the highest point in trying to get our point across that we are interested.

I used the word “immaculate” once to describe a girl in high school. Only two things went wrong. #1- She (as a Catholic) took offense to it for whatever reason. #2- I did not really know at that time what the true definition of the word was. On an unrelated note: I got in serious trouble for using the word “slut” for not really knowing what it meant. Now you know something dark about me.

But here is what the word truly means:

Immaculate: Pure, stainless, spotless, perfection.

I don’t think that I have used that term to describe a woman since. I may have used it to define something that was inanimate, but never again another person.

Maybe its because I was spurned so long ago that I stopped using it. Or perhaps deep down in my brain I thought that it was improper to define a person in that manner. After all, “nobody’s perfect”. But then to debate that- beauty is always within the mind of the beholder.

The problem is that hardly anybody any more is beholding.

I remember in high school the whole dating ritual. I’d watch guys my age and younger say the worst things in the world to a girl and some way, some how, they would win?? Needless to say that it didn’t last very long but I was amazed that these beautiful and smart girls that I was sharing my educational experiences with, would go for that kind of thing. Perhaps it was just the fact that someone was showing them some attention.

I don’t know. High school is a wild time. Kids can be cruel. But for those of us who have been out of high school for certain amount of time can look back and think, “Good grief, what the heck was I thinking?”.

Back then, I started living by several mottos. Or at least tried to. One of which was “If you don’t mean it, don’t say it.” But it did not mean that others around me were going to. So it baffled my mind as to why these guys would say some of the dumbest things to girls and then they would still win… at least temporarily.

It would seem that they were only saying what they thought the girls would want to hear, just so they would be able to see what the girls had under the skirts. Some of them found out, some of them did not. Either way, the ritual did not last long at all and it was no surprise to hear in the halls, “She dumped him.”

Now that I am older, I still do my best to associate with others by truth. Never something that I think would give me the advantage over something that I wanted. I don’t truly see the purpose in it. So if I am saying it, I probably have been thinking it for a while, and I have realized that I actually mean it.

There have been lots of times when I have been corresponding with women, more specifically online, where I have said something to them, and then I stopped to look it over and make sure it was in fact the same thing that I really want to say to them.

I’m the kind of person that uses terms of endearment a lot. To anyone. But I know that it will make a few females uneasy, so I’m able to take that DELETE button and put it to good use. And that just means I’m erasing out the “dear”, “hon”, “sweetheart”, and what not.

Life however- does not have a delete button. There is no chance to ever slap down on the BACKSPACE. What you say will be said and processed and there’s no way you can take it back.

So be careful to what you say. Especially to the opposite gender. Whether you find their immaculation or not. There’s no need to spew your overabundance of vocabulary. Unless you are trying to impress a writer or librarian.

The ways in which society evolves around itself never ceases to amaze me. How we as human beings treat one another seems to be in a constant state of change.

But there are some things that I have noticed that remain the same. And that is that we all demand respect.

In the past two weeks, I have heard several women tell me that they’ve felt disrespected both in the past and by others who they’ve chosen to surround themselves with today. Not just one, be several. There are many, many sob stories out there to be told about how (in general) men are totally disrespectful towards women. And they get away with it.

Perhaps I am already jumping on the issue that is a double standard. But personally, men crave respect as well. It just seems to me that men still do not respect women as much as they should. And they can get away with it. But if a woman is disrespectful towards a man, then suddenly she is sent to the gallows.

I do not think that there should be much of a difference between men and women respecting one another. Perhaps I am just one of those kinds of men that are so far back behind on what is socially acceptable in this day in age that I am  considered a dinosaur for my personal beliefs.

About a month ago, I was hanging out with my buddies, at a local restaurant. One of my friends decided to bring one of his own personal friends along with him and introduce him to everyone in the group. It was one of your typical “guy’s night out”.

So the ‘new guy’ starts talking about women and sharing his score card with the rest of the group and bragging about who he had slept with, and who did what to him and how. The guy was pretty aggressive in his sharing of his personal sexual conquests. Not a lot of us said much to him about it. A majority of us just nodded and said “yeah” whenever he spoke.

Not only that, but he was speaking loudly about it, to the point where I was personally becoming uncomfortable. But since I did not know the guy personally, I decided to let it go in one ear and out the other.

Quite clearly from the tales that he told, he had no respect for women at all. It was all something that he was proud to boast about gaining for himself. This guy truly had “Man of the Year” written all over him. But by the time he finished talking about it all, he then went into this somber mood and started to ask the questions of life and wondered why it had been six years since he had a steady girlfriend.

Umm, really?

Within a couple of hours of hanging out, the same man who was spewing his “love stats” with anyone within ear shot noticed an attractive girl that had walked in by herself. He got up and went to the bar and ordered her a drink. Then he sat back down with the rest of us and just kind of stared at her while the waitress was bringing her a drink.

He admitted that he had never seen her before and wanted to know who she was. I watched as the woman smiled at him, giving a nod of appreciation towards him. Then she began to go about her own business.

It pissed him off. Perhaps she just wasn’t interested in him. Maybe she was only there to satisfy her hunger. But he didn’t recognize any of these as possibilities. Only that she had disrespected him.

Eventually, he would order her another drink.

Finally, the woman looked in his direction and smiled. She got up from her table and came over to thank him personally for the drinks. The rest of the group watched in silence. My friend who was sitting next to me whispered that he wished he had popcorn. It would’ve been a little fitting to have available for what was about to happen.


After the proverbial name introductions and mini-background stories of where each of them came from and what they do, this new guy in the group had the testicular fortitude to literally ask this strange and lovely woman, “So, are you beautiful all of the time or is this your night off?”

The person sitting to the left and to the right of him immediately shoved themselves away from the table as far as they could scoot their chairs and as fast as they could do it. They were right in doing so because the new guy ended up wearing that second drink he bought her.

She immediately walked out of the restaurant without paying her bill. The new guy just sat there in shock as the cold liquid absorbed through his clothes and on to his body, giving him chills.

Then he called her a “bitch”. And a few other names as well.

He carried on and on about how disrespectful it was of her to throw that drink on him. But the rest of us sitting there with him could not fathom his reasoning of why he would think that way, when we were the ones trying to figure out why he did not realize that it was he that disrespected her!

I guess what I do not understand is how people think that they can be rude and disrespectful towards another person and expect to advance in the relationship. What is it about men that makes them think that they can act like pure animals and expect a woman to want to be around them?

When you meet someone for the first time and you want to get to know them better, you do not act like an idiot. Because the person you are trying to get to know will see this and think that you ARE one, instead of just acting like one. I’ve never been so disrespectful towards women (or anyone for that matter) in all of my life.

Like the saying goes, “You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.” I heard that from my parents all of the time growing up. By the time I was out of high school I understood what they were saying.

I don’t refer to a woman as a “bitch” or a “whore”. Not even in anger. I don’t even go that far to be so disrespectful when I am referring to an old relationship or a past lover. Regardless of how the relationship might have ended. I do not see the point or merit of it.

Heck, I won’t even use profanity in front of a woman, unless they’ve used it first. And by that time, I would really have to get to know them before I would dare use such language. At least in general. I know that I have slipped a couple of times with others but I survived because they didn’t think anything of it. But seriously using such demeaning terms towards someone as complex as is the opposite sex does not mean any real sense to me. That’s just my opinion.

I know that every person is different. Some treat others with kindness, the others just do not have a mouth filter. I am the person who treats others with respect because I want to be respected in return.

But there are those who don’t. And those are the kinds of men who make socializing with women so difficult for me. Chances are before I have met any woman, they have had some kind of bad experience with disrespecting jerks, and it lays fresh on their mind as I began to talk to them. I end up having to struggle with showing that I’m not “that guy”. I am not “just another slimeball.”

And I am gathering that it is because I choose to behave in a civilized manner when it comes to talking with women, that I am always being called “sweet” or “charming”. And I get that a lot. Hey, I don’t get it. I’m just me!!

Men (and women) who do not know how to actually behave in public, probably shouldn’t be in public. But its difficult to manage that because we are all different.

I on the other hand, will remain who I am. I will treat women with kindness and respect as they deserve. And if that gives me some sort of label to the members of the feminine world then so be it.

The whole point of social interaction is to get to know a person better. So it does not make sense to me to go out there on the first try and act stupid because there’s probably not going to be another chance to get to know someone after that. Especially if I am genuinely interested in that person. I commonly use the phrase “One, and done.” And I hate that.

Why limit myself to only one chance on making an impression and talking with someone while trying to get to know them personally? I strive for that second, third, fourth, fifth time. That next opportunity to talk to someone I am interested in. I am not interested in playing Beat the Clock. I would much rather move towards endless possibilities.

One thing is for sure, your reputation does get spread around. The guy that wore the drink, we’ve not seen him since that night. I’ve been asked before by other associates of that woman who dumped the drink, why I was hanging around with such a moron. I was just simply there and I explain that to them. They’ve literally come off the streets to ask me what my problem was. But after I explained that I was just part of the audience, they back off.

Clearly, this guy’s reptutation is in the mud now. But he did it to himself.

I do not know how my own reptutation stands with women. Outside of what I just mentioned about being called “sweet” and “charming”. But whatever it is, I hope that it is optimistic.