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As many of you know, this is the second weekend of the college football season for 2011-12.

Dear wives and/or girlfriends of men who cannot seem to live without college football:

Fear not! Your relationship is not in trouble!! It is only on “hold”, if you will.

Now I know, a lot of you complain about your man going crazy and losing his mind and all of that. But that doesn’t mean you are losing him. Listen to me: It only means that he is going to be distracted for a few hours every Saturday for a while.

And it won’t be permanent. Depending on what team your man is cheering for, it will only last until near Thanksgiving. Which still is in late November. So if your man is cheering for a team who sucks? Just hold on until Thanksgiving, and you’ll be fine.

But if your man is cheering for a team that wins? Well, if you can wait until Thanksgiving, then you’re almost done. There will be MAYBE a Saturday or two after that where your man suddenly for a few hours won’t know the difference from his hand to his ass. Be patient! He will be hoping that there will be one last game at the end of the year, or at the beginning of 2012. But you will definitely have him back for the holidays.

So then let’s review:

Every Saturday (either afternoon or evening) for about three and a half hours, then the other six days out of the week, he is all yours.

This will continue until the end of November, every Saturday for about three and a half hours. If his team sucks.

If his team wins, this will continue until the end of November. And probably into the first or second Saturday of December, with a few weeks break until the absolute final game that they will play, called a “bowl game”.

BUT: If you are the kind of woman who loves her pigskin? Then you have got it made in the shade. You are probably sitting right next to your man every single second, every Saturday. Congratulations!

So the key is to hang on for a few hours, one day out of the week, for the next few weeks. Unless your man is into the NFL as well. If so, that goes on longer, and I cannot help you as I am not a huge fan of the NFL. That takes up more than just one day out of your week!!

And to the men out there, forgetting that you got a good woman. Remember this:

I do have my favorite college football team that I love to cheer for, whether or not they have a winning season or not. Just like you.

BUT I DO NOT HAVE CABLE, and network channels commonly do not show my team. So then what does that mean??

So when you’re off in La-La Land because you wanna cheer for your team, and be with the guys, and totally forget that one person in your life, called a wife or girlfriend? “I am” most likely on the Internet, chatting with her.

Thank you. 


“If you win through bad sportsmanship, that’s no real victory.”- Babe Didrikson Zaharias

So this post will probably not interest many of you, if you are not a sports fan. And for that, just wait for future posts.

Yesterday marked the first day of the 2011-12 NCAA football season. There was not a lot of thrills and spills but this story when I heard about it last night just took the cake.

The season opener between the Texas Longhorns and Rice Owls yesterday was being held at home for the University of Texas. During the halftime show, the Rice University Marching Band was performing on the field, and then they lined up in formation to what you see here. They spelled out “SEC” (Southeastern Conference) but with a “$”.

Let me catch you up to what is going on. Texas A&M University is part of the Big 12 Conference. Actually, they will be leaving and then be a part of the SEC come next summer. They have decided to leave the Big 12 and joined the SEC. And of course, to Big 12 fans that made a lot of people angry. Now there is speculation that the University of Texas could be leaving the Big 12 as well. Perhaps to the SEC too.

Whatever it may be, the news of Texas A&M leaving was a big shock. So then Rice decided to throw it into the face of the Texas Longhorns.

This is really bad. This should have really made Longhorn fans angry. But also, this is an embarrassment to Rice University. That they would go so low as to do something like this. I personally find no humor or satisfaction in this move. Even though trash talking is a part of every sport.

Rice and Texas are major rivals. Yet, Rice University is not a part of the Big 12 Conference, instead they belong to Conference USA.

Rice and Texas used to play against each other frequently when they both belonged to the Southwestern Conference. But that conference fell apart in 1996. So their rivalry has become short lived.

Whatever reasons that Rice had for doing this, or at least the director of the Marching Band, I think has been decided in very poor taste and absolutely bad sportsmanship. And I am hoping and praying that the big officials at Rice University or even the NCAA will sanction their sorry butts for this!

Some fans of the SEC have their own theories as to why Rice did it. And their thoughts were that Rice did it out of jealousy because Texas A&M is now gone to the SEC, and it is possible Texas could go too. Rice had no business doing it at all.

But I think that my point is clear, it shouldn’t have happened. Bad sportmanship should never be tolerated. Not by players, coaches, referees, and fans. Not by anyone!!

Needless to say that the Texas Longhorns had the last laugh as they beat Rice very decisively.

P.S.A. #1

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While you were glued to the television set for every ounce of reports of the pre-game shows, sat through the abortion version of the National Anthem, screamed and yelled at every play of the entire game of Super Bowl XLV, stuffing your face with snacks and getting drunk… remember this:

I was on the Internet, talking to your girlfriend and/or wife.

Thank you.

Today is Super Bowl XLV. (That’s “45” for you non-Romans.) And yet I find myself not much in the hype of the big game, or at least not getting involved in it all. I have to be honest, the NFL is not one of the things I ascribe to.

But don’t get me wrong. I am like any other warm-blooded male who enjoys his sports. It just happens to be that this is not one of them.

My mood has been the same all day long. There’s been no crescendo of jubilation or any countdown to kickoff of any kind. And I understand that there are many out there who have been waiting and waiting for this day to come.

Locally however, the apartment complex in which I live in, they have been struggling with management to let them be able to access the community room in order to watch the game. Our community room has a television, VCR/DVD, several dozen books, furniture, tables, chairs, and six computers. Its there for our use in the first place. But since the great remodel job of 2006, its been closed to the residents on the weekends. A bit unfair, but I’ve adapted to the fact that we must be crammed into our tiny apartments like caves for the weekend. So in a sense, it is a great victory for us living here.

As far as just having it opened for the Super Bowl, I’m not so sure I agree with that. But as they say, one step at a time. The struggles and tribulations of the community room is best served for another time, another blog.

I have been given the understanding that there will be food. So I suppose that would be one good thing about it. One thing about being a bachelor is that I can take the opportunity to partake in the munchifications and nobody will say anything about it. Finding places like that to eat, that is on the outside of the home is always a bonus in my book.

But here we go back again to the game. Its not giving me any interest at all. The Super Bowl takes a common football game which should last about two and a half, and up to three hours and stretches it so far with special commercials and what they consider “Halftime Entertainment”. Including the pre-game, the pre-pre-game, the pre-pre-pre-game, the trophy ceremony and oh…. on top of that, the post-game.

And did I mention, they get some goofball to sing our National Anthem and turn it from a two minute and ten second moment of patriotic pride to a four minute church hymn?

Altogether, a heeping pile of five to six hours in total length.

There’s almost a guarantee to have nothing else on television. For those of us who do not have cable or satellite, you know what I am talking about. Options are absolutely nothing on this day.

Yes, I know the commercials are amusing and sometimes hilarious. But believe me, you’re not missing anything because those commercials will be re-broadcast again throughout the rest of the month. Plus, there’s always the Internet. So that argument is out.

I think that instead, I’ll just stick to my sledge hockey. (Sled hockey as its called in the USA.)