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pic11“I had more clothes than I had closets, more cars than garage space, but no money.” ~¬†Sammy Davis, Jr.

This morning there is a garage sale happening at our apartment complex. It is expected to go well into the afternoon. But I don’t see it actually lasting until noon.

I went early and I could not believe my eyes to the amounts of CRAP that were being sold.

If its one thing in life that I have not figured out, it is the garage sale.

One table has nothing but clothes. Another table has nothing but assorted and various electronic equipment, such DVD’s & CD’s. Another table has nothing but knick-knacks. And yet another table has nothing but decorative items to “dress” your tissue or Kleenex boxes. A very neat and decorative idea, but not neat ENOUGH for $15 each. And definitely not for a garage sale.

At the time that I showed up, pretty much everything was nothing but useless rubbish. With the exception of the clothing which was overpriced for a garage sale, plus they were women’s clothing. The DVD’s were not what was being advertised. There was a DVD cover for a specific film, but when you opened the case, a burned off copy of a totally different film was inside.

There was ¬†collector’s edition of The Pink Panther films. Supposed to be a 6-disc DVD set. Discs 1 and 4 are missing.

Do you see where I am going with this???

Nothing honest, and nothing cheap.

I am embarrassed to live next to these people. I really am.

One table had various and assorted junk such as clothing that didn’t fit, telephones with cords attached, and the like. The difference here was that every item on the table was less than $1.00! Some things broken, chipped, or missing pieces. But it was less than one dollar.

The table next to her were decorative pieces and reused personal bags that were crafted by someone who formerly lived here and had passed away. I was there for that transaction back in November. These personally created bags were sold to the neighbor for $2.00 a piece. Now today they are on a table, listed as $4.00 a piece. The unfortunate thing that she does not understand is that those of us here who would want to buy those creative bags– already have them. They aren’t going to sell here. Her luck will be greater if someone from the public comes in and buys them.

So I still don’t understand the whole idea behind a garage sale. Is it to turn a profit or is it to lessen what you have and get rid of things you no longer want without worrying about whether or not you will earn or lose money???

Someone please help me out!

Do you enjoy going to garage sales? Do you sell things to make a profit or do you just get rid of it all?