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Marjorie Orbin

“It is forbidden to kill; therefore all murderers are punished unless they kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets.” ~ Voltaire

I am thinking either one of several this evening. Either I need new friends or the rain that has been falling over the past 24 hours is getting to me. Or it could be that the knowledge and information that I have been obtaining as of lately is poisoning my head. But I think the last option is far from the truth, to be honest.

This afternoon I was given a surprise visit by a male colleague and his brand new, spanking-fresh girlfriend. There’s probably more emphasis needed on the spanking than usual, but I’ll leave that one alone.

So then yeah, a surprise visit from him with his new girlfriend on his arm, and lap, and neck, and groin. Made me wanna roll my eyes so far into the back of my own head that I could look at my brain.

You see dear readers, she’s a stripper at a local gentlemen’s club. Whether or not that’s where he found her, I do not know because I didn’t ask.

The lowered demeanor of the both of them made me so glad when they left my home that I was quick to lock the door behind them and it wasn’t even dark outside. Which brings us to our lovely tale of black widows. 001141f9_medium

Marjorie Orbin was a showgirl and a stripper. When she met her husband Jay, she was 35 years of age and going on her seventh marriage. That’s right — 7 marriages by 35 years.


Marjorie with then boyfriend, Michael J. Peters

As I went through and learned more about her story, it was blatantly clear that Marjorie had a taste for the high life. She had champagne tastes and caviar desires. A woman, whom I personally probably would go through life and never be happy.

But she had the world brought to her whenever she snapped her fingers. Men pined and craved for her. And the attention blew her ego to 100,000 times the size of China.

And then enter Jay Orbin. A successful man who fell for Marjorie’s charms.

It had seemed that Marjorie was totally and completely irresistible.

After having spending time with the wealthiest of the wealthy in Florida, she knew she found her true desires.

But as with many of these kinds of women who’s appetite can never been conquered, she began to mess around with yet another man, even though she was married to Jay.

The marriage got in the way, and Marjorie needed Jay to leave her alone so that she could continue on with her affair. hq

The next thing you know, in 2004, a homeless transient in the Phoenix, Arizona desert was passing through when he found a large container. At the moment he opened it, he found a human torso, with all of the internal organs removed. The police were then called in.

It was the torso of Jay Orbin. His head, legs, and arms had been cut off and stuffed into the container.

A murder mystery was now in the hands of the Phoenix Police Department.

And I actually started to feel bad for Marjorie when I read about this horrible murder. But the more that I read and researched, the more sick to my stomach I became.

Longer story short….. the boyfriend that she had the affair with while married to Jay is enjoying his freedom while Marjorie is in jail for the murder of her own husband. And she claims to this day that she had nothing to do with it, that she did not kill her husband. 48_diaryofshowgirl_1121_244x183

But you know what? I’m not buying all of it. She KNEW it happened. She KNEW that Jay was the obstacle in the way of her getting what she wanted.

Marjorie was even found on security camera actually purchasing the container that would eventually hold the severed remains of her husband from a local store.

There are others that I’ve read about, such as Karen Newell. Another woman who was found to be so attractive and irresistible that she claims that men would kill and DID kill for her. However, I did not spend a second of research on her because the pattern was already there from what I had learned to that point.

But its all a part of this fantasy life they have in their heads. They are innocent, their boyfriends/lovers are the ones who are guilty, and they’ve not done a single thing wrong. And now that their lives of glamour and riches is stripped away from them, they are bitter. It repeats itself over and over and over again when a woman is often found guilty of murdering their husband and/or boyfriends/lovers.

To go back now…. does my colleague have money? OHH, you bet!!! Is he rich? DEFINITELY SO!!!

Do I take from him? Not at all. I don’t even allow him to pay for times that he and I have gone out to eat or whatever, if I have the money, then I will go and pay for my own.

Will this local stripper kill him for his money? Ehh, I don’t know. But what I do know is that he better be EXTREMELY CAREFUL about it. And this blog post is my warning to him.

Yes, he will be receiving the URL link to this blog post when I am finished writing it. And its probably going to piss him off a little bit. But hey…. I’d rather have him pissed than have him robbed of what he earned…. or worse.

“But men are so full of greed today, they’ll sell anything for a little piece of money. “~ Little Richard
I was going to start this blog by saying, “I am speechless.” but then again that wouldn’t make sense because then I wouldn’t have the words to say to write. I’m nutty like that.
Somehow or another, I am absolutely struck senseless to the point that my mind is blown about how people’s greedy nature can strike so effortlessly.
I’ll provide a few experiences that I have recently gone through as examples.
My friends and neighbors are more than willing to bend over backwards to help me out whenever I am in need. But lately it seems that their kindness and generosity to help me is now coming with a price.
Now I should probably point out right now that I do understand that “nothing is for free” in this world. Even though they are willing to help, it is coming at some kind of cost or sacrifice. Commonly though, it is the use of their vehicle and that would mean the use of gasoline.
So it would make sense that I would pay them back for the gasoline that they had to use in order to help me in the way that I had requested. Sometimes I can, sometimes I cannot reimburse them monetarily. So when those times come that I cannot, I do my best to give back in some way that is above and beyond the cost of their used gasoline. Like, taking them out to eat and paying for their meal.
Let me get back to my original point. There are some times when they have called me or come and told me that they were going to the store or going out to eat or whatever and they ask me if whether or not I want to go along.
Almost immediately, the question comes to mind “Who’s paying for it?”. As I would come to learn, each time that they decide to go out to eat that I am responsible for my own meal. And that is fine. There are those kinds of people in the past that have asked me if I wanted to go out to eat, and they would pay for it. After all, they did ask me if I wanted to go out.
So then we go out to eat. We enjoy our meal and the time together and everything and then we return home. Then… greed hits!!
After departing ways once we are home, I hear behind me: “ARE YOU GONNA PAY US FOR GAS?!??”.
Umm… what?? Seriously?
YOU asked ME if I wanted to go out. I didn’t ask you for a favor to take me out. You thought that it would be nice if I joined you… now you want me to pay for gas? Don’t you think that should have been discussed in your proposal prior to our activity??
I am left to wonder. Whatever happened to kindness and friendship and doing things together because you want to and not to worry about “being paid back” for anything?
Do people still do this anymore?
Another person just recently has been coming by to visit and they ask if they can have something to drink. As I try to be a gracious host, I offer them whatever it is that I have and not think about whether or not they are going to pay to replace it.
So then I turn around and have been doing the same thing. But then someone else comes up and says, “You gonna pay him back for what you took?”.

'no dough, no blow, baby!'

Again, I am left with only to ask “What the heck are you talking about? If you wanna get nasty about it. HE is the one that owes me. So we’re trading the favors.” And to be accosted by someone who isn’t even involved in the bartering is even more ridiculous… and quite frankly, intrusive.
Why don’t you let him decide and mind your own business!!!
Maybe its the kinds of people I am dealing with that I go through these kinds of experiences. Perhaps I should find some other people to hang out with. Someone who is willing to give you a little bit of money if you are needing it, and then won’t be breathing down your neck six minutes later about when you are going to pay them back.
This is a huge reason as to why I don’t like asking people to lend me money. I understand that it is a loan, and that I will have to pay them back. But those who get so uptight about when they will be paid back… it just drives me insane.
I’ve gotten to the point when someone is offering to pay for me something, I tell them right then and there that I probably won’t be able to pay them back, so if they are looking for reimbursement, they probably shouldn’t pay for whatever it is that they are saying they will pay for.
If I am able to pay them back, that’s a different story.
People in general who come with a price often are the real greedy ones. And it is probably a good idea to stay away from them if at all possible.
It just rattles my cage and bugs me to death that people actually have the depth to be that greedy.

“Five enemies of peace inhabit with us – avarice, ambition, envy, anger, and pride; if these were to be banished, we should infallibly enjoy perpetual peace.”~ Petrarch

So its been a while since I have posted a story for you about our glorious goings-on at the food pantry. This one is a winner!!

Food pantry distribution happens here where I live once a month. (What I call “my time of the month”.) And it never seems to surprise me how the elderly neighbors can get so rowdy and ruthless over food that is in plentiful stock and the fact that everyone knows that nobody will go without.

The perk that I personally enjoy is that I am able to get in and get out and take whatever food I need first before anyone else goes in there, as I am there to make sure that everyone gets their food items in the best orderly fashion that is possible. That is all.

So I have volunteered my time to help out, calling numbers of apartments so that each person has a chance to go. There is not list of names, it doesn’t go one after the other.

Its like a lottery drawing. And we’ve been doing it this way for many, many months now. Nobody here should be a stranger to how it works.

Today’s surprise was that there was a nice selection of Strawberry flavored milk. One pint bottles. Not bad! It definitely has been a while since we’ve been given something like this.

Once the first few people were showing it off that they had it. So people were curious and interested.

But still, the avarice of these elderly people is amazing. There are a couple of people who give “problems”, but I am able to get a few steps ahead of them and deal with it. But this time, one of our esteemed neighbors had faked putting their slip of paper into the box and actually held on to it, and when I was ready to call numbers… this person attempted to get in FIRST. But when I had alerted the social worker that I had not called their number, they were refused. When their evil plan was ruined- they tried to use the excuse that they didn’t understand English.

It didn’t work.

When more and more people were coming in and out and talking about the strawberry milk, people were really getting out of control. Each person got ONE. Only ONE pint of the milk. The accusations began to fly over people getting two, three, even five of them. Which simply isn’t the case.

Others were apparently coming up with a plan to gain more than just the one that they were allowed and sharing their plans with others. Not exactly brilliant motives there.

Wouldn’t you know it.. an actual physical FIGHT broke out amongst three residents over strawberry flavored milk. People were throwing punches against their own neighbors. Mainly because those who were hearing about the plans to take more flavored milk than they would be given, were not liking the idea at all and believing that if these greedy people were successful then there would not be enough for the rest of them. And that, I would say is a safe assumption.

Three people get into it with arms and fists flying everywhere. It was chaos. Nobody could really tell who was doing the fighting, nobody could really tell who was trying to defend themselves, nothing. Everything was so unclear.

Needless to say that once this altercation had stopped, three people were pulled out and in the end sent home with NO food, and definitely NO strawberry milk. And two of them were pulled aside.

But at least I can say that nobody was physically hurt to the point where they were needing medical attention. Just a bunch of angry egos and greedy-minded plots that were exposed and ruined.

It seems as if each time this part of the month rolls around, there’s always something.

After the “Milk Madness”, I was eyewitness to two other people who were frustrated that their numbers were not being called. I pull the slips of paper out of the box and whatever is there, gets called. I believe that both of them just didn’t have the patience to wait any more. They had been waiting for over an hour. But today’s distribution took over TWO hours in total until we had the last person called in. It is a bit ironic to have gone that long because last month, everyone was taken care of in less than an hour. And it was about the same amount of people from last month compared to today.

These two people had such poor attitudes about it as well. I’ve seen people get up and leave for whatever reasons. But they were not complaining about the wait and how unfair things were. They waited as long as they could, until they could wait no longer and then they decide to leave. That’s just the way it is.

People who are 65 years of age and older, actually throwing punches over strawberry flavored milk. The elderly have no business getting into fights. Nobody’s health can take that kind of stress. Especially those who were involved in this today. Shouldn’t they know already that this kind of behavior could do something horrible to their bodies? I guess not.

Can you stand it???


“It is the characteristic of the magnanimous man to ask no favor but to be ready to do kindness to others.”~ Aristotle

Two things right away before I get into my post. #1- Quit snickering, you pervs! “Tit for tat” has been around for many centuries in the English language. It is a shorter version of the phrase “this for that”. #2- I can really get deep with the philosphical quotations.

Today, I witnessed a rather unusual spectacle. Two people were ironing out some logistics of a deal that they were trying to make. It most certainly sounded like a situation of “I’ll scractch your back, if you scratch mine.” As I became curious, I fully involved myself in the conversation that was taking place and I heard the two parties come to an agreement. Some labor for some food.

Food was then dispensed and consumed. And because I had involved myself, I was invited to eat as well. But when it came time for the person to do the small labor, they bolted. When that had happened, I excused myself from the situation entirely and never looked back. I had a feeling that the person who was jaded was going to ask ME to do the small labor for him. And I would not have been physically capable of doing so, otherwise I probably would have. So even before the person did ask, I told him of my physical limitations, thanked him for the meal, left him some cash for it, and departed.

I was wondering what the guy who had fled was thinking. He was visibly hungry and was wanting to eat. The other man was more than willing to help nourish him for the evening for as long as he would get some help in doing some chores around the house. Apparently, selfishness and greed was either that which took better of the man, or it was what he had planned all along.

There used to be nothing wrong with tit for tat. It was very common for it to occur at one point in time. Now, it is society’s sickening and rude attitude of “What’s in it for me?” that controls the situation, and I think that is just wrong.

Yes, you are going to receive something in return in these situations. I just don’t understand or see the point in making the scene worse by trying to gain the most out of it. I mean, to the point of where the arrangement becomes so uneven to where the other individual doesn’t even want to continue discussing it. I’ve dealt with that myself. I’ve given in to other people’s evil and selfish desires all because I needed a little help.

Doing someone a favor any more tends to come with a hidden agenda. If you help me, then I am automatically enslaved and in debt to you. Umm, no! It should not be that way. It should not be something that you should be taking advantage of the other person for. It seems like favors have gone out the window.

Whatever happened to doing something out of the love and kindness of one’s heart? That is what a favor really is. And should there come a time where I can return the favor, I should be more than happy to do that- without having this heavy burden hung over my head and begin told, “Remember I did __________ for you??”.

All of us can use a little help from time to time. All of us have had our moments in life where we were absolutely in need of something that we couldn’t do ourselves. It doesn’t appear that the generosity of others exists any more. As I said, when someone asks for help, it is always the attitude of “What’s in it for me?”.

Just help the person, for crying outloud!! I am sure that if they didn’t need to ask you for help, they wouldn’t and probably would be ten times happier if they could do it on their own. But for whatever reason, they feel that they cannot.

In my own life experiences, I have to ask for help. A LOT! That’s just the way it is. And yes, I will offer some kind of an exchange. But I do not do it to sweeten the deal so that you are going to agree to help me, I do it because that is what I feel is best in my situation for me to do, as a way of saying “thank you” for your kindness and help.

I’m not the first to say it or admit it, but today’s society SUCKS!!

[side note: the subject title- the line should read “Tit For Tat Ist Tot“, ‘Tot’ being the German word for ‘dead’. “Tit For Tat Is Dead“.]