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“It has always seemed strange to me… the things we admire in men, kindness and generosity, openness, honesty, understanding and feeling, are the concomitants of failure in our system. And those traits we detest, sharpness, greed, acquisitiveness, meanness, egotism and self-interest, are the traits of success. And while men admire the quality of the first they love the produce of the second. “~ John Steinbeck

Well, I suppose I wouldn’t be thorough if I only picked on Mega Millions and not picked on Power Ball.

The half billion drawing has already happened. For those people that I’ve read on Facebook about their plans to retire, get laid, go on a permanent vacation, or a huge Christmas shopping spree have already followed up with their disgust that they will be returning back to their place of work in the morning.

When odds are 1 in 175,000,000 — what did they honestly expect? Odds of being struck by lightning are 1 in 5,000. And I don’t think there’s anyone out there lucky enough to have been struck by lightning 35 times in their life and be able to defeat those odds to win the Power Ball as well.

But since I already went off on a tangent about the lottery back in late March, this blog post is more about the foolery of people and their brainy ideas on Facebook to “SHARE” the winnings….. IF their numbers won. 

Pretty much its already sketchy because the numbers HAVE to win.

Have you seen this??????

If you are on Facebook, you probably have seen either some television or radio station offering to share the big prize if you “LIKE” and/or “SHARE” that particular post. It was the same way in March with Mega Millions.

This particular post that was floating around was from a local FOX television station from someplace. When I looked at it, you had to “LIKE” and “SHARE” before the drawing. It had an insane amount of people going for it. And even after the drawing, the number of “LIKES” and “SHARES” totaled almost 500,000.

The jackpot was just over $500 million. But hypothetically speaking if you were to take the lump sum to make sure that you can control the amount coming, after all of the taxes and what not, you’re only going to collect about $242.5 million.

So $242.5 million divided up by 500,000 people (and probably growing still) that is approximately $485 per person. And that’s IF they are successful in winning ALL numbers and they are honest about it by contacting everyone who participating in their scheme to seek out their mailing addresses.

Those who were too lazy to go out and buy their own lotto ticket and going in like a vampire on this idea, if they were legitimately contacted by the television or radio station, receive less than $500. And most likely would come in the form of  either a certified check or money order. 

Of course with the odds the way that they are, the more lottery tickets are purchased the better the odds are that someone is going to win. However on the other side of the coin the less likely that you will win.

Then I did see a lot of people asking on Facebook if  someone that they knew had won. But the obvious way of finding out whether or not a “friend” of yours on Facebook has actually won the entire Power Ball jackpot is that they will almost immediately disable their Facebook account mysteriously and disappear for about a year or two.

Or you can just wait to read about it in some online news article in the morning to find out as well. Most likely it will be like the Mega Millions in March, some group of people pooled their money and now they will be sharing their winnings.

Whether you played or not, I hope that you at least bought your OWN lottery tickets. Dambreaker and its Nation are seriously tired of seeing our own brains from rolling our eyes so much.

“But men are so full of greed today, they’ll sell anything for a little piece of money. “~ Little Richard
I was going to start this blog by saying, “I am speechless.” but then again that wouldn’t make sense because then I wouldn’t have the words to say to write. I’m nutty like that.
Somehow or another, I am absolutely struck senseless to the point that my mind is blown about how people’s greedy nature can strike so effortlessly.
I’ll provide a few experiences that I have recently gone through as examples.
My friends and neighbors are more than willing to bend over backwards to help me out whenever I am in need. But lately it seems that their kindness and generosity to help me is now coming with a price.
Now I should probably point out right now that I do understand that “nothing is for free” in this world. Even though they are willing to help, it is coming at some kind of cost or sacrifice. Commonly though, it is the use of their vehicle and that would mean the use of gasoline.
So it would make sense that I would pay them back for the gasoline that they had to use in order to help me in the way that I had requested. Sometimes I can, sometimes I cannot reimburse them monetarily. So when those times come that I cannot, I do my best to give back in some way that is above and beyond the cost of their used gasoline. Like, taking them out to eat and paying for their meal.
Let me get back to my original point. There are some times when they have called me or come and told me that they were going to the store or going out to eat or whatever and they ask me if whether or not I want to go along.
Almost immediately, the question comes to mind “Who’s paying for it?”. As I would come to learn, each time that they decide to go out to eat that I am responsible for my own meal. And that is fine. There are those kinds of people in the past that have asked me if I wanted to go out to eat, and they would pay for it. After all, they did ask me if I wanted to go out.
So then we go out to eat. We enjoy our meal and the time together and everything and then we return home. Then… greed hits!!
After departing ways once we are home, I hear behind me: “ARE YOU GONNA PAY US FOR GAS?!??”.
Umm… what?? Seriously?
YOU asked ME if I wanted to go out. I didn’t ask you for a favor to take me out. You thought that it would be nice if I joined you… now you want me to pay for gas? Don’t you think that should have been discussed in your proposal prior to our activity??
I am left to wonder. Whatever happened to kindness and friendship and doing things together because you want to and not to worry about “being paid back” for anything?
Do people still do this anymore?
Another person just recently has been coming by to visit and they ask if they can have something to drink. As I try to be a gracious host, I offer them whatever it is that I have and not think about whether or not they are going to pay to replace it.
So then I turn around and have been doing the same thing. But then someone else comes up and says, “You gonna pay him back for what you took?”.

'no dough, no blow, baby!'

Again, I am left with only to ask “What the heck are you talking about? If you wanna get nasty about it. HE is the one that owes me. So we’re trading the favors.” And to be accosted by someone who isn’t even involved in the bartering is even more ridiculous… and quite frankly, intrusive.
Why don’t you let him decide and mind your own business!!!
Maybe its the kinds of people I am dealing with that I go through these kinds of experiences. Perhaps I should find some other people to hang out with. Someone who is willing to give you a little bit of money if you are needing it, and then won’t be breathing down your neck six minutes later about when you are going to pay them back.
This is a huge reason as to why I don’t like asking people to lend me money. I understand that it is a loan, and that I will have to pay them back. But those who get so uptight about when they will be paid back… it just drives me insane.
I’ve gotten to the point when someone is offering to pay for me something, I tell them right then and there that I probably won’t be able to pay them back, so if they are looking for reimbursement, they probably shouldn’t pay for whatever it is that they are saying they will pay for.
If I am able to pay them back, that’s a different story.
People in general who come with a price often are the real greedy ones. And it is probably a good idea to stay away from them if at all possible.
It just rattles my cage and bugs me to death that people actually have the depth to be that greedy.

“We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.”~ Benjamin Franklin 
Even thinking about making this a blog post lowers my IQ points at a sharp rate.
Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from husband and NBA player, Kris Humphries today after only 72 days of marriage.
When I had first seen this, I thought it had said “72 hours”, and I thought “That’s gotta be a mistake.” Even though we know how celebrities do their nupitals. But no, this one lasted over 10 weeks.
Didn’t it just seem like last week we were bombarded by stupid things on television, such as the “Kardashian Kountdown” and other pre-wedding activities? I couldn’t wait for them to just get it done and over with. But I figured one of them would file for divorce in less than a week. And it really wasn’t a surprise that it would be Kim Kardashian.
Why in the world is this waste of space famous?
Why? Why? Why??
I had thought that the building blocks to her celebrity status had something to do with her family. Her father, was one of the attorneys in the O.J. Simpson murder trial in 1995, which of course was widely publicized. But I just recently found out that Kim’s parents actually divorced long before that.
Then I found that the mother was married to Olympic champion, Bruce Jenner. So I still thought that it had something to do with the Kardashian’s rise to fame.
No, not really.
The name of Kardashian never really became popular until Kim Kardashian was seen with socialite and equally deplorable, Paris Hilton- Queen of the crotch shots from exiting vehicles. Totally reminds me of a YouTube video I watched where it was said, “Flashing is bad”- or something like that. I digress.

 Apparently though, Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian were best of friends at one point. Some report that Kim Kardashian was a stylist for Paris Hilton. But whatever the case may be how they crossed paths, they were on the scene, together. And because Paris Hilton was annoying millions of people by being in everyone’s face, Kim Kardashian became equally annoying and even more in your face.
But then something struck me as odd. I don’t know if it can be proven, but I read that Paris Hilton began to actually hate Kim Kardashian, and she broke all ties with Kim.
Is the kettle black yet, Mr. Pot??
The next thing we know, there’s one greasy sex video tape that was “leaked” involving Kim Kardashian. I seriously doubt that. Hollywood sex tapes are a dime a dozen, and so the news of Kim Kardashian having one was of no big surprise, to be honest.
But allegedly after that, Kim Kardashian was offered millions and millions and millions of dollars, and even a television show of her own, in which we all know about.
Personally, I have NOT viewed the sex tape, and I have only seen parts of ONE episode of the “reality show” involved the Kardashian family. So retarded!!
Many say that Kim Kardashian is famous because she is a model, actress, and businesswoman.
Umm, actually no. The MOTHER is a businesswoman. And if you’ve really watched Kim do any kind of role, you will know that her acting is “subpar” and I question whether or not you can call it acting at all. But then again, she has done many modeling jobs. Including Playboy. (Again, no shocking news there.)
So Kim Kardashian is  a model, a socialite, and really big dumbass. I don’t even think that the stuff that she has marketed would be around if it wasn’t for her mother helping her out. Of which I know understand, the mother is business manager to all of her children.
Then NO, this filing for a divorce is NOT NEWS. Many people didn’t think it would last 27 days, much less 72. There’s got to be a ploy behind all of it. And definitely there was some business going on, with tons of money exchanging hands with this wedding to Kris Humphries- the poor bastard.
What makes this wedding and obvious divorce so ridiculous?
There was a pre-nup. What the heck was anyone thinking?
Pre-nups are for the weak and untrustworthy. Pre-nups basically say, “If this marriage doesn’t work out, then I’ll keep my stuff and you keep your stuff that we had before we got married.”
HELLO?? Anyone home???? Signing a pre-nup, even though is so commonplace in Hollywood, is basically saying “I’m gonna marry you, but I’m covering my own ass just in case.” A pre-nup more or less states that the two parties involved are EXPECTING the marriage to fail.
So then why bother getting married at all??
Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries did not get married because they “loved one another”. That’s just bullshit right there. Somebody or both of them had something to gain.
People in general don’t seem to get married for love any more. For sure, people in Hollywood. They seem to get married because they can gain something. And that’s not to say ALL marriages are the same. But that is the way it seems nowadays.
And now it is being reported that Kim Kardashian doesn’t want to pay spousal support.
Why is that, Kim? Is it because you don’t want Kris Humphries to tap into your tens of millions of dollars while his own career pays him only $3,200,000 a year? Screw that!! I say let him nail Kim for all that he wants. It will be payback for this elaborate scam in the first place.
For once, JUST once, I would love to see a judge or a court say “No, I will not grant you a divorce.” to these so-called celebrities and socialites. Or even better, when celebrities get married, and then file for these quickie divorces- then they should pay a ridiculous amount of money for a fine. Let’s say: at least 50%?? That would seriously cut down on all these stupid marriages that were never intended to be “happily ever after” even before they got the engagement ring purchased.
It it terrible the way Hollywood treats the institution of marriage. Always has been ever since anyone could remember. But then again, its terrible the way Hollywood treats anything that the rest of the world beholds sacred, loving, and meaningful. And we wonder what is wrong with the youth of today’s generation.
Kim Kardashian never has and never will be a great role model for anyone. Ever. Stop paying attention to her. Stop buying her stuff. Let her wither away and we’ll all be happy, and then we can move on to ignoring the next dumbass in Hollywood.
But I can almost bet that in the next twenty years, that Kim Kardashian will be replaced with some other socialite woman who is just as bad or even worse as she is.
The whole thing just stinks. The wedding was foul too. There’s something going on behind the scenes and it’s all about the money.
So congratulations, dumbass!!
I will end this blog post with a YouTube video from Michael Buckley. His opinion is quite similar to mine in a great and many aspects. Leave him a comment saying that Dambreaker sent you. I’m sure he’ll enjoy the feedback as much as anyone else would who is making YouTube videos and standing up for themselves, and actually having the courage to use their voice over this ridiculous story, that isn’t even really news. Or at least it should not be.
I’ll allow his frustration, anger, and language express what I have not yet expressed here.
Like I said, and have said before many times. I am abundantly exhausted with the media. This divorce isn’t going to make or break anything in our lives. Nobody really even cares, nor did they care whether or not Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries was going to have a successful marriage. Why?? Because we already knew that they would not.
Hollywood reports on the most brain-numbing of things, and has for decades. I just really wished that I could have remained ignorant of the entire situation.
Maybe there is a religious compound that will take me in somewhere, even though Heaven’s Gate is practically no more–so that’s out. Maybe I can find a nice farm to have me brainwashed of this ugliness. One could only hope!!

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

IF ONLY people would listen to this. I don’t know where people go to smoke whatever it is they are smoking to think that remakes are a good idea.

As a whole, I think that certain classic and legendary films should be left alone. Lately though, Hollywood can do no better than to attempt to remake movies that would stand the test of time and remain forever as brilliant films.

But then we have this:

Where in the WORLD did George Lucas go that he fell and bumped his head (yet again) and decided that this was a good idea?? Did he take his billions of dollars and hire a hooker to asphyxiate him while sitting on his bed made of Star Wars bed sheets while wearing nothing but Jabba the Hutt underwear? Did these thoughts occur to him then?? 

The Star Wars saga is going to be on Blu-Ray. Well, that is exciting for those who have it. But now its reported that Lucas is adding more and more to these films for the Blu-Ray release. In particular the scene from the film “Return of the Jedi” where the Emperor is about to finish off Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader has a change of heart and saves Luke by throwing the Emperor into oblivion. Yet for the Blu-Ray version of this film, Lucas is going to add the screams of “NO!!!!!!” from Darth Vader.

Umm, what? You mean even though we can clearly see that Vader changes his mind about the fate of Luke and saves him, Lucas is going to turn this bad ass villain into a whining little tart with emotions?? COME ON!!!

But honestly, this isn’t what gets to me. Whether or not he is trying to make Darth Vader more heroic and less of a villain is not the problem. Although I would say leave the character as dark and as evil as he was.

What really is burning a hole in my brain is the fact that these particular changes are only going to be on Blu-Ray. (At least for now.) How fair is this to the people who enjoy the standard DVD or do not have Blu-Ray??

Star Wars began in May of 1977 with Episode IV “A New Hope”. Everybody in the world knows it as “Star Wars”. For whatever reason, Lucas decided to start with that and it ended with Episode VI “Return of the Jedi” in May of 1983. Then several years later, Lucas went back to the beginning and gave us Episodes I-III. 

The six part series made George Lucas so much cash! In theatrical releases (included the dreaded RE-release), the total that he made was over $4.41 BILLION. That is more money than the average human being can even fathom. Granted it is not the highest grossing movie series of all time, but it’s up there.

And then what did he decide to do? With his re-releases, he added lots of exciting graphics and special effects and images. He even came out with a trilogy of movies that added scenes to the film that were for some reason or another, removed from the original prints.

The Star Wars faithful: I feel for you.

Billions of fans worldwide dedicated to this film series, and so obsessed with collections that every time George Lucas has to sneeze, another version of the trilogies is released.

Nevermind that there are a ton of piece of memorabilia out there, and the marketing for Star Wars seems endless. Theme parks and other television programs and collectibles, all for the Star Wars faithful to consume and purchase and enjoy. And now this.

Yet another consumer product for them to spend their money on, and for George Lucas to line his already enormous bank accounts with.

Now I will say that I applaud him for coming up with an original idea. That idea worked in his favor as it became very popular and has remained so for the past 30+ years. So in that sense, he did a great thing and it worked for him.

Even I was totally stunned and overwhelmed with awe when I went and visited the  John P. McGovern Museum of Health and Medical Science in Houston with Jessica and her family last weekend. I had a wonderful time seeing everything that they had, including movie props from all six films.

But to already have the knowledge that he is the “fat cat” of southern California, and for him to pour out more and more and more of the same stuff, just tweaking it a little, so he can make more profit? He may be a genius but he is also a jerk. And you best believe that is the four-letter word I am thinking of to describe. 

You do not have to speak any foreign language at all. But if you say “Star Wars”, the WORLD knows what you are talking about!! 

So now the Star Wars faithful will either have to just collect the Blu-Ray series and enjoy the fact that they have it, or go and spend their money on the series AND purchase something that will play it so that they can enjoy the new editions to the films, whatever they may be.

Ridiculous! Greedy Bastard!!

I’m done. Rant over.