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“Asia is not going to be civilized after the methods of the West. There is too much Asia and she is too old.”~ Rudyard Kipling

Last night, I tortured myself without realizing that I was doing so.

I watched a documentary from director Debbie Lum about American men who are asiaphiles, or have what is considered yellow fever.

These are men who are strongly attracted to the people and culture of Asia.

The program followed closely a 60 year old man who lives in the San Francisco area who is just in love with Asian women, particularly Chinese in his case.

Right from the start, it was nearly unbearable to watch this man’s reaction.

He had a number of Chinese penpals and on his computer contained literally thousands of photographs of Chinese women.

When the director of the film (who happens to be Chinese) asked the man why he was so interested in Chinese women, he couldn’t even answer the question! He just sat there in silence. As he failed to come up with any kind of response that would make sense, he kept giggling and laughing and going back to his computer monitor to look at his collection of images.

The only thing that came to my mind while watching him was that he was a giant pervert and his fetish for Chinese women was immense.

He had traveled to China a number of times to visit these women that he was corresponding with during the filming of the documentary. And I just didn’t find it surprising that whenever he would go to China to meet a specific woman, in that first visit he would propose marriage. The thing about it is that he did this many times with many women.

Finally he would go to China one more time to meet a 30 year old woman. He actually brought her back to the United States and she was allowed to stay in the country for three months. At the end of that time period, she either had to marry him to stay in the country or leave.

The plan was to marry.

Right away, you could tell by the expressions of the Chinese woman who went by the name of Sandy, that she was not impressed. I felt so bad for her.

The man took the time to eliminate his shrines to Chinese women before she arrived in his rinky-dink small apartment which was heavily cluttered. Instead of eliminating them entirely, he hid them. I just sat there wondering what in the world he was thinking!! He got rid of evidence of any other photographs of other Chinese women in his life, but he didn’t take the time to clean up his own home. Where were the priorities? It appeared that they were more focused on keep things a secret from the woman who was about to enter his home.

He barely understood Chinese. So whenever she would speak, he would have no idea what she was saying. And her grasp of the English language was just as poor.

Probably the only thing throughout this documentary  that made me laugh was the fact that she was trying to get him to learn Chinese phrases, which he couldn’t successfully pull it off. The only phrase that he was able to clearly speak in the Chinese language was “I am stupid!” and I just laughed and laughed. As did she.

It didn’t take long for the strange couple to have some major problems. Mainly because of the language barrier and the fact that there are vast differences between American and Chinese cultures.

The director found herself not really being a director of a documentary any more. Her role in everything began to change more into a language translator as well as a marriage counselor.

As the man went to his job at the San Francisco airport, his soon-to-be Chinese bride found the photographs on his computer. She found binder after binder of printed out e-mails from other Chinese women. Particularly one from a woman who went by the name of Molly.

All hell broke loose as you can imagine. The guy attempted to defend himself, but he had no case. She had believed that he was a liar and a cheat and she was no longer happy and was ready to go back to China.

The thing that he did not understand was in the Chinese culture, when a couple calls it quits… its a total separation. They do not even remain friends in China. And she was not liking the fact that he and Molly were remaining friends. Plus all the words of love that he expressed to her in his e-mails just really hung him.

His only response that he had on camera was that HE was an American. That HE had American cultures. And that SHE was in America, not China.

And that actually gave up some good thinking for me. If a woman comes from China to the United States, does she live by her Chinese cultures or does she adopt the cultures of her new home?

So in this case, who was wrong and who was right??

Sandy’s visa to the United States was about to expire and it was do or die. Some way, some how the couple had moved on from the fight and continued to live together.

But the fighting would continue over other things such as him being such a slob to live in clutter. Yet with the help of the director, they would always work things out. I began to wonder how well this relationship would have went without her being there. And the director’s narration also wondered the same thing at one point. She was there to film a documentary, not play referee into someone’s relationship. ange209

They would eventually marry. The man’s brother paid for everything since the couple was seriously broke and in financial danger. That was another thing that Sandy was never thrilled about. She expected to come to the United States and be taken care of, and in turn she would care for the needs of this man.

Many times Sandy would confide in the director of the film by saying in Chinese that she had plans to marry the man and get a job and then leave him. It left the director struggling whether or not to tell the man that she was thinking about it as a warning.

The inevitable in my mind would actually come several days after the wedding. Sandy moved out of the tiny cramped apartment and stayed with HIS friends. That really didn’t make a lot of sense to me, but I suppose that she really had no place to go because she didn’t know anyone.

Sandy really was lost.

By the end of the documentary, she had returned to her husband. And wouldn’t you know it….. the man went on a cleaning frenzy that turned the apartment completely into a brand new space. The old cluttered place was gone. It looked more like a home.

Even after all this time, they still struggled with their language barriers. Although Sandy was speaking more in English than he was speaking in Chinese.

At the end, the narration said that they were soon to celebrate their fourth wedding anniversary. So I suppose that they were able to triumph after all.

However it was almost unbearable to watch him as the camera would get a close up on his face. His actions and demeanor actually creeped out the director at the beginning. And he just came across so juvenile. And at 60 years old, one would think that he would act more his age. Or at least I thought that.

He married a woman half his age, who didn’t understand his language, and honestly at the beginning couldn’t really stand him. But in the end it all worked out. It was very difficult for me to watch this man act the way he did. I felt that because of those kinds of actions that these men act upon, well… its a huge turnoff for women. I can understand why. But often times (not all of the time) its actions and attitude like that of this man who ruin women for other men that they met who would treat them so much better. But because of the horrible experiences, it appears that men who are better than that don’t get a fighting chance.

I don’t know what else to say about it all, other than I was shocked to hear that they were still together. There wasn’t much else of an update to their lives and marriage. The film never did explain whether or not Sandy was able to go to school or get a job or do anything to better her situation or their situation.

I put myself through this trauma and paid the price for it as I attempted to sleep. Being creeped out by this guy proved difficult to find peaceful sleep.


“Nobody pulls a prank like George Clooney.”~Anna Kendrick

I just saw this video and there’s a ton of thoughts about it.

Its title however is quite deceiving in its own way.

Its supposed to a video about a Brazilian man who gets revenge on a cheating girlfriend. She opens up what she believes is a romantic box of yummy and delicious chocolates.

What she finds instead is a total nightmare.

The video shows the man giving the box to the woman in the back seat. Then he gets out of the vehicle while she’s distracted by this elegant gift of love.

The video shows him seemingly making the vehicle only able to open the doors from the outside from its safety-lock feature.  0

As she finally gets the ribbon off of the box and pulls the lid off, she throws her loving gift into the air, spilling the contents everywhere inside the vehicle.

The box was not of chocolates, but of something so disgusting and terrifying that she scrambles as much as she can to get away from it all.

I will not tell you what was inside of it. You will have to find the video and watch it for yourself.

She screams in terror, calling out somebody’s name. We are to assume she is calling for the name of the same man who had given her the gift in the first place.

She tries in vain to exit the vehicle and screams more and more and more.

This video lasts only about 90 seconds and doesn’t give much explanation. The language is in Portuguese and subtitled as well.

Seeing this on Facebook for the first time, I actually laughed. I only knew what was being presented. That a man was seeking revenge on his CHEATING girlfriend. dani

But as I did the research for this story and wouldn’t you know it, its all fake!

It was a prank that was set up and recorded for “Pânico na TV!” which is a television program in Brazil.

The poor victim’s name is Daniele Bolina. A model/dancer for the show.

The television program has been in a great decline from its viewers in Brazil. The model actually was being picked on because she had married in 2010. And the show’s contract stated that all models/dancers were to remain single. So, in an  act of payback they picked on her.

She is not yelling in terror at the supposed boyfriend, but rather the producer of the show once she figures out that she has fallen a victim of a prank.

The other comments that are being made about it is that her voice sounds like a man when she screams. But I’m not this person’s gynecologist, so I’m leaving that one alone.

I actually had fallen to believe that this was a real prank of vengeance. And I did not feel any sympathy towards the cheating woman. Knowing the pain and sorrow of being cheated on, I was almost to the point of applauding the video although I am not 100% sure if I would do something like that to get back at someone who cheated on me.

But then my opinion on the matter had changed completely when I realized that this was a prank for a television show. Instead of being supportive of the action, I turned around and was shaking my head that this happened to the model.

I understand that she broke the terms of her contract by getting married. But what I do not understand is why didn’t the producers just terminate the contract and fire her from her job?

I think that since she was a part of this program that she knew something was coming. But she didn’t know exactly what.

This video is wild and crazy.  Some will laugh and others will shake in terror. You tell me what you think!






“Acting is the perfect idiot’s profession.”~ Katharine Hepburn

Subscribers and friends; Ladies and gentlemen: The Idiot Award is back!!

However we have a tie!

This month’s winners: Lindsay Lohan & Playboy magazine.

It was reported today that the 25 year-old actress was approached by Playboy magazine to do a shoot for their publication. Playboy: Seriously, what the heck are you thinking?!?

Playboy offered the actress $750,000 for the one time deal but Lindsay Lohan wanted an even one million dollars. To which Playboy had denied, yet later on agreed to a sum of higher than $750,000 but not quite the million that Lindsay Lohan was wanting. Whatever it was decided on is in between those two figures.

I honestly have no idea what either camp was thinking when this proposal came to light. I’m not sure what exactly Playboy could have wanted from this tragedy of human waste. Although it would appear that avarice would’ve been the main force behind Lindsay Lohan’s decision to do this. But that is mere personal speculation, so I’ll move on.

Even though back in 2005, she was quoted to say that she would never do any work in her films that would require her to be naked. So I don’t know what the difference is now.

Lindsay Lohan had done many films in her acting career. Films like the re-make of “The Parent Trap”, “Mean Girls”, and “Freaky Friday”. It had seemed as if Lindsay Lohan was becoming a bright and shining star for the Disney Corporation. Yet in 2007, her personal issues would become public knowledge and then the slippery slope downwards would begin for her. And then of course all the drama and bullshit from the entire Lohan family would be spilled into our faces, like we even cared about it in the first place.

The details are murky at best at this point, and it leaves the world to sit and wonder about what this is going to turn out like.  But then again, she hasn’t really left much for the imagination as she has been photographed countless times exiting vehicles without any underwear. And other “priceless gems” where she is actually topless.

The entire WORLD has already seen what Lindsay Lohan “has to offer”. And therefore, this whole idea is absolutely ridiculous!

She’s been in so much trouble with the law as of lately that it makes me personally wonder how this could help make her public image a lot better. What kind of a stunt is she and her family trying to pull over on us to help bring her back into the loving fold that she had so personally chosen to abandon.

I think that Lindsay Lohan could have been a tremendous actress and very successful. She also could have been one of the most attractive females in Hollywood in recent years. To think or to say that she could have been the most sought after actress in such a long time, only to see that she threw it all away by being charged with numerous DUI’s. Not to mention having failed the terms of her probation, which was also something that she chose to do.

Failure to do so caught her in deeper trouble with the courts. And the whole media blitz on her for the past several years, caused a lot of pain for her personal fans.

So when I saw her in handcuffs a few days back, in that deplorable dress and make-up, I cheered. I am STILL tired of Hollywood actors/actresses breaking the law and getting away with just a slap on the toe, much less the wrist.

Her partying life style which has claimed so many in Hollywood did not show any prejudice towards Lindsay Lohan. Yet- she was the one that made the choices she did in her life. And now she’s trying to work off her community service hours in a morgue with menial tasks like trash removal and cleaning the bathrooms.

So when I heard about this deal by Playboy, I very much literally and physically became sick. I threw up so bad over a situation that isn’t even my business. And I totally regretted learning about it in the first place. The media still SUCKS!

Therefore, congratulations to the winner(s) of this award.

My own heartfelt reactions and thoughts are actually mirrored by the ones that were posted on YouTube today by Michael Buckley from the WHATTHEBUCKSHOW. I’ll leave you with that link so that you may see and hear his thoughts and reactions. It it as the very beginning of the video and lasts several minutes before he goes on with other Hollywood type news. I also would agree on his opinion about Dina, Lindsay’s less than admirable mother.