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This afternoon I received a telephone call from my sister. She said she was nearby and wanted to stop by to visit, bringing the 2 year old (my niece) with her. I certainly didn’t mind that so I told her to come on by. She stopped and grabbed a bite to eat before she finally had arrived.

I happened to be going through Facebook around the time she showed up.

A few minutes later, I moved away from the computer. It allowed my sister to move in place and be in front of my computer. I certainly didn’t mind. But I would find out rather quickly that I probably should have.

What she did, caused about a half an hour of a laugh riot shared between her and I. Even though I ran the risk of pissing off a few people that could have led to them to the action of  “unfriending” me.

Instead of my sister moving on to do something else like, check her e-mail, look up something on the Internet, check her bank account, or even log me off and log into her own account, she began to wonder what she could do to sabotage me and see what the result would do.

Luckily for me, my sister was thinking far too hard to come up with something so outlandish to write on my Facebook profile and by the time I was finished doing what I was doing,  I was back inside and watching her.

She was attempting to make me sound either ignorant, offensive, or as a homosexual.

She tagged other people’s names in the posts that she was able to come up with. And for her, the reaction was not coming in fast enough. Up until the point where I had received a text message with the question of “What’s going on?”.

At first, I didn’t respond. I wanted to see just how far my sister would go with her practical joke. Deep down believing that NOBODY would believe that it was me behind the keyboard typing these silly Facebook statuses. Eventually, I would confess that my sister was behind the keyboard and just having a little fun.

Such as the following:

“Sled hockey is for wimps.”

“I like princesses and rainbows.”

“Majic Mike is the best porno ever!”

And so on. Then the others came when she tagged people whom she could remember that were mutual friends between her and I. And it just grew from there.

Some people saw it, and well… I honestly don’t know what they were thinking. My cell phone began to grow with activity from a flurry of text messages and then there were others who were writing messages in the inbox on Facebook, asking what in the heck was going on.

The reality of the situation, I was monitoring and supervising what she had written on my Facebook wall. She would come up with an idea, and then I would tell her that NOBODY would believe that it was me. She obviously was looking for that level of “assumed sincerity”, trying to sound like it was me. But it just didn’t work for her. Nothing she put on my Facebook wall was something that I did not approve of.

I left everything up for several hours. Some people even clicked “LIKE” on a few of them. Others offered comments. So when my sister finally left, I wrote that my sister had a little fun at my expense. I had began to delete some of the things she had written.

But ultimately everything she wrote, was all deleted. Including my admission that it was my sister having some fun.

Really, it wasn’t “hacked”. But it was monitored. And it provided a bit of entertainment for a while. Once people started to realize what was going on (that they had figured out on their own), the fun quickly died down.

At any rate, the things we do to entertain often must come at the expenses of ourselves rather than others.