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“Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive.”~ Dalai Lama

Its been a very difficult week for the United States of America. So many tragedies happening. Not too long after the Boston Marathon bombing came the news of a fertilizer plant that exploded in a small town called West, Texas.

West, Texas is just a few miles north of Waco, Texas.

It is a very sad story to hear and there is going to be a very difficult uphill battle for the town and its citizens.

Many people in Texas were horrified upon hearing the news. And even a full day later after the explosion, officials are not given any information on casualties and/or deaths.

This story broke nationwide for sure.

And throughout the pandemonium  hearing different stories that were actually never official that maybe up to 60 people had died in this explosion. Even early this morning there was a possible death toll of 5-15 people. But again, nobody is talking about those kinds of numbers. There are however, first responders and firefighters who missing at this hour.

After reading countless posts on Facebook about this tragedy closer to home, we enter the people whom I have given this month’s Compassion Award.


Brenda Flores, Auggie Del Ray

The band that I have recently been writing about, BEAUTIFUL DISTURBANCE, who comes originally from Waco, Texas had many compassionate posts by its members. Auggie Del Ray and Brenda Flores.

Just hours after the news had broke about this story, Auggie Del Ray was so moved that he decided that he wanted to do something for the people of West, Texas who were suffering.

The story last night was that many of the citizens were being evacuated and more or less left homeless until fires at the plant could be contained and the threat was diminished.

Auggie Del Ray in an act of selflessness, posted on his personal Facebook profile that HIS home would be open to those who were being displaced and evacuated.

He also was encouraging for those who could help to do so. No matter if it meant donating money or blood.

Then this afternoon, BEAUTIFUL DISTURBANCE came together as the family that they are, and now are going to give 100% of the proceeds of the band’s merchandise sold on the 18th and 19th of April to the victims of West, Texas.

Any kind of merchandise that you can find on their website, ALL the money will be donated!!!

It was very awesome gesture on behalf of Auggie, Brenda, and the rest of the band. And it floored me that they were so very willing to do this.

These kinds of tragedies will only be overcome by people willing to donate. Usually this means a lot of money for the restoration and rebuilding of what was lost, which was a lot!!!

So go ahead and buy yourself a t-shirt, some posters, a wristband, whatever you like. And do so knowing that your purchases will go towards the hurting victims of this disaster.

This is probably the most phenomenal story I have heard in a very long time!

Sarah McKinley, age 18, of Oklahoma called in a 911 emergency. Two men were trying to break in to her home. She told dispatch that she was armed and she was asking whether or not she was allowed to shoot the intruders if they were successful in breaking in.

Some of the conversation was recorded. But not all of it.

What happened was that Sarah shot and killed the first intruder with a shotgun blast to the chest once he had entered her residence. The second possible intruder was scared shitless and took off, but then later turned himself in.

I was glad to hear earlier today that no charges will be filled against her. She’s had a very rough few weeks. Her husband had died of cancer on Christmas Day! And then on New Year’s Eve, two morons were trying to break in to her home only to steal the pain medication of the deceased husband. Sarah was smart enough to give the first guy into the house a dose of lethal blow of justice by a shotgun.

How terrible it must have been for Sarah towards the end of 2011. And on top of all of this, she has a 3 month old child to take care of, now on her own.

But I actually salute her courage and bravery for what she did. She did what she had to do to make sure that she protected herself and the life of her baby. And those who were breaking the law have dealt with their consequences of doing so.

Sarah McKinley receives the Heroic Award for this month. Bravo, Sarah. Bravo!