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Receiving health care from even this sexy redheaded model probably would be better than what I've had so far.

“Constant attention by a good nurse may be just as important as a major operation by a surgeon.”~ Dag Hammarskjold
Day 2 since I’ve been back home from the hospital. And I would have to admit, the past 48 hours or so have been full of trials.
I was admitted into home health care because of the surgical wound that was left open. A home health care agency was assigned with daily care for the wound.
When I had heard about it, I was just “okay” with it. At least I knew that I was going to be receiving further treatment in order to continue the healing process.
But what would happen yesterday, day 1, would be something that was so awful and so unprofessional, that I decided that I was going to expose it through this blog.
I was told the evening that I left the hospital that someone would be coming from Encompass at 9:00 AM to do the wound care. Well, at 9:10 AM– I received a call from the nurse.
She literally ADMITTED to me that she was not coming by because she overslept!! Yep, she admitted it. NOT very professional. I was re-scheduled for a time somewhere between 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM later in the day.
This meant that I had to be up in my wheelchair to let her inside my home and wait for this two hour time span. And right now, the healing has just begun and I am not able to sit for very long in my wheelchair. I waited and waited and waited some more.
I sat upright until I couldn’t any more. Then I received another phone call from the same nurse, telling me that she was going to re-schedule AGAIN.
All in all, I was not seen by this nurse for six hours from the original appointment. I saw her at around 3:00 PM that afternoon, and it took her an hour and 45 minutes to get all of the paper work signed to admit me to their services. It was that long of a time from when she arrived to when she left.
And then today, day 2- I was informed that the nurse would arrive some where between 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM. She arrived at 2:50 PM. Again, having to sit in my wheelchair in complete soreness from my surgical wound, and waiting.
Luckily though, I had a social worker go and get my prescriptions filled. The unfortunate part was that I did not receive them until after the nurse was done today.
My social worker heard about the six hour push aside, and she did not think that it was right. She also agreed that this nurse who had admitted to “oversleeping” was not being professional at all. And that if I was to encounter any more issues or problems, to tell her about it and she would fight on my behalf to get things right.
Well today, the social worker and the nurse crossed paths. The social worker giving the nurse a good ole stare down. I didn’t know if there was going to be a “chick fight” on my patio or not. But there wasn’t.
A few minutes later, my primary doctor’s office called, inquiring how Encompass had been let into my home when I was under the care of a different home health agency.
I explained that the previous home health had discharged me a while ago, and the hospital staff set up Encompass to come into my home. Then there were more questions by the doctor’s office. At last, the doctor’s office asked, “Are you satisfied with the care that you are receiving with Encompass?”.
My official answer: “NOT yet!”…
It appears that my doctor knows something about this home health agency and is very weary about them. But I was assured that my doctor would be told that I am not satisfied with Encompass, as of yet.
I know that they are here to help me. But really, this is rubbish. The first day I am re-scheduled twice and made to wait six hours. And then having to wait for hours before they show up again while in pain and trying to get my strength back. ON TOP of the most unusual confession of oversleeping by someone who is supposed to be a professional?
This is very unhealthy. I wonder how they operate? I wonder how they even get any good business done??
But I have a lot of people supportive and they’ve got my back. Ready to complain, bitch, and groan at the superiors if need be. And when my doctor stepped in? Ohhh boy… I think they are going to get it!!
We’ll see how the rest of today goes, and how tomorrow is as well. But so far, NOT so good. At least now I have my medicines. Both antibotics and pain medication. I’m tellin’ ya… that’s some strong stuff!
Let the healing continue!!