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“Right now, I’m as single as a slice of American cheese.”~ Nick Cannon

I think I’m done for a while! A LONG LONG LONG WHILE!! 

Not to say that I am not open to the possibility if it presents itself on its own, but I’m done with the whole game of chase.

This past Tuesday I was out and about and long story short, I was being flirted with the woman behind the cash register at the restaurant I stopped in for lunch.

I saw two VERY obvious signs of flirtation and so I went in for the kill, so to speak.

I simply asked if she was busy at any time during the rest of this week. She said she was free Friday and I suggested that she and I go do something together.

Yes, I asked her out on a date. Something I normally wouldn’t do. One probably should have checked me for a fever. But that wouldn’t have mattered much as she said YES.

Shocked as I was, I was not turned down. I wanted her to more or less “speak closer into the microphone” but that would have made me look really stupid.

So I waited for Friday evening.

I must note that I listened to a radio program on the Internet who had interviewed Jodi Ambrose. The person to whom I am forever in debt for many things.

55 minutes of relationship goodness. Some laughs, some cries, you know… the whole nine yards. I’m biased in saying this, but I think it would be so much fun to actually talk with her.

I digress, moving on to the date.

I was honest with this woman and told her that I didn’t drive. She said that it would not be a problem and we would meet somewhere in the middle and go from there.

And we did that.

But we sat there in the vehicle for at least ten minutes butting heads and arguing about what to do. Either I didn’t have the money or she didn’t have the desire. It was always something. But all of that head butting caused the both of us to be hungry.

It was a decision better suited for choice and a lot easier.

We sat there really close to one another, and I talked so much about sledge hockey, and this blog, and other things about me that my food got cold. I ALWAYS do that!! Dang!!!!

But she sat there in interest and amazement as  I set out to show her that even though I am in a wheelchair, that I can still have a full and productive life. Anyone who thinks otherwise can just suck on it.

She was admiring my sense of humor as well. But I noticed that she was beginning to check the door every time someone came in. And then she would stare and watch as they walked by.

Suddenly piece after piece after piece of hunkalicous male eye candy walked through that door. And I have no idea where in the world they came from.

We are talking about the male specimens that ANY woman is going to notice. It does not matter whether you are single, married, in a relationship, divorced,  or half-dead…. these men would make ANY woman purr like a kitten even if its only inside of her head.

Okay, fine. I’m not as “hot” as these guys who were coming in. But my date kept staring at them so much that it got to the point where she kept asking me to repeat what I just said. If I would have kept count, I probably would have killed her.

Why? Because I was uncomfortable and angry.

What she did not know is that the radio interview with Jodi Ambrose briefly discussed just that, and how men should never do that in front of their woman. Well of course it goes both ways.

I was no longer having fun any more. And I was stuck with not knowing really what to do. Should I tell her that her staring at these men was making me feel ill or should I just grin and bear it??

I decided to go with the honest, brutal truth. I told her that because she keeps staring at these men, it is drawing her attention away from me and it was insulting.

She asked me what I expected her to do about it because they were so hot. I just told her that I was finished and it was just better to take me back home. bad-date

As I got out of the vehicle and attempted to speak to her as a human being, wanting to let her eye-humping activities go… she decided to fight back.

Okay…… WOW!!!

This girl went on and on and on to excuse her bad behavior by justifying the fact that these men were much more attractive than I.

She included the fact that she believed that these men are so attractive that they had more money than I would ever dare to dream of having.

Yes, she really went THAT FAR with her campaign of protecting herself by attempting to put me down. And this came up because I told her that I wanted to go home if she was not going to stop looking at these men and was not going to pay attention to me talking with her.  guys

There is no joke to this. I wouldn’t dare of making something like this up considering the huge length of time in between now and the last time I went on a date that was actually considered a date.

Intimacy even has a longer timeline. But we will not discuss it.

However, this meme says it all.

It really sucks to know that this woman was the person to make the first move. She flirted with me first. She agreed to the date. And then when it was sabotaged by her own lusts, she turned out to be a royal pain.

And so armed with the relationship advice of the powerful and mighty Jodi Ambrose, I caught on to what she was doing. Hell, I cannot even be sure if she really or truly wanted to be there. But if she didn’t then why did she agree to the date?

So now I dunk my sorrows in the cookies purchased from The Cape Cod Cookie Company that was received today. Chocolate….. YUM!

I highly suggest you look them up and order yourself a half or full dozen today.

Meanwhile I’m done. I know that it doesn’t pay at all but I might consider a career in misanthropy.

People today STILL are this abhorrent and cruel, and its uncalled for.

I’ll heal. But will I be scarred????

“Hollywood is a place where they’ll pay you a thousand dollars for a kiss and fifty cents for your soul.”~
Marilyn Monroe

Well ‘happy birthday, meester pwesident’ to you too!!

I was going to write this post a few days ago when the anger was still fresh on my mind. But luckily for myself, the subject matter died out just as quickly as it came up and was rubbed thoroughly in my face like a person trying to potty train a new puppy.

A few days ago, the news was reporting that Courtney Stodden & Doug Hutchison had tied the knot. At first, it didn’t strike me for anything because I did not know who they were. I mean after all, where the heck was my wedding invitation? Did it get lost in the mail? No of course not! So why should I waste an ounce of energy on the news that these two people were joined in marriage? And then the reports were all buzzing about the enormous age difference between husband and wife. I didn’t know what to think about it at first. And then after a few thousands times of hearing about it, it began to become very annoying.

So I had to stop and think about it. Who the heck were these people and why is it being pushed in my face that the two of them got married, OUTSIDE of the fact that the groom is dangerously close to the age of being his wife’s grandfather.

Doug Hutchison has been on shows like “LOST”. Something I didn’t watch at all. But he’s also been in “The Green Mile”. That was something that I did see. So I had a sort of reference to who he was. Still haven’t heard of Courtney Stodden though. I’ve seen pictures of her in a bikini, sitting on a boat and that’s all I know of her.

Why is this news? Seriously, I don’t think anyone can come up with a decent response to that question. And who is it that gets to decide who is a celebrity and who is just an actor?

All I can think about is the backlash that this newlywed couple is going to have to answer for. We simply do not know the reasons as to why they decided to get married. Although we can speculate it and assume until the End of Days. Personally though, I could care less! Most Hollywood marriages end up in divorce in the first place, and in pretty short order I might add. So it will be a few years at the most and they’ll be split and nothing will have changed for the world.

I cannot stand Hollywood and their definitions of stardom and celebrity status. Who the heck comes up with this garbage?? Hardly anyone that “makes it” in Hollywood has any staying power any more.

So here’s a good question for debate: Why are certain people famous? People like Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, and Antoine Dodson? And what have they done in their personal careers to be able to stabilize their star status? 

I haven’t heard anything come out of Antoine Dodson in the past six months or more. He became famous because he was very emotional in front of a news crew camera in Huntsville, Alabama after his sister was a victim of a sexual assault. He gave it to the camera and he did it with passion. And then a family who lives on the east coast with a bit of musical talent and know-how with Auto Tune, took his news segment and made it into a hit song on i-Tunes.

And I will admit that the entire piece of music that was crafted is entirely catchy and almost enjoyable. But that’s what they did to his news interview.

BAM!! INSTANT CELEBRITY!!! But where is he now?

Hollywood has this rotten way of things to take people and turn them into whatever they want. Good people, bad people, heroes and villains. Hollywood, and the media that is. Sadly going hand in hand on this one.

So then why aren’t I popular? Why am I not making millions of dollars?? I’ve done great things in my life. I’ve been good, I’ve been bad too. Very, VERY bad!! Nobody is calling me for my life story. Nobody is asking me to show up at red carpet events. Why not me? Why not some of my friends? Why, why, why???

It is just the fact that Hollywood’s way of life sucks. It always has, and always will.

I remember when I was seven years old, I told my mother “When I grow up, I want to become famous and live in Hollywood and even change my name.” Now when I think about it… I do not think that I still have the same enthusiasm to “make it in Hollywood” as I did back then. My eternal soul is NOT for sale.