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At the time I came along, Hollywood’s idea of teen movies meant there had to be a lot of nudity, usually involving boys in pursuit of sex, and pretty gross overall. Either that or a horror movie. And the last thing Hollywood wanted in their teen movies was teenagers!”~ John Hughes

This blog post contains subject matter that some may find offensive. Please use discretion if you are easily offended or repulsed by controversial subject matters which include extreme violence, gore, and sexual situations that appear in films.

This past weekend, I was surprised to see some of the people in which I had subscribed to on YouTube who are known for making movie reviews. The movie that they were reviewing and making videos for, was Human Centipede 2.

Not having seen the first film, I didn’t know anything about this sequel. Other than everyone who was reviewing this film on YouTube, was disgusted by it. So instead of paying out of my pocket to watch this film online, I decided to research it and find out just what it was all about.

They were right. This movie, based on an article that had written the plot of the film, is really disgusting. But like I said, I cannot compare it to the first one because I have seen neither film. And wouldn’t you know it, there are plans for making Human Centipede 3 next year, and it is supposed to be even more gross and shocking than number two!!

How they will pull that off, based solely on what I read about the sequel, is beyond me!!!!!!

But my lack of interest in seeing this film caused me to research other films which had been given the label of “sickest films of all time”.

I have seen plenty of horror films in my lifetime. I have seen lots of slasher and gore films as well. Most exploitation films that I have seen, were made for one purpose: shock value. Some of them, actually fit the bill.

Slasher films like Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Last House on the Left, etc. I actually would learn that they were (at the time) banned in many different countries across the world. And that got me going on finding a worldwide list of banned films, categorized by country.

It didn’t really surprise me too much that the USA didn’t have a very long list of films that are “banned”.

I have seen rape and revenge films, such as I Spit On Your Grave which was made in 1978. I recall renting the Director’s Cut from a local video store, and just squirming during the brutal rape scenes. It too, was banned in some parts of the world.

Day Of The Woman/ I Spit On Your Grave (1978)

The rape scenes are so intense and very long in length. But of course comparing them to standards in which rape scenes are filmed in the 21st Century, one could say that it was “tame”. But rape scenes in films are horrible, period.

However, the second half of the film was the woman finding her revenge against those who attacked her. Their killing and mutilation (upon the first time watching this) caught me in a flurry of cheers for the woman in screaming, “GET THEM ALL!!!!”.

One of the movie’s taglines was “Not a jury in the world would convict her.” Well, no… because she didn’t leave much evidence behind by the end of the film to what she had done to her tormentors.

There’s even a category called “Sexploitation”. One of the films which some define under this category is Showgirls. When I saw that film, I actually believed it to be a waste of my time.

But going back to the brutality of content in films, which caused so much controversy in the world. I kept seeing a list of films that were made (and most of them banned for a while in countries worldwide) that were deemed the worst of all.

Most of these films I have never seen before. But some of them for whatever reason got my curiosity up about them.

Films such as 120 Days of Sodom which is an Italian horror film made in 1975. I thought to myself “What could POSSIBLY be so disturbing about a film that was made back then??”.

I’ve seen Caligula. The full length and uncut version of it. It even had eminent actors such as Peter O’Toole and Helen Mirren. The sexual content of the film included scenes of an orgy, incest, and homosexual fellatio. That last part right there actually turned my stomach. The “gore” of it though, wasn’t as shocking to me as it may be to others.

And then I would read about the film and its plot.

This movie was based off the writings of the Marquis de Sade. That right there, should tell the view of the film something. The violence is supposed to be very shocking with the mutilation and death of some of the characters. The idea of rape against characters who were supposed to be children is also vile. And then you have coprophagia. UGH!!!

I have already had my fair share of watching scenes in films of coprophagia when I saw 13:Game of Death, (aka 13: Game Sayong or 13 Beloved) and even though I laughed at the rest of the people that I was watching the film with, it was something that I had to research to prove to my ex that the scene was fake and NOT real. Plus it was subtitled since it was made in Thailand, which does take a little bit away from the experience of watching a film because one who cannot read fast will miss out on a lot of things that are happening in the film.

Still, it was gross enough. And never again…. or not?!?

So I don’t know if I really want to watch 120 Days of Sodom based purely on that fact. I’m guessing that the violence in it is not as graphic as films are today. But just that one subject matter makes me tremble to think of what it might be.

Another one I was able to watch someone do a review for was called A Serbian Film. Tons of extreme violence, sex, and even the inclusion of children. Ehhh… I don’t know about that one either.

Visions of Ecstasy

One more film that was banned was called Visions of Ecstasy. Which was banned in the UK for blasphemy.

The only film in the world to be banned for that reason.. I think. That one, I have to double check. But again, its based on the TRUE writings of Saint Teresa from Spain. And its only 18 minutes long.

But I think that certain topics and subject matter in films cause certain controversy. For sure, I think that society finds things repulsive and disgusting if it deals with animals and/or children.

Other things like religion also get controversial as well. I mean The Life of Brian was banned for many years in many countries. And that was just satire humor… with a religious element.

How some of these horror films actually get through censorship boards is really, beyond my comprehension. But I can take a slasher film or a gore film and watch it. It doesn’t really bother me much at all. Because I know that its not real. And no, I will not go into the urban legend of the snuff film. I’m just saying that the levels of violence, blood, and gore keep going up with each decade and the changing of society and its morals and what is deemed “okay”. After all, the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre is STILL banned in a few places.

But there are some films that I don’t think that I will ever be able to “unsee” once I’ve seen them. Some that I had never had watched in the first place. I’ve made those mistakes too many times.

So I have to make a decision on where I draw the line. Where is it that I will lay the boundaries and say “I’m NOT going to watch this film!”. It is personal decision that can only be made by that individual. Some can handle such plots of violence and gore, and others cannot.









“I’m terrible at horror movies, by the way. I get scared so easily. “~ Oliver Stone
I am not the kind of person that hides the fact that I love to watch horror films. I’m also not the kind of person that tries to hide the fact that something made me jump out of my skin while watching horror films. But there is one film. One stinkin’, lousy film that just about scared the shit out of me when I was still living at home.
That film is “Demons”.
Demons or “Dèmoni” was the original title, released in 1985 and written by Dario Argento and directed by Lamberto Bava.
Allow me to give you one heck of a spoiler for you, just in case you have not seen this foulness.
On the Berlin subway, university student Cheryl is pursued by a mysterious, masked man. However, rather than attack her he offers her tickets to a free screening at a local, recently renovated cinema. She talks her friend, Kathy, into going with her. At the crowded theater, they meet two young gentleman, George and Ken, and sit with them. Before the film begins, a woman named Rosemary scratches her face with a bizarre mask in the lobby. The film is a violent, disturbing horror film that features the mask from the lobby.
 Feeling ill, Rosemary goes to the bathroom. The scratch on her face bursts open, spewing out a foul pus. She is soon transformed into a bloodthirsty, fanged demon. Rosemary attacks her friend, Carmen. Carmen rips through the screen and transforms into a demon in front of the rest of the cinema goers.
The group of uninfected race to any exit they can find, only to find that they have all been bricked up. Although they attempt to barricade themselves in the balcony, many of them are attacked and infected by the demons. One of the demons escapes into the city when four punks break in to the building through a back entrance. The punks are soon transformed into demons as well.
In the cinema, only George and Cheryl remain uninfected. Using a motorcycle and sword props from the lobby, they ride through the auditorium slicing down many demons.
Suddenly, a helicopter crashes through the roof. George and Cheryl use its winch to climb to the roof. There they are attacked by the mysterious man from the subway but are able to kill him by impaling his head on an exposed bit of rebar.
The two climb down onto the streets and discover the demonic infection has spread throughout the city. They are picked up by well-armed survivors in a jeep. As they drive to safety, Cheryl transforms into a demon. She is killed by one of the other passengers, leaving George as the only survivor from the cinema.

Yeah, that doesn’t sound like much in words like that, so let me tell you my side of the story:

This movie was rented from the local video store by myself and my younger brother. We figured we’d satisfy ourselves with yet another horror film. The thing of it was that movies that were rated R by the MPAA were not allowed in the house. A rule my parents had made. But this time, they were out of town.

And I should just briefly mention that because of a bad choice that my brother had made about a year earlier that dealt with underage drinking of alcohol while the parents were away caused the parents to believe that some supervision was necessary this time around. Some how, we had influenced that particular person to allow us this rated R treat into the house to watch. Heck, that person even sat down and watched it with us.

It wasn’t anywhere near Halloween, just some random day that we decided to rent a movie.

We watched this film at night and we were fine. Although when it was time to go to bed, I declined to even get off of the couch. I said that I was going to sleep on the couch because I was “too scared to sleep in my own bed”. That was actually a lie. The fact of the matter was at the time, the family had two new house pets. One puppy and one kitten. The puppy had actually taken a dump in my bedroom prior to being trained to do it outside and of course the smell was still in the bedroom. So I didn’t want to go sleep in there.

And so there I was, laying on the couch in the dark. Revisiting in my head what I had just seen. There is one particular scene in the film where the punks are in a vehicle, involving themselves with illegal drugs. I think cocaine.

Someone spilled it all over the female in the car and there someone was, scratching it off of her breasts with a razor blade. Now knowing what I knew about the film at that point, I wondered if he was going to cut her, and then she’d end up like one of these creatures.

And then the whole idea of turning into these horrible things just from a scratch??? How could that possibly be? What was the point to it?

Just when I was pondering these totally ridiculous questions, the kitten (which was mostly black in color) and come into the living room without me knowing it. The thoughts poured over and over again… turned into a monster by a scratch.

About that time, the kitten had started to swiftly crawl up the back of the couch, using its claws and I WAS DONE! It scared me so bad that I jumped off the couch and ran around the house screaming like an idiot.

The kitten had reached the top of the couch and then jumped onto my body before I even began to bolt from the living room. Its claws dug into my flesh as it landed.

After I finished screaming like a sissy, all I could hear was a faint and ever so innocent “meow, meow” from the cat that just scared me so badly. I woke everyone up in the house and scared them to death as well. When they realized why I was screaming so maniacally, well, my younger brother just rolled his eyes at me and referred to me as something similar to a female reproductive part of the body.

I was done with Italian horror films. I never watched another one voluntarily again.