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“You come pointing guns in the direction of my wife, my kids, damn it I’ll meet you at the door any time. And I’m sorry some of you guys got shot but uh hey, God will have to sort that out, won’t he?”~ David Koresh

Twas once again for the most excellent and moist birthday extravaganza of Dr. Froth. This year, drummer Mikey Lewis was also included in the celebrations.

My extended time in Houston however was slowly slipping away. With only ONE MORE show to attend and just a few hours of sleep, then I would be hitting the road to return home. And 99% of the time, when I am on that lonely road returning… I’m in tears.

However, I had to have a change in thinking as I just spent the night before with ECHO TEMPLE and was about to spend the evening with SIX MINUTE CENTURY. There’s not too many times in the world that I can say that I have done that.

Trying to “sleep in” at a hotel, in a bed that is unfamiliar, is almost impossible. Almost.

I finally woke up, my ears still ringing from all the sound and music the night before, and left there to lay with NO motivation whatsoever.

And then The Weather Channel caught my eye as they were talking about hurricanes. Now, hurricanes aren’t really my forté, of course tornadoes are, but ehh… I had a shit load of time to kill before the show.

And then there was some kind of Top 5 of all disastrous hurricanes of all time. 3 out of 5 hurricanes, I either had heard about or knew about when it happened. But of course, I couldn’t have known #1.

Unfortunately, I cannot remember all five of them. Hurricane Andrew started it off at #5 and then #2 was Hurricane Katrina. And really, for the number one spot, they only had two choices. The Great Storm of 1900 or Hurricane Sandy.

#1 was the Great Storm of 1900 in Galveston, Texas.

After that, there was a small documentary on that same storm in Galveston that happened on the 8th of September in the year 1900. And I actually found myself drawn into the program. Mainly because I know that SIX MINUTE CENTURY has a song about that storm that I enjoy hearing played live.

After all of that, my body decided to inform me that it was hungry. So I reluctantly went next door to the Harris County Smokehouse.  Exif_JPEG_422

I say that I was reluctant because in April, I went there for breakfast and just was not impressed at all. But this time, was for lunch. For whatever reason I had hoped that lunch would be better than breakfast.

Such consequences I received for hoping.

The image to the right here is what I ordered, taken with the cell phone. Can you guess what the heck it is??

Whatever your guess may be– you’re dead wrong. It was butt load of gravy!!!! And something underneath it.

I was just so disappointed in it all. I knew that they had some merchandise and I usually will buy a t-shirt or something but I refused to do it after having a SECOND disappointing meal. As a matter of fact, the image that you see here wasn’t too far off from what was left on the plate as I left it sitting there on the table, totally disgusted. I just moved away from the table and left it all there.

As I returned to my hotel room, I noticed that even more programs on hurricanes were happening on The Weather Channel. And eventually realized that they were celebrating Hurricane Week. I think it was in an all-out battle for ratings against the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week. Of which, I am selachophobic and you’ll NEVER find Me watching it. Even if you put a gun to my head… I will be instructing you to pull the damned trigger because its NOT happening.

But SHOWTIME was free. It was just really hit and miss though. The night before was “Saw” but it was on too late and I was about to crash.  The_Darkest_Hour_Theatrical_Poster

Saturday afternoon though offered a very strange film. I had missed the first few minutes of it but quickly caught on to its plot…. which wasn’t much at all.

A sort of horror film where the killer was flowing electricity. Strange stuff, I tell you!!!

By the time it ended, my brain was totally numb.

Then I crashed on the bed again for a quick nap. After that I was picked up to go to the show by Dr. & Mrs. Froth.

I had NO filter and NO hesitancy to inform them both that Harris County Smokehouse was a huge disappointment and that I would suggest never to go in there to eat.

After that, I gave my offerings to Frothtonomy’s Froktar. I had asked Dr. Froth what was going to be an acceptable offering. He said mangos.

Then I asked Mrs. Froth secretly what Dr. Froth’s food was. Even though I missed out on the mangos, I got the cheese which was not exactly cheap.

I then dropped over to Dr. Froth a gift card for him and his wife to eat at their favorite Applebee’s location. Told him “Happy Birthday!” and then we pressed on.

I suddenly began to wonder if the redheaded succubus was going to show up. She had said that she was not showing up for ECHO TEMPLE but was going to be there for SIX MINUTE CENTURY. But my curiosity, I kept to myself at that point. Not that her batting average was speaking volumes though.

Dr. Froth offered cheeseburgers because everyone was hungry. And it was a good choice since I walked out on my abortion of a lunch.

Swinging through the driveway, I had forgotten that Dr. Froth throws his voice and does “The Old Man” into the intercom.

When the employee repeated the order back and had it all correct, Dr. Froth said, “Oh Sweet Jesus, yes!” and then hilarity ensued.  mktg50-sweettea111708

“Did you say you wanted a sweet tea too?” was heard over the intercom.

I lost it. I laughed until my sides were hurting.

We cruised down the road and Dr. Froth offered the latest tracks that was being recorded and mastered for the new album.

Being a VIP Centurion definitely has its perks!!!

We entered in and then I had found out that I was on the Guest List for the evening. So things were getting better and better.

The show was for sure a long hard fought battle as the bands that were to play that night kept changing. I was there behind the scenes when this band said NO and that band said YES, then said NO. It was all ridiculous.

But I think everything was a good fit in the end.

I asked Mrs. Froth if she was going to pull me out of danger if I got into trouble. And this woman cares enough about me to look me dead straight in the eye and threaten to kick my ass if I got into trouble. That’s love right there!!! Friends that care enough for you to slap you into next week for doing something that you already knew was stupid before you started doing it.

Since I knew that she was true to her word, I dared not tempt fate. And besides, the succubus NEVER showed. But it was to NO surprise to anyone.

ETERNAL ECHOES got on stage first. A three piece band who has been practicing and playing together for a while now. But they do not have a lead singer or anyone on vocals as of yet.


Dr. Froth and an artist interpretation of Willis.

They asked Dr. Froth to come on stage because they had a birthday gift for him. When he approached on stage, he was floored to find a wonderful piece of art work which went along with the Frothtonomy mythology. Willis, the pumpkin god.

Two young women worked on it together. And it looked great.

ETERNAL ECHOES would play on. And it was then that I watched lead singer for SIX MINUTE CENTURY and his beautiful wife to approach the stage area closer. After all, their son Aaron was the guitarist and the one making much of the announcements during their set.

They mentioned that they were looking for a lead singer for their band. And that this was their SECOND gig ever!!! And that they were hopeful to find someone able to do vocals.

Dr. Froth actually teased me about how I should go for it and be their lead singer. I asked Chuck Williams what he thought and he gave his blessing on it. So I am actually REALLY considering it. I just have to get moved down there first.

Nobody saw this coming. Even the members of ETERNAL ECHOES thought I was talking in jest.

Dr. Froth then climbed on stage. The next band was called DISCIPLES OF FROKTAR.

This was Dr. Froth’s solo effort that was swiftly put together by musicians coming from other bands (such as WELL OF SOULS) and joining forces to make one bad ass sounding group!!!

Nobody really knew what to expect. But nobody was disappointed either. This was a group of guys that got together and made it sound like they had been playing this material for years and years. Its the kind of instrumental group that I WOULD pay $75 or more for ticket to see them play.

In between songs, I screamed out “HAIL FROKTAR!” and poor Dr. Froth didn’t see it coming. He was sipping some water and when I shouted… I made him choke on the water.

Damn. Ugh, sorry brother!

He got up on a microphone and responded with “HAIL WILLIS!” and all was right with the world again. But I still felt like shit because I could have waited until he was finished drinking his water.

Lessons learned.

After that SIX MINUTE CENTURY got on stage and did what they had to do to melt everyone’s faces off.

At least the few people that were there. Trust me, I was totally pissed off about the fact that so few people were there. And it really irritated me to the point where I thought that once I returned home, I was going to jump on the soap box about it.

Evil Reign from San Antonio was after that. And I had hoped that they would not continue to announce where they were from, like the three piece band from the night before. That just got annoying. But Evil Reign, I bought a t-shirt and Dr. Froth got me a koozie. Awesome!!!

Then I realized that this was probably going to be my LAST show for SIX MINUTE CENTURY. Then it was announced that the new album would be released on the 15th of October of THIS year. And that they planned on having a release party on the 19th.

Later on, the family of Froth mentioned to me that they would take care of accommodations for me because I needed to be at that show. It was something that I just could not miss. So I will have at least one MORE show coming soon. Less than ten weeks from the time that I write this blog post.

When I got back to the hotel, there was no reason for me to go to sleep, since I was supposed to return for home at 7:55 AM. A couple of hours of sleep probably would have helped, but I just didn’t want to take the chance of absolutely crashing out and then sleeping in so late that I missed my bus ride home.

It would turn out to be almost an hour late arriving where I was and caused me to arrive home late about 20 minutes. Which was wild. The trip always started out a bit late, but would always gain back time. These drivers had to be smoking the gas pedal.

Sleep was to come at last after I made all contacts that I had to make once I got home. And again, I was reminded that outside of the show in October, this was going to be it. No more SIX MINUTE CENTURY shows for quite some time.

Its going to suck for sure.

But this last trip, I was glad to have made it. Even with the extra night, it was fantastic.

Dr. Froth’s Birthday Extravaganzas are ALWAYS a hit!!!!