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“Let’s just say Mason is the best birth control ever! I’m definitely happy to wait a while.”~ Kim Kardashian

I didn’t find out about this until the past hour or so. When I did find out it wasn’t yet 2013 in Los Angeles, California.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are now expecting a child. We have a winner, Kim Kardashian picks up yet another “honor” of this award.

Heaven help us!!

Just when we all thought that we had survived the entire Snooki baby situation, now we have yet another Kardashian pregnant.

Although I must admit that I actually expected this to be in the news a very long time ago. I really did, considering who we are talking about.

I believe now that the world is going to be wrapping their greedy little faces around this story.

It just really blows me away because now, this child is going to bring about so many levels of greed and worthless merchandise, such as baby clothes with a certain name on the brand that nobody on planet Earth will be able to afford.

It is what it is though. I just was personally shocked that I had to learn about it as I was wanting to help my colleagues on the West Coast ring in 2013. What a curve ball it was!!  kimk

We’ll see what will happen for sure in the coming months. Even though WE ALL KNOW what that will be!!

So apparently her favorite birth control (whatever that quote came from) either Kim stopped using or it became defective. Or that she was done waiting. And I suppose kudos are in order because Kanye was “allowed to finish.”

I will say that I hope that all of you enjoyed celebrating the bringing in of the new year and that all of you are safe and having fun. We have a new year upon us. Let’s all join together and hope that it is even better and brighter than 2012.




“I may be dumb, but I’m not stupid. “~Terry Bradshaw

When I heard about this story being pulled off by a “teenager” I immediately was giving the benefit of the doubt. But when I heard that Hannah Sabata is 19 year old from Nebraska, I knew right away that this award would be given.

If by now you still haven’t heard about this story. Hannah did one of the dumbest things ever. And then she went on to do even more dumb things which ultimately led to her arrest by local police.

Hannah robbed a local bank. She scored over $6,000 in cash. Then she decided to share her store about her score. But not only did she rob a bank, but she stole a car, and was in possession of about an ounce of drugs. And something to use it with. All of which, she recorded a video and then solidified her spot with the award by posting the video on YouTube.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, over??? hannah2

So it was no shock to me when I kept listening to this girl’s story that she was eventually busted and then arrested. What kills me is the fact that she was led out of the house in handcuffs and smiling the entire way. A news crew was filming and even at one point it looks as if she tries to bolt away from custody of the officer for a getaway. But she didn’t get as far as the lengths of her arms.

She’s obviously done this kind of crap for attention. Well now, she’s got it because now she’s in jail.

I wonder what the heck has been missing from her life that she decided to start to steal stuff- cars, money, drugs, etc.

Nonetheless, congratulations!!!


“Acting is the perfect idiot’s profession.”~ Katharine Hepburn

Subscribers and friends; Ladies and gentlemen: The Idiot Award is back!!

However we have a tie!

This month’s winners: Lindsay Lohan & Playboy magazine.

It was reported today that the 25 year-old actress was approached by Playboy magazine to do a shoot for their publication. Playboy: Seriously, what the heck are you thinking?!?

Playboy offered the actress $750,000 for the one time deal but Lindsay Lohan wanted an even one million dollars. To which Playboy had denied, yet later on agreed to a sum of higher than $750,000 but not quite the million that Lindsay Lohan was wanting. Whatever it was decided on is in between those two figures.

I honestly have no idea what either camp was thinking when this proposal came to light. I’m not sure what exactly Playboy could have wanted from this tragedy of human waste. Although it would appear that avarice would’ve been the main force behind Lindsay Lohan’s decision to do this. But that is mere personal speculation, so I’ll move on.

Even though back in 2005, she was quoted to say that she would never do any work in her films that would require her to be naked. So I don’t know what the difference is now.

Lindsay Lohan had done many films in her acting career. Films like the re-make of “The Parent Trap”, “Mean Girls”, and “Freaky Friday”. It had seemed as if Lindsay Lohan was becoming a bright and shining star for the Disney Corporation. Yet in 2007, her personal issues would become public knowledge and then the slippery slope downwards would begin for her. And then of course all the drama and bullshit from the entire Lohan family would be spilled into our faces, like we even cared about it in the first place.

The details are murky at best at this point, and it leaves the world to sit and wonder about what this is going to turn out like.  But then again, she hasn’t really left much for the imagination as she has been photographed countless times exiting vehicles without any underwear. And other “priceless gems” where she is actually topless.

The entire WORLD has already seen what Lindsay Lohan “has to offer”. And therefore, this whole idea is absolutely ridiculous!

She’s been in so much trouble with the law as of lately that it makes me personally wonder how this could help make her public image a lot better. What kind of a stunt is she and her family trying to pull over on us to help bring her back into the loving fold that she had so personally chosen to abandon.

I think that Lindsay Lohan could have been a tremendous actress and very successful. She also could have been one of the most attractive females in Hollywood in recent years. To think or to say that she could have been the most sought after actress in such a long time, only to see that she threw it all away by being charged with numerous DUI’s. Not to mention having failed the terms of her probation, which was also something that she chose to do.

Failure to do so caught her in deeper trouble with the courts. And the whole media blitz on her for the past several years, caused a lot of pain for her personal fans.

So when I saw her in handcuffs a few days back, in that deplorable dress and make-up, I cheered. I am STILL tired of Hollywood actors/actresses breaking the law and getting away with just a slap on the toe, much less the wrist.

Her partying life style which has claimed so many in Hollywood did not show any prejudice towards Lindsay Lohan. Yet- she was the one that made the choices she did in her life. And now she’s trying to work off her community service hours in a morgue with menial tasks like trash removal and cleaning the bathrooms.

So when I heard about this deal by Playboy, I very much literally and physically became sick. I threw up so bad over a situation that isn’t even my business. And I totally regretted learning about it in the first place. The media still SUCKS!

Therefore, congratulations to the winner(s) of this award.

My own heartfelt reactions and thoughts are actually mirrored by the ones that were posted on YouTube today by Michael Buckley from the WHATTHEBUCKSHOW. I’ll leave you with that link so that you may see and hear his thoughts and reactions. It it as the very beginning of the video and lasts several minutes before he goes on with other Hollywood type news. I also would agree on his opinion about Dina, Lindsay’s less than admirable mother.



This is too stupid to have been made up. We have our IDIOT for July!

Last night, I was chatting with my best friend when I heard a horrendous noise like someone was dragging something along the outside walls of my home. When the noise had stopped, I saw that one of the wheelchairs that I have sitting on my patio area was knocked over and the other one was missing.

These two wheelchairs are of no real good use to me, unfortunately. They both have seen their better days and so I had then folded up and put up against the wall so that I can use them as patio furniture.

But one was missing. I looked around and saw a man walking up the sidewalk with my wheelchair at his side. When he saw that I had spotted him, he lifted it up into his embrace and tried to run.

All I could do, was laugh. The wheelchair that he took was in the worst condition of the two that were there. And so he got away. But not before I could see who it was.

This morning around 8:30, I was scared out of my wits when there was a long and loud thrashing upon my door. When I finally opened the door, who did I see?


Like I said, I couldn’t make this junk up if I tried.

He gave me a “hand-written” note, and he smiled.

The note said:

“Your wheelchair is of no good use and does not function properly to the best of its abilities-Therefore I am returning it.”

That is true. The wheelchair will eventually become unreliable soon as it has really been through a lot.

But the situation from this morning gets better. He SIGNED the note.

I reported the incident AND him, and within 20 minutes he was arrested.

What a moron to first steal, then return. But what makes him more of a moron and the winner of this month’s Idiot Award was the fact that he did return it, and he told me about it!!

I asked if whether or not this guy was capable of functioning mentally but the officer said “Probably not.” So he might have been on drugs.

So congratulations “Bernard”. You’re an IDIOT!!




Last year, the only son of an elderly neighbor of mine was pounding on my front door relentlessly late at night at the most ridiculous of hours.

I knew who it was, and I knew what he had wanted. This 16 year old son was wanting me to go to the corner store and buy him a pack of cigarettes.

After realizing that he just wasn’t going to go away, he said that he had the money in his pocket and I told him to prove it to me.

He dug deep into his pockets and pulled out two fists full of loose change. Including a collection of at least eight Walking Liberty Half Dollars and other assorted quarters and nickels.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. Was he absolutely serious about handing over these old coins? All of them were minted in around the years of the World War II era. The majority of them were from 1944. He had one that was from 1941, and another from 1946.

It was ridiculous. I asked him if he knew what he was doing and if he knew how much these old coins were worth. He said he didn’t know and didn’t care. He had recently gone to the corner store himself to buy something else, but the store clerk refused to accept them. So he was trying to get rid of them.

So, I was no idiot. This was the one time that I went ahead and did this for him. Besides, the rest of the change I needed so that I could do some laundry to have clean clothes. I took all of his change and kept it to myself and paid for it out of my own pocket. The transaction was complete and we never spoke of it again. I hid those half dollars like it was the Holy Grail itself.

Time went on, his father (my neighbor) passed away. And he moved away to live with some guardians. Up until two days ago where he came knocking on my door, his skateboard in hand. He came in and sat down and talked his face off, complaining about his social life and how terrible things had become since he lost his father. It truly is a sad situation for him.

And then he brings up the conversation about his massive half dollar collection. Apparently, he went to some coin and silver shop and traded in what he had left over. He told me the story about how he had received about $150 for his coins. And he was really getting excited as he continued to tell his tale.

Then… it hit. The real, deep-down reason as to why he was here visiting with me. Because of the fact that he got so much money for those silver coins AND that he had blown all that money in one day… he wanted those coins back.

Umm, NO. It was part of a transaction.

So I told him, “Do you have a pack of cigarettes because that’s what YOU bought with those coins?”. Obviously, he wasn’t going to have any!! So I turned him away empty handed.

I knew the value of those coins were far more than just fifty cents. And he received his smokes. So those coins now belonged to me. But he kept insisting until I just told him that I didn’t have them any more.

Out the front door, he stormed off. He said that he would be back later to see if I had put my hands on those coins again since “I stored them at the house of my parents who live two states away.”

This afternoon, I too went to the same coin and silver store as he and traded in all the coins that I found in my safe place. With the loose quarters and nickels that I had and then used for laundry, added to what I received from the silver store for selling the coins, that pack of Marlboro Lights 100’s was worth a grand total of  $102.68!!!

Now clearly he did not understand the value. And he should have thought things through. But at his young age, all he was doing was focusing on what he wanted at that exact time and moment. So let it be a lesson to him. Although he’ll probably never learn because he’ll never know. I sure hope he smoked those things SLOWLY.. but I doubt that he did.

Also let it be a lesson to those who read this. There are reasons why people collect old coins. This would be one of the reasons.

And now I will be able to do laundry for at least the next six months.


I recently went out to eat with a group of people in a van.  When we approached the restaurant, we found that all the handicapped parking spaces had been taken. But we also found this:

At the time of our arrival, both handicapped spaces were filled. The problem was that the car that was next to this one was totally blocking the ramp! I could not get on to the sidewalk and into the restaurant. The photo here does not show the car blocking the ramp, but there’s something rather interesting and fascinating. This car is taking up TWO of the handicapped parking spaces.

But wait, it gets better!

This car also has NO reason to be in this space. There’s no handicapped parking permit of any kind! No tags, no plates, nothing.

It is because of this, that I was forced to go almost a half a block to find the nearest ramp. Which happened to be at the movie theater next door to the restaurant.

The social worker who had brought us, called the police about this violation. And I kept an eye out for anyone who might walk out and get into this car. Needless to say that the two people who climbed into this car, had no business parking in ANY of these two spaces in the first. The two people who got in were elderly, however they were able to walk out on their own power. Without the help of any assistant devices. NO wheelchair, NO walker, NO canes, and NOT having to hold on to the arm of another individual.

This photo was taken as the two occupants were putting on their seat belts. It’s not the best photograph in the world. But it does show how lazy they were. Their superior parking skills caused others to block the sidewalk to the entrance for the rest of the world. They aren’t the only ones in the world who are hungry that day.

By the time the police showed up, my group was actually all settled into the van and we were backing up from our own parking space. Clearly, these offenders were long gone and we’re so informed that the police cannot do anything about it since the offenders had left. And the worst they would have done was written a ticket for a parking violation.

That’s our life though. Rights trampled on by those who are lazy and uncaring. One of my neighbors always tells me, “The world doesn’t owe me a living, just a parking space.”

And these goons take that from me, and get away? C’mon.

I’d put my money on the fact that they didn’t even bother to think to adjust. They just drove right into it and stopped. Ridiculous, I tell you.

At any rate, I hope they enjoy their award. But for sure, I don’t want to hear any of their acceptance speech. I’d rather see them receive a citation and possibly have their driver’s license removed from them. Their parking skills also reflects on their driving skills.