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“If you want to become a great chef, you have to work with great chefs. And that’s exactly what I did.”~ Gordon Ramsay

I don’t know how many of you watch this program or not. But I got stuck on it while watching late night re-runs of LAST season on Saturday nights.

So now the current season is rolling and its down to five contestants left standing.

THIS POST CONTAINS SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Any ways, for those of you who don’t watch, there’s an eclectic collection of home cooks left remaining. Including a vegetarian and a single mother from up north who believes her shit don’t stink.

The way it works is that teams are picked and the team with the worst service goes to cook for their lives to stay in the competition called the “Pressure Test.” And the cook with the worst dish from that is eliminated.

Don’t get me wrong. Those who survive this far are awesome cooks and know what they are doing. But to see the vegetarian struggle and the other one with her nose lifted up in the air…. its just painful to watch.

And of course the contestant with her nose in the air was on the losing team and was having problems during the entire program. I mean, it was SAD!! She needed to go. It was obvious that she hit her plateau. tune_in_calamarie_v6

The Pressure Test was Calamari.

But they canned the vegetarian (for the second time in the contest) and kept the mouthy, frustrated contestant.

So then I rolled on over to Twitter to see what was happening after the show went off the air. And I noticed that one of the judges on Twitter asked who everyone thought should be going home.

So I added my two sense about the frustrated home cook from the north with her souring attitude and snarky ways and her foul language. I mean, its really unbecoming of ANY woman to be like that.

Plus the additional fact that her cooking service throughout the episode was horrible.

And you wanna know what I got in return??? duh

Oh you are going to love this!! I promise you, its beyond classic.

Yep. A Tweet about how decisions are made.

OHHHH I LOST IT!! I LAUGHED SO HARD!! And yes, I’m going to block out the name of that judge because I don’t want no Hollywood whining in my area.

“Whether you like it or not….” HORSESHIT, brother!! It was a move by the judges to keep her in the competition so that she could possibly be in the Final Two. Gimmicks, I tell ya!!

Of COURSE if it was by attitude… she would have been thrown out a very long time ago because she talked back to a judge when she received some negative criticism. If it was by attitude, this contest would be OVER.

Gimme a break!!!

But its always nice to know that I’ve ruffled feathers in Hollywood. Poor, poor Hollywood.