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“I do not stalk my crush. I simply gather information for specific purposes.” – Unknown

Meet my front door as I found it Sunday morning after returning from my trip to Houston over the weekend.

When I walked inside I instinctively called the police on my cell phone and didn’t touch anything until they got here.

Evidence was picked up and gathered and it led to an arrest of a woman who goes by the name of Jane or Janeece if you catch her on a good day.

This is a woman who apparently does not live that far away from me geographically speaking.

She had found out my name based on the amount of comments left on this blog in various posts. She had taken the time to read through most of them (if not all of them) to figure out who I was. She found me on Twitter. She found me on Facebook. And then the scariest thing of all is that she found out where I lived. Or she thought she did, I never confirmed anything.

I did tell her that I don’t invite strangers into my home. So she wanted to meet me in person because I was just the most awesome guy on the planet.

Well yeah of course, but no you are not coming into my home. Neither am I going to agree to meet with you somewhere when you are telling me that you wanting terribly to have my children. stalker-broken-window

You go into the crazy pile and labelled a “stalker.”

What else did you expect?!?!?!?!??????

So she insisted on setting up a date for us to meet in person. She went on and on and on about how great this blog is and how helpful it is for people, if they would only read it.

But the whole having my baby bit was too much.

I told her no. Emphatically no.

She asked why and I told her that I was going to Houston for a few days and I wouldn’t be here even if I wanted to meet her.

BIG MISTAKE on my part.

Nothing was broken. Nothing was stolen. Nothing was out of place. But plenty of evidence left behind to tell me that she was here, short of writing it on the walls.

She was arrested and now there will be charges filed. And there’s one less stalker left on the streets.

I suppose that I should be a lot more freaked out about this than I really am. Right now I am more focused on the fact that I had the courage to stand up to this woman and face her down and have her put in her place, which is jail. And perhaps one day I will be. But for now, there’s now one less crazy woman that I have to deal with for a while.

Never underestimate me. Several people have. And look where it got them…………..

Physically I am fine. So those who are reading this that know me personally: Fear not. I am okay.


No matter how long it takes, we will find you!

The military of the United States of America has done their job.

Now that we’ve been hearing that Bin Laden is dead, Americans have been more or less celebrating.
Many are rejoicing. A lot of them, so overwhelmed with excitement that they are unable to restrain themselves from their inner jubilation.
And yet, not even a full twelve hours after President Obama spoke to the nation, and to the world and confirmed the news, I have heard some people talking about how we shouldn’t “glorify death”.
Umm… what?!?
People- Americans are NOT glorifying the death of Bin Laden. But rather we are rejoicing in the comforting notion and thought that he is no longer able to cause bloodshed and destruction. He can no longer destroy what freedoms and peace we have in this nation. This is by far, is not a glorification of death!!
Bin Laden was an enemy of the nation. He was an enemy to the world. Including those whom he wished to have died because of his radical thoughts of interrupting peace.
The United States military did what they had to do: Their job. And that means to defend and protect our country. Even if it means war.
The United States of America now has their justice for the horrible attacks that took place on 9/11 because of Bin Laden. Those whom we loved and lost, the innocence gone. We did not attack him. He attacked US! Why? Because he threw a temper tantrum because the leaders of Saudi Arabia chose to allow the United States to help with the liberation of Kuwait. Bin Laden wanted his group of people to get rid of Hussein’s troops out of Kuwait. But he did not get what he wanted. So he decided that he would attack the United States of America.
And now look at him today. He started a fight, and he lost. Paying the ultimate price for it.
It definitely isn’t over, now that he is dead. I really don’t believe that it is. For sure there will be some group of people who will want their retaliation. And they will try! But our military is strong. We have held our resolve and position since this started and we have not backed down.
“Frothtonomy” has it right today. In his blog entry, he mentioned that the United States of America didn’t ask for this. The same as we did not ask the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor which led us into World War II.
If history teaches us anything, its that if you mess with us… you’re gonna get it!! We are going to MESS YOU UP when we get to you!!!
No matter how long it takes we will find you. And we will have our justice. Freedom isn’t free. But we as a nation, will do whatever it takes to make sure that we have our freedom.
With the fact of people so excited and happy about the news about the death of Bin Laden, there’s been a lot of them who just haven’t had a lot of self control. But you know what? That’s just how emotion works. I may not agree with what they have to say, you may not agree either. But to actually tell them that they are wrong or ask them, “How could you?” isn’t the right response just because you disagree.
After a while, the over the top reactions will cease. But the opinion of the country and of the world will remain the same. We rejoice that this evil man can no longer hurt anyone.
So allow people their emotions. Allow people there opinions. If you are someone who disagrees, fine then. Just because a few MILLION people are excited that we as a nation finally got what we have been wanting for almost ten years, doesn’t make us bad people. And it should not annoy you as much as it does.

Here we go again, folks.

This is getting to the point where its becoming depressing as well as infuriating. Again I must implore upon the reader: WHY??

I’ve already shared with you a few examples of the disabled being mistreated and abused. Most of them because they were unable to defend themselves. This story here in the state of Alabama is not that much different. The victim here was a 46 year old man who has a mental disability. He had less of a chance to defend himself than any of my previous posts that I have written thus far.

In fact this man, who is affectionately known as “Peanut”, probably had no idea what was happening to him when he was being assaulted. Which makes it such a heartbreaking story.

The man who had done this to Peanut has been arrested and is now in jail. I am sure that the hands of justice are going to be found tightly wrapped around this guy’s neck as he proceeds through his court case for second degree assault. It is my personal hope that these same hands squeeze hard enough to make the rest of the body go soft.

How many times must this happen, to anyone? And particularly those who aren’t able to defend themselves. Its not making any damned sense to me whatsoever. What kind of gain can be found by committing such a crime?

People, we don’t need this. The world is hard enough for anyone with any kind of disability whether its physical, emotional, or mental.

I have a feeling that the man who is now in jail probably did it, then went on to brag about it to all of his buddies. But what he did not realize is that Peanut has friends.

From what I have been reading, Peanut may not understand a lot of what’s going on around him. He may not drive a fancy car or go to a fancy job. But he has friends. It is being said of Peanut that all he really knows how to do, is love. He is kind, caring, and smiles to everyone who passes him by. Which makes it all the more confusing as to why this punk did what he did to Peanut.

So with the fact that Peanut does have  friends, this guy probably bragged to the wrong crowd. The local police department received a flood of phone calls which led them to Peanut’s attacker to make an arrest.

Now there are stories of Peanut’s attacker getting a more harsh and swift brand of street justice on the inside as he awaits trial. And because of the arrest, Peanut will have his justice, his day in court will come and Peanut will be the one that comes out shiny on the other side.

There’s even a support page for Peanut on Facebook now as I understand it. People who don’t even actually know him are coming forward with their support. It is not elected as a private page so anyone can see what is being posted.

But with my own experience, the quadriplegic from Florida in 2008, and now Peanut. I’d really hate to ask “What’s Next?”. It truly is a scary thing to ponder.

And personally, it just makes me sick.