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Elijah Johnson (white jersey) grabs the nuts of Mitch McGray.

Ladies: This is probably not for you.

Not a sports fan? Probably not for you either.

Sports fans though heavily involved with filling out your brackets at work and are still in it, probably are shaking their heads in shame by now.

Kansas Jayhawks took on Michigan Wolverines.

And at some point in the first half of the game, this disgusting act took place.

KU’s Elijah Johnson…… for reasons still unknown…. well, Johnson grabbed the johnson of Michigan player, Mitch McGray.


He was slapped with a flagrant foul which could have led to him being ejected out of the game. And that pretty much would have sucked. Especially since it happened in the first half!

What the hell was he thinking? KU head coach said that Johnson made several “bonehead” moves. And I would agree this is one of them.

Maybe they had been trading trash talk which caused this action. Maybe Elijah Johnson secretly is looking to be going into the professional field of urology. Maybe it was his way of making a  statement about marriage equality which has been in the news this week.

(spoiler alert) In the end though, Michigan came back from about 15 points behind and forced the game into overtime. And then defeated Number 1 seed Kansas.

Now Elijah Johnson has that magical moment to haunt him for the rest of his life for his very stupid and poor decisions for this game.