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“If you look for truth, you may find comfort in the end; if you look for comfort you will not get either comfort or truth only soft soap and wishful thinking to begin, and in the end, despair.” ~ C.S. Lewis

Here we are already in the beginning of June of 2014.

It seems crazy, doesn’t it to already get close to the halfway point that would be the finishing of this year. Before we all know it, we will be back in that holiday spirit of love and kindness and of course gifts.

But until that time when things are filled with laughter and love, I get to deal with people who are filled with crazy and extreme butthurt.

My opinion burst onto the scene recently on Facebook and it seems as if it has not been the most popular thing around. To the point that I am now “banned” from posting on Facebook pages.

I honestly don’t understand this. I’ve appealed but I doubt it will do any good. All because I stated an opinion that was not popular. I have talked about this in previous blog posts.

So now people are butthurt because whatever it was that I said, made them go whining to their “Facebook mommy” to tattle on me that I am being mean.

The truth hurts. And it hurts deep. I find it in the very least amusing that everyone  can scream “don’t judge!” and expect their opinions to be safe and secure, as if their words are securing and sealing the fact that what they speak cannot be debated.

And if someone comes up with an idea that is opposite of theirs, then automatically they are WRONG. This is the wonderful life that we live in the United States of America it appears as of lately. We can think/say what we want, but if it clashes with other people… we’re suddenly and automatically wrong?

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, over?

All of these experiences boil down to one rhetorical question: Who died and made YOU king/queen??

I guess that it can be said that there really are some stupid people out there. People who just never are playing with a full deck.

And there’s nothing that you can do about it. They are out there. They will show up. And they will annoy the shit out of you.

Question is… how are you going to deal with it? hqdefault

Over the weekend… I received two separate text messages. One talked about “Under” which is apparently their way of  saying “Thunder” and how there was a storm approaching them. The second message was more of an announcement that they just experienced a bowel movement that apparently they thought should be written down for prosperity reasons.

Seriously people?

#1- Learn to speak. ESPECIALLY in a text message. But make sure that whatever it is that you are saying is legit and reasonable and relating to that person’s interest. I realize that saying “Under” has some nostalgic value, but only when it is verbalized and never via a text message.
#2- NEVER discuss your “bathroom business” with anyone… no matter how close you think you are. Honestly, nobody wants to hear that!!!

Stupid is as stupid does.

Sending me a text message that you just gave your dog a bath is nothing that can be related to when it comes out of nowhere. It is also useless, stupid, and juvenile, as well as annoying to be sending such a message at 3:40 AM.

Asking what t-shirt size I am at 7:30 AM is also not a good idea.

How the heck do I get away from this? Where’s the Calgon???

The fact of the matter is that there’s stupid behavior everywhere and it will be manifested from people that often times you care about and love. And it makes it all that much harder to deal with when it does come from people that you care about. It leaves you shaking and scratching your head, and wondering if they suffered a recent crack to the head.

So even though it is Monday, I am sooooooooooo ready for it to be over with. I want my respite. I want my day of peace already.

And in the name of all things holy, pure, and loving…. GIVE ME CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!


“After the first blush of sin comes its indifference.”~Henry David Thoreau

Recently in the news, rapper Eminem said something so outlandish, so insane, and so lame to defend his use of the word “faggot” in his lyrics.

Needless to say that the homosexual community has taken notice of this. But his arrogant rant led him to more or less attempt to show that the end was only justifying the means. And in layman’s terms, “faggot” didn’t mean anything derogatory towards any class of people, ever.

Son, what in the world are you snorting?!?!? He knows that he is wrong for doing what he did, and he’s only trying to save face. That is all.

There appears to be this inherent gene floating around inside of certain people that say and do really stupid things, but for their own self-gratification, they find a way to justify their actions. And they strictly adhere to it to the point where they begin to believe their own bullshit.

I recently found myself being attacked on more than one social media website. One of which the attack kept repeating their lines of insanity over and over and over and over again before moving on with their point and attacking me and my personal space.

I knew what they were doing. Their clueless repetition was just their way of helping them believe that what they were saying (over and over again) was the honest truth. In other words, they repeated the words to make themselves believe it.

After they became comfortable with their load of hot air, that’s when they used it as ammunition to attack me. But I did not respond any more to them as it was an exercise in futility.

What is astonishing is the things that people are being told by others or to themselves, far enough times for them to believe in it whole-heartedly. Its actually quite scary. And for them, their means were justifying their end for their senseless behavior.  article-2322611-01C18F0E000004B0-102_634x423

It didn’t take a Sheldon-type genius to see what I had to do with these people.

These are your kinds of people that argue for the sake of arguing. That they will believe and fall for anything the world around them tells them to believe… for as long as it gives them something that they want in the end.

Stand clear of these kinds of people as they are never happy in life. And they will not hesitate to drag you down as well.

Don’t be a victim. Be a hero.

I believe that one and only time that I had been fearful of it being Friday the 13th, was when I was a child.

I was sitting on the bus on the way to school, and the neighborhood bully was taunting me about what I was wearing.

When I got off of the bus, the bully got in my way and would not let me pass by. He said that because I wore the color of red on Friday the 13th, that I had to be forced inside the school gym and be locked up in the dark with no water, food, or light and I would just have to wait for whatever “ghosts” would appear for them to kill me. Just because of a stupid color.

Needless to say that I became nervous. But the bully simply would not let me by him. My only saving moment was at the point where my younger brother came back to where the place where we had to stand to wait for the bus, and he backhanded the bully alongside the back of his head, then ran like hell.  The bully chased after my brother and I was free to go to my class.

Since that time, there’s been a huge fascination with the superstition of Friday the 13th, and what evil & doom it brings. Such bad luck falls upon you on this wretched horrible day. The fascination of the day even brought a string of classic horror films in the 1980’s. You know, the man in the mask???

But why? It is only superstition. It is about as real as me coming into your home late at night and snip the hairs off of your pet turtles.

And now, they’ve come with an actual word for it. Something to be added to the list of phobias.


What the frigga- are you talking about? I think I need a Hebrew, Latin, and Greek dictionary to figure out this one. And maybe Aramaic for good measure.

What boggles my mind is that they’ve actually came up with this as a phobia. Something that someone fears. It only makes things worse in my opinion. Sometimes, phobias and fears are unrealized. And yet sometimes, they are real.

I personally have suffered from arachnophobia and selachophobia. Which is the fear of spiders and sharks. But it only comes from having traumatic experiences with them.

Needless to say that even my own phobias could be a bit ridiculous. I mean, not ALL of those animals are out to get me. Just the ones I had encounters with that scared me so bad that I freak out whenever it comes in my path in some form.

But to be afraid of a day? What harm has come from a day out of the calendar year?? It is my personal opinion that people who have such a penetrating fear of Friday the 13th probably had something negative happen in their lives that just so happened on that particular day. Something to cause them to have a bad day and they did not know what else to blame it on, so they blamed it on the superstition of Friday the 13th.

I could blame all sharks for wanting to eat me, because I was so close to be swallowed whole by one. But I wasn’t. So should I be blaming them? A tarantula jumped on my neck and bit me while I was in high school. I didn’t believe that spiders could do that but it did. Should I blame all spiders for wanting to jump and bite me? Probably not.

The thing that I feel the difference is, is that spiders and sharks are something that are tangible and real. A day is in a sense real, but its a measurement of time. Not necessarily something that is tangible. You can’t put a day inside an aquarium.

This whole fear thing probably also has something to do with the “unlucky number 13”. I do not know the history behind this supestition, and I will not waste much time researching it either. But for whatever reasons there are, we have this superstition of 13 being bad.

Fridays are supposed to be good. We say “TGIF” all of the time. But suddenly when the 1st of the month begins on a Sunday on the calendar? All bets are off for the second Friday of the month. People shutter and freak out that SOMETHING is going to happen!! 

And what of Saturday the 14th? Yes, there was a really lame comedy that came out many years ago. And that’s about as parallel as this entire superstition of Friday the 13th. I just believe its so lame. I feel almost sorry for those who are so frightened of it.