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“You can make prostitution illegal, but you can’t make it unpopular.”~ Martin Behrman

Yeah buddy! Just as soon as I thought I have heard most of everything in life, there’s more.

After having a huge laugh about the dumbest things that we “celebrate” on specific days of the year, I came across one that I never knew existed. Good grief!!!

Ohhh yes indeed. The second of June is International Prostitution Day. And what better of a place to celebrate the oldest profession in history than Brazil, where prostitution is 100% legal.

Brazilian ads were actually removed as of recently due to what appears to be an outcry of the moral population. Signs that said “I am happy to be a prostitute” were promptly removed by the government.

And now those who are a part of this business in Brazil, are starting to learn how to speak in English. The wild thing is that these language classes are being offered to them. kjhf7

Why? Two major economical reasons.

In 2014, the World Cup will be hosted in Brazil.

And then in 2016, the Olympics will be there in the country as well.

So major mark up on an industry that is old as dirt. These prostitutes now learning English will definitely attempt to bring home more than just the gold.

I do not know how Brazil has a handle on its nation’s prostitution. I do not know if its like Germany and prostitution there or not. I am sure however that the government does have some kind of involvement.

Just a little scary in a sense as Brazil seems to be giving all the prostitutes even more room to earn more. I mean after all, English lessons for FREE?

I had a hard enough time as it was trying to talk to a woman from Brazil. And she ended up just being simply crazy.

But I cannot help but wonder if she’s working as a prostitute in her home city or not. She said she was a cleaner, or probably a closer translation would be house keeper or maid. But my brain just won’t let it go…. maybe that was code for HOOKER.

Now we know of International Prostitution Day. Finding this to be a legit holiday and something that is celebrated in Brazil opened up the gates again for me to consider having another blog that would deal with sex in the 21st Century. M_Id_344785_Brazil_prostitute

I am quite sure that there are plenty out there already. What is one more, right????

Is it possible that I could add to this world’s knowledge of the subject? Who knows!!!

I have always wondered that.

And I am still in awe and wondering what else is out there as far as these most ridiculous holidays are concerned.

The first Friday in June is Donut Day. So there you have that coming soon.

What is the weirdest, most ridiculous celebration day that you have ever heard of? And what is the wildest celebration that you participated in? Let me know in the comments below.