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snakeskin“I purge compulsively. I’m constantly shedding things.”~ Andrew Su

Most of us already know how a snake will shed its skin many times throughout its life. The shedding (or “moulting”) process to some, is a fascinating phenomenon.

And still we as human beings in our own ways go through our own shedding or moulting process as we ultimately grow and mature.

Our ways of thinking of how the world works that we once believed in ten, even twenty years ago is far different than what we believe today. Mainly because we have learned and matured. Others are just simply left behind wearing the same skin.

I simply believe that we begin that moulting process over again once we have a life experience that we have learned from in the end. I would be lying to you if I was to tell you that my life is the same as it was a year ago… even six months. Even six weeks!! *temp*

There’s nothing wrong with learning. There’s nothing wrong with experiencing life. Even if it burns you. As long as you learn to STOP putting your hands in the fire. No fire, no pain.

Throughout the three years of me writing on this blog, I’ve continually come back to the analogy of coming to a cross roads. It seems to be happening for me (not TO me) more frequently than others. But I cannot say that with absolute certainty. I just know that I find myself a lot in thought about … “Where do I go from here?”

Sure, change is scary. But so is the prospect of not living and not dreaming and not following those dreams. Sure, I’ve been knocked back countless times. And quite possibly I get knocked back more than the average person based on my life. But I keep getting back up.


Shed your old skin.

And as I rise, I moult that skin. I come back to my feet a seemingly newer person. Even though I am and always will be the same ole Dambreaker that you all know and love- right? Umm…. RIGHT????

So understand very clearly when I say not to fear to live the snake. I’m not talking about deceiving people and what not. I’m not talking about the stereotypes of the serpent. In fact I am talking about shedding your old skin and your old life and being open to a new skin with new experiences. Learn and grown and mature.

This blog might even see some changes soon. And it will be exciting.

And to my ever faithful readers, it will be okay. I will not lead you into danger.

Stay tuned.