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“Acting is the perfect idiot’s profession.”~ Katharine Hepburn

Subscribers and friends; Ladies and gentlemen: The Idiot Award is back!!

However we have a tie!

This month’s winners: Lindsay Lohan & Playboy magazine.

It was reported today that the 25 year-old actress was approached by Playboy magazine to do a shoot for their publication. Playboy: Seriously, what the heck are you thinking?!?

Playboy offered the actress $750,000 for the one time deal but Lindsay Lohan wanted an even one million dollars. To which Playboy had denied, yet later on agreed to a sum of higher than $750,000 but not quite the million that Lindsay Lohan was wanting. Whatever it was decided on is in between those two figures.

I honestly have no idea what either camp was thinking when this proposal came to light. I’m not sure what exactly Playboy could have wanted from this tragedy of human waste. Although it would appear that avarice would’ve been the main force behind Lindsay Lohan’s decision to do this. But that is mere personal speculation, so I’ll move on.

Even though back in 2005, she was quoted to say that she would never do any work in her films that would require her to be naked. So I don’t know what the difference is now.

Lindsay Lohan had done many films in her acting career. Films like the re-make of “The Parent Trap”, “Mean Girls”, and “Freaky Friday”. It had seemed as if Lindsay Lohan was becoming a bright and shining star for the Disney Corporation. Yet in 2007, her personal issues would become public knowledge and then the slippery slope downwards would begin for her. And then of course all the drama and bullshit from the entire Lohan family would be spilled into our faces, like we even cared about it in the first place.

The details are murky at best at this point, and it leaves the world to sit and wonder about what this is going to turn out like.  But then again, she hasn’t really left much for the imagination as she has been photographed countless times exiting vehicles without any underwear. And other “priceless gems” where she is actually topless.

The entire WORLD has already seen what Lindsay Lohan “has to offer”. And therefore, this whole idea is absolutely ridiculous!

She’s been in so much trouble with the law as of lately that it makes me personally wonder how this could help make her public image a lot better. What kind of a stunt is she and her family trying to pull over on us to help bring her back into the loving fold that she had so personally chosen to abandon.

I think that Lindsay Lohan could have been a tremendous actress and very successful. She also could have been one of the most attractive females in Hollywood in recent years. To think or to say that she could have been the most sought after actress in such a long time, only to see that she threw it all away by being charged with numerous DUI’s. Not to mention having failed the terms of her probation, which was also something that she chose to do.

Failure to do so caught her in deeper trouble with the courts. And the whole media blitz on her for the past several years, caused a lot of pain for her personal fans.

So when I saw her in handcuffs a few days back, in that deplorable dress and make-up, I cheered. I am STILL tired of Hollywood actors/actresses breaking the law and getting away with just a slap on the toe, much less the wrist.

Her partying life style which has claimed so many in Hollywood did not show any prejudice towards Lindsay Lohan. Yet- she was the one that made the choices she did in her life. And now she’s trying to work off her community service hours in a morgue with menial tasks like trash removal and cleaning the bathrooms.

So when I heard about this deal by Playboy, I very much literally and physically became sick. I threw up so bad over a situation that isn’t even my business. And I totally regretted learning about it in the first place. The media still SUCKS!

Therefore, congratulations to the winner(s) of this award.

My own heartfelt reactions and thoughts are actually mirrored by the ones that were posted on YouTube today by Michael Buckley from the WHATTHEBUCKSHOW. I’ll leave you with that link so that you may see and hear his thoughts and reactions. It it as the very beginning of the video and lasts several minutes before he goes on with other Hollywood type news. I also would agree on his opinion about Dina, Lindsay’s less than admirable mother.